How to be chic and elegant in jeans?

Today, you are told how to look chic and keep a certain elegance when wearing jeans. Surprise? Yes, jeans are not appreciated all the time and can be seen as “too casual”. Stop the misconceptions, we tell you everything about the new way to wear jeans while staying chic.

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  • Jeans, a timeless wearing 1000 ways
  • How to wear jeans well in a classy way?
  • High-waisted jeans: the trend
  • 7/8 jeans: casual and chic
  • Jeans blazer: the winning combo
  • Jeans and chic jacket or class coat
  • Jeans blouse: pro and class
  • A frizz or ruffled top
  • Jeans and lace: sexy chic
  • Jeans with its trench coat
  • Shoes to wear with
  • jeans

  • Complete his jeans look with accessories

Jeans, a timeless that can be worn in 1000 ways

Jeans, from its creation for American workers to its many variations in fashion and everyday life, is always worn as well in fashion.

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If jeans could have suffered at a time of the image of the garment not really chic but not really soulless either, returns in strength and is worn elegantly and chic. Do you want to know more and have here some tips to wear this garment well by highlighting your size and staying chic? You are in the right place: follow the guide!

How to properly wear jeans in a classy way?

Jeans are part of those clothes that are completely timeless. We all have one in our wardrobe. In order to wear jeans well, first of all things and before talking about style or fashion, it is of course necessary that it is the right one size.

But what is the right size of jeans? To be sure that you have jeans at the right size, you need to feel comfortable in it. Neither too cramped, nor too loose. Today, jeans can be worn in 1000 ways and with any kind of outfits and clothes. Following our few tips, you will wear it while staying chic and classy.

High-waisted jeans: the trend

The high waist refines and enhances a woman’s silhouette. High-waisted jeans were very successful because of its adaptability. It is suitable for any type of morphology and stimulates the body. On beautiful shapes, the high-waisted jeans allow you to dress a little more chic than usual.

By redrawing your curves, you also sheath your waist and lengthen your legs. You look better and the flat stomach effect is guaranteed.

High-waisted jeans fit door very simply by staying chic, with for example:

  • A blouse
  • A shirt
  • A T-shirt
  • A jacket
  • A sweater
  • Sneakers
  • Leather shoes
  • Pumps or shoes with heels

High-waisted jeans, on the other hand, are found in two large families of jeans: slim and straight .

7/8 jeans: casual and chic

The 7/8 jeans are top of fashion and trendy right now, for the simple and good reason that it is a very classy chic. By letting your ankles appear, it reveals a significant share of femininity .

7/8 jeans can be purchased as is or turned into 7/8. It is possible to cut the bottom of a skinny jeans or fold or roll up the bottom of your jeans. Personalize your jeans and your way of wearing it and you’ll be all the more chic.

With the 7/8 jeans, you will wear an urban and stylish style. Whatever your figure, you highlight your ankles but also your shoes. The must? In mid-season, it is quite possible to stay elegant with pretty socks. Finally, in summer, opt for the bohemian style and wear barefoot that will look great with these timeless jeans. With high sandals you make a sensation, or even with wedge heels, which gradually return to fashion in the form of sneakers, for example.

The 7/8 jeans come in:

  • 7/8 skinny jeans
  • Jeans 7/8 jegging
  • Jeans 7/8 culottes with belt
  • 7/8 soft and slim jeans, etc.

Jean blazer: the winning combo

The blazer is no longer the prerogation of men. It is now worn by women — and rather twice as one! — and on this side timeless that we like. It fits perfectly with jeans and makes you even more chic and elegant.

The blazer is very official right away because of its resemblance to a tuxedo or tailor jacket. By wearing your jeans with your blazer, you will feel very well dressed anyway. Various styles of blazers can be sported: Opt for patterns, such as flowers or plaid, or a camel color, to highlight the blue of jeans.

Stand out even more by wearing leather shoes or even sneakers, for a sporty but still chic side.

Jeans and chic jacket or classy coat

The jeans are obviously worn very well with a trench coat, a coat of wool, leather, a denim jacket… Summer and winter, in autumn and spring, you highlight this simple garment with a nice coat in very good state and super chic.

In any style, vintage, retro, rock, urban chic… a well-cut coat or a fitted jacket can showcase your shapes with quality jeans. You can wear this outfit in the evening, during the day and even at work without any worries: you will be comfortable and chic at the same time.

Jeans blouse: pro and class

A pretty shirt is always very dressed. Combined with jeans, just like the blouse, the shirt is very professional and sophisticated.

You have various types of shirts and blouses to choose from according to the trends of the moment. Blouses with ruffles, printed blouses, batwing sleeves, short sleeve blouses with ruffles, fluffy checkered shirts, striped shirts or lapel collar blouses… You will feel with a simple white shirt and with the simplest jeans.

Don’t forget to choose your shirt color as well as its patterns depending on the accessories you have at disposal. Shoes and bag should not have too many patterns, so as not to overload your jean-shirt or jean blouse look.

Frizz or ruffle top

Tops with ruffles are worn over the shoulders and are super sexy. Very vintage, this type of top highlights you and is very bohemian with jeans. White or printed, you wear it to refine your figure .

Some ruffles are located at the waist and others at the bust and shoulders, to highlight them. This offbeat garment goes very well with jeans because it reminiscent of cowgirl style and is very American.

The top with ruffles goes really well with boyfriend type jeans, for example. Your chest is enhanced, just like with a V-neck top. Opt for a top with just the right ruffles, so you can Do not make too whimsical and stay chic.

Jeans and lace: sexy chic

The jeans are timeless with its dose of lace, sparingly. A lace top, for example, goes very well with jeans. These two materials complement each other perfectly well.

Choose a long lace top , a lace blouse, a shirt with a thin lace to put on top of jeans. White lace is not the only one to go well with the material of jeans. Black and blue also go great with these openwork and chic clothes.

Jeans with its trench coat

Ultra-chic, trendy and classic dress code: we talk about the trench and jeans duo. You will obviously be told that any self-respecting woman must have a trench coat to wear with jeans. Very romantic , trench coat is part of the myths of cinema. We see the greatest actresses wearing them.

Since arrival jeans, the trench coat has come back in strength and is the best dress combo not to be missed. For any occasion, you can’t go wrong with the look: evening, walk, date or work day … Your trench coat follows you everywhere.

Shoes to wear with jeans

This is the big question to ask yourself: what shoes to wear with jeans? Not all styles of jeans are compatible with all shoes, you suspect.

You will always have the choice between slim jeans and ballet flats or shoes with heels. You value your shapes , ankles and legs. Shaping your legs wearing heels, even if they are just ankle boots.

In summer, jeans are revealed thanks to all kinds of barefoot sandals, leather, heeled or flat sandals. With moccasins, right away, you adopt a different style, but just as chic.

Complete her jeans look with accessories

Wearing jeans goes hand in hand with the right accessories, especially if you are not used to wearing jeans.

Choosing the right size of jeans, you should not need a belt, but anytime it can prove useful just for aesthetics. A belt emphasizes the waist : choose a beautiful braided leather belt, for example, or a thin silk scarf.

When wearing jeans, you must have a bag that highlights your clothes and outfit. Trendy handbags have rather short handles. You can also opt for a beach-style tote bag and dress up with chic jeans.

Jewellery is also essential with jeans: to be elegant and chic with jeans, do not skimp on earrings. For example, large curls will be Always very harmonious with jeans, regardless of its cut or style.

Finally, if it’s summer, take out your most beautiful pair of sunglasses and make yourself a beautiful hairstyle or stay natural and elegant!