How to be a fashionable teen?

Today we live in a world where appearance counts enormously in social relations, especially in high school. Of course, it is not enough to have a good look to be popular and easily pack girls, even find a girlfriend, but it helps to boost self-confidence, the image we have of ourselves and also the one we refer to others.

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What look to adopt every day?

The high school, unlike the professional environment where you just have to have a good suit to be elegant, does not impose a precise dress code on a daily basis.

The rule is: dress like others (to be accepted) but better (to stand out positively).

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T shirts, polo shirts, jeans, sweatshirts… That’s what you need to know about the topic:

1) T shirts:

There is not a single high school student who doesn’t wear t-shirts. It is easy to choose and put on, requires no maintenance and, if properly chosen, enhances your body.

V-necks are recommended, whether in plain colors or with prints or text (it depends of course on the text).

Round necks are good too, but avoid those with very tight and unaesthetic collars. U-collars are also good choices.

To avoid:

The t-shirts too tight, favor the guys rather muscular but that make a nightclub bouncer effect not very classy, and vice versa for thin guys who wear t-shirts too wide, which does not than accentuate their slimming.

Also run away from short-sleeved t-shirts whose sleeves protrude beyond the biceps.

Here is a good fit V-neck t-shirt. The length and cut are perfect, and the collar is neither too deep nor too tight.

2) Polo Shirts:

Polo is quite often worn by teenagers. It has many qualities: it is sober without overdoing it and is very versatile. Well worn, it is a considerable asset.

But the problem is that young people often choose it badly. Fortunately I’m here for you kids 😉

First of all, always move towards a slim fit, unless you want to pass as grandpa with the parachute polo tucked under the pants khaki 😛

Then make sure that the sleeves do not hang too much, let’s leave this to the grandpa. 😉 (Ok I leave the poor grandpa tranquil:P)

Ralph Lauren, Lacoste, Paul and Shark, Abercrombie & Fitch… are good choices. Otherwise, for small budjets, Celio and Zara offer quite tempting price-quality ratios.

To avoid:

Polo shirts too slim, half sleeves too long and a large number of buttons (more than 4). The ideal is two buttons, three is good, four is the limit.

Here is a good polo Ralph Lauren, slim. The cut is perfect, as well as the collar, and when it comes to color, navy blue is a “basic” that you can use on several outfits. 3) Jeans:

If there is a garment indispensable in the wardrobe of a teenager, it is jeans. This is practically the only type of pants adopted in high school, although often badly worn.

The most important thing in jeans is its cut: the perfect fit is the straight or semi-slim fit, which is quite tight at the thigh but released towards the calves by forming light creases.

The slim cut is also not bad, it depends on your tastes. Not to be confused with skinny, which is forbidden to any self-respecting sBk and Style-Male reader. This cut is too close to the body and makes you girls legs, not to mention the galley to wear it and remove it…

Then regarding the color, almost all of them are allowed. Having at least a raw jeans is well though not mandatory in high school, otherwise choose a beautiful wash for your jeans.

True, a good wash in the rules of art is extremely expensive, but I do not advise you to invest in it, since you are still growing and anyway jeans will not live long in a teenager, this is perfectly normal.

To avoid:

Jeans too big, too many tears, jeans too short (I address the community of tall thin ones) and too risky colors that you will not be able to match.

Especially do not overpay jeans. We find pretty good jeans in Zara, Cos, Celio, Diesel…

4) Sweatshirts:

Sweatshirts are very practical during the mid-seasons: they keep warm without suffocating in case of a rise of temperature.

There are sweatshirts with zipper and others without. For the without, a slim fit is not mandatory. Focus your selection criteria rather on length, very important. The sleeves should slightly exceed the wrist and the sweatshirt should stop a little below the waist. Believe me, one of my biggest regrets is that I bought an Abercrombie sweatshirt for 90 euros when it was too short, as there were no more in size above it.

Regarding sweatshirts with a zipper, a slim fit is preferable. For the other criteria it will be the same as for sweatshirts without closure regarding length. As for colors, (almost) everything is allowed.

To avoid:

Sweatshirts too short, wrong sizes and messages Stupid style “vodka, connecting people”. Even if you carry a message, choose a good one.

Here is a good sweatshirt Abercrombie. The cut is fitted but not too much. The ideal! Stand out from the mass

As we just saw, in high school, you can have style by dressing like the others, better.

