How do I use a chatbot?

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Have you heard about Chatbots a lot and have you not understood what they are and how do they work? Let me explain it to you in a simple way, you will see that at the end of the article you too will have understood what a chatbot is and how to use it in Italian on facebook messenger or on other programs that you use.

Italian Chatbot for Facebook: Practical Guide

Let’s start with the presupport that for a company or an ecommerce the management of the customer service and its satisfaction is fundamental.

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But how do you manage 50-100 requests or messages per day on social networks such as Facebook or within their ecommerce? It becomes impossible because it is necessary to dedicate staff who respond 24 hours a day to the messages that users send on Facebook with consequent costs that the company cannot bear.

Often the customer’s problem doesn’t solve it when the message is answered first, to Sometimes he’s confused and understanding what he wants involves time and resources that a small company doesn’t have.

From this need the Chatbot is born and developed , which is an evolved automatic responder, so evolved that the customer thinks he is talking to a natural person of the company while instead he is dialoguing with software.

To create a chatbot, the company must first understand the needs and questions that the customer can ask and then you can start thinking about how to respond clearly by inserting a great deal in the chatbot number of responses in conversational tone.

Apple’s Siri is also something very similar to a Chatbot, albeit voice. If you want to try instead how a Text Chatbot works linked to Ginny Chatbot.

Chatbot: What is it?

In fact, chat bots, or chatbots are real programs that simulate a conversation between a human being and a software (which is called a robot or Bots). These software respond to the FAQs (which are the most frequently asked questions) of people accessing the site or chatbots can be used as fake users of the site or social network by having to write responses or approvals to messages sent by other customers or users.

Does a customer complain about a company’s product or does a negative comment? The Chatbot with one of its fake robot users responds to the negative comment by turning it over with a positive one.

Chatbot: How does it work?

Chatbots can be customized at will without knowing a line of code but using preset apps and systems, such as graphic templates.

A screen helps you define the detail of the answer to a question, simulating the customer’s likely further questions.

Let’s see what are the best chatbot services for your ecommerce and Facebook and how they work.

Chatbot in

Italy is one of the countries where software related to chatbots is in the greatest developmentItalian and the ferment behind chatbots is growing, so much so that it is estimated that chatbots can replace call centers or telephone and online service centers (called customer care) in the future but we are still at the dawn of a technology that will or not represent the future willingly or not.

Plus, if it were to be the case, there would also be a need to relocate call center workers, and it wouldn’t be a small problem.

Anyway, already now many companies like, Fox Sports Italia, and Fissan have their chatbots that respond to customers trying to help them with helpful tips and tips.

Among the most important entrepreneurial companies in Chatbot development in our country we point out

Chatbot for Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is focusing heavily on Chatbots and for developers has created a dedicated channel with tutorials and guides to better understand how it works and integration and how create a chatbot for messenger.

To create a chatbox on Facebook Messenger there are two really well made programs:

It’s Alive With Itsalive you build your Facebook Chatbot in a simple, fast and free way. Dedicated exclusively to messenger.

Many Chats Many Chat is instead a fast system to create chatbots for Messenger in a few minutes, or organize content and schedule them for a later submission. But also send messages to all users simultaneously (broadcast) and chat with pre-programmed answers to the most common questions.

Create a Chatbot on Instagram

There are also other software to create and manage chatbots not only on Facebook but also on instagram, twitter, telegram, google , slack and many other social networks. Let’s see what the best programs are and how much they cost:

Chatfuel With Chatfuel you can create a chatbot for Facebook in a simple way and without knowing a line of code. In addition to Facebook you can create a chatbot on instagram, twitter, google plus and on the major social networks.

Chatbot for CRM was just acquired by Hubspot, and allows you to create a chatbot and a set of services for CRM, marketing and sales force

Customer Service Chatbot via Chat

Gups Hup Gups Hup is an advanced messaging chatbot, smart messaging as they say in English. The great thing about Gups Hup is that you can integrate your chatbot on Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Twitter, Slack but also on the most important online chat support services such as HipChat, Skype, Twilio, Viber, Gmail, Hotline, WeChat, Cisco Spark, TeamChat, but also via SMS and by phone or on web widgets.

Chatbot for Telegram

Sequel Sequel allows you to create chatbots using forms to fill in with a drag and drop interface, i.e. using ready-to-use preset templates for Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Kik and Viber.

Flow xo Flow Xo is an automatic program for creating chatbots for facebook, messenger, telegram and slack

Pros and Cons of Chatbots

Chatbots are fascinating, but users generally don’t like them, in fact, they bother them precisely because you don’t have a person in the flesh who solves your problems and sometimes if you put a a different question or with a non-robot logic, the chatbot could answer you in the wrong way and therefore the user might understand that he is actually chatting with software.

Or you could spend days chatting, beat and answer, and you can’t solve the problem is the case of Facebook that for many online support services has always used chatbots, with little results.

I’ll give a practical example tested on my skin.

Try changing the name of your Facebook business page maybe to a very different name from the previous one and you’ll see that the system won’t authorize you to do so by saying it violates the guidelines.

By appealing you will be contacted with the facebook chatbot and you will not be able to conclude anything for four or five days. After appeals and appeals on appeals Facebook bypasses the chatbot and makes a person respond to a natural person who in thirty seconds solves the problem and accepts the change of the name of the company page.