But you’re not like any other, my dear friend. You are a sbkien, and any self-respecting sbkien must stand out from the mass. For this, we will play on originality (without doing too much), sliding into our wardrobe shirts, cardigans, trenches, leathers… which, well chosen, what will be the case, (more or less) thanks to me 😉, will improve your style and thus the image you return.

1) The shirt:

It’s certainly the most underestimated clothing by teenagers, who think it’s serious and cheesy. Again, a study showed that this is the favorite top of women, followed by polo.

The cut, you see me coming, must be slim. A shirt you float in is anything but classy, believe me.

A good shirt should slightly mold the pecs, do not have an excess of fabric in the armpits, emphasize the back and shoulders.

Go to blue, red, green or black and white checkered shirts, or denim, in shades of blue or gray.

To avoid:

Solid color shirts moved to school (except denim shirts), too wide shirts, half sleeves and too big collars. A shirt is door rolled up and must arrive at a minimum at the level of the pockets of the trousers.

Here is a shirt that I highly recommend: perfect fit, beautiful patterns and a collar not too dressed but quite suitable. 2) Cardigan:

Avoid cheap materials for the cardigan at all costs, as much as not to buy. Prefer a solid color cardigan (not bright colors) blue, black, burgundy, bottle green, beige, brown, gray…

Of course, the cut should be slim (like almost all tops) and must meet the same conditions as a shirt for fit and length.

A cardigan can be worn with a shirt, provided that the colors match, or with a lighter shirt.

To avoid:

Subjects cheap, bad cuts, bright colors…

A good example of a cardigan. 3) Leather jackets:

In mid-season, the vast majority of high school students move only to sweatshirts. Which is a pity given the number of jackets much more class that they could adopt such as leathers.

A good leather jacket should be slim, but not too much. Indeed, keep in mind that you will wear one or even two layers of clothing underneath. It should not mold any particular part of the body, but just follow the curves. However, the shoulder seam should absolutely not exceed the beginning of the shoulder joint

Unless you can easily afford it (I mean that you are rich enough), it’s not worth buying real leather. It is quite ridiculous to pay 400 euros or more for a beautiful leather while you can have a satisfactory one at 100, in imitation leather. And do not forget that you are still growing.

For colors, black, brown, beige and blue are good choices. The collar depends on your tastes as well as the choice of the closure (although the buttons start to go out of fashion, prefer a zipper).

To avoid:

The leathers too tight, too short or too large, the shoulders drooping, and the colors too light (the jacket should always be darker than the garment underneath).

A good example, although the material is a bit doubtful. 4) trench coats:

The trench coat is not very often worn by high school students, despite its many advantages: It is classy, it keeps warm, and is very versatile.

Navy blue, black, military green and dark beige are good colors for a trench coat. A good trench coat should not be too close to the body (because you are going to wear it in winter on several layers of clothing) or too wide. His sleeves should protrude the wrist by one or two centimeters, and it must at the very least cover half of the buttocks.

To avoid:

The trench coats too long style the inspectors of the 70s, the shoulders too padded than when you wear the trench coat looks like you wear an American football uniform, the colors too light because, as I have already specified, what is underneath must always be clearer.

A perfect example that I recommend, especially at the collar. 5) Accessories:

In high school, some accessories are forbidden (cufflinks, wedding rings, clutch…) however, some go beautifully and earn you points.

Among these accessories are watches. Indeed, a beautiful watch can only improve your outfit. You can play it classy with a beautiful Guess, Esprit, Swatch… (Personally I love those with silver dials) Or fashion, with the new ice watch style watches, preferably white, black or blue to be able to tune it easily with your outfits.

We also note the scarves, made of mesh or silk, which in addition to keeping warm, give a good look. PAIR THE MESH WITH A BEAUTIFUL TRENCH COAT AND SILK WITH THE OTHER JACKETS AND VESTS. Prefer solid color scarves and avoid those too short.

A good necklace silver or white gold, thin and discreet (avoid large chains that can be confused with dog collars. Seriously, these channels are anything but elegant).

I would also like to talk about belts. Run away from the belts with the huge buckles and logo style DG, GUESS, NIKE, BOSS… You’re not a billboard!

Prefer something simple and restrained, not too thick leather and preferably black, and a simple buckle.

This brings us to the end of this article my friends.

I am in the process of making you an article on how to dress in the evening, which will help a lot most of you.

I let you work your style in high school and I am waiting for you in comments to tell us about your styles and preferences.

I’m telling you very soon!