How do I set up a WhatsApp chatbot?

Having a chatbot guide can be a good starting point for getting the most out of these mechanisms that, apparently, will revolutionize the world of interaction with the public.

Yeah, that’s right. I don’t want to make revolutionary announcements and propose avant-garde ideas. The reality is very simple and is simply about the ability of AI (artificial intelligence) mechanisms to learn and adapt responses . To ensure that the interaction is managed by a machine.

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A machine programmed by a human. What you need to understand right away is the hub that I always repeat, with strength and determination: working with chatbots does not mean ignoring interaction with the public.

In fact, you need to know it, deepen it and exploit it to achieve good results. In what way? Here’s a little guide to getting started and working with Facebook Messenger chatbots (but not only).

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What is a chatbot and how it works: Definition

The concept of chatbot kicks off the merger of two words (chat bots) and has a clear meaning: it’s about automating the interactions that take place in a messaging application snapshot . This is the classic one-to-one communication in real time, such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

The mechanisms that allow chatbots to implement answers, and to simulate a conversation with a human, are still at an embryonic stage. But it’s true that the platforms for creating chatbots are pretty simple : they give you the ability to set up routes, rules and junctions. All this is to make the result as useful, specific and realistic as possible.

What are chatbots for and what are the benefits?

Simple, talking to the people simulating human conversation. But other than that, chatbots rely on a mechanism to maximize and optimize relationships with an audience that can be large and always ready to push the brand with requests for interaction. There are two decisive aspects that hide behind the success and dissemination of these automatisms:

  • The dissemination of social chats.
  • The constant verification of the public.

While statistics confirm an increase in the spread and penetration into the public of systems such as Messenger and WhatsApp, on the other hand, there is an ongoing need to work on Zero. Moment of Truth . That is, when people build their own beliefs.

First people saw a product in the showcase, then they did research and asked friends in a longer or shorter process. Today, however, everything is streamlined, the moment of truth for the purchase is reduced to a simple and immediate step. All you have to do is have the smartphone available to check reviews.

Or maybe you can ask the Messenger chat on the brand page a question. That must respond as quickly as possible, without hesitation. And this is where a good guide to chatbots can come in handy.

Optimize processes and interactions

There are a thousand ways to improve your chatbot. I can give you a couple of tips right away though: avoid using all of this to spam. In reality, it takes a moment to be labeled as a nuisance, limit unexpected submissions to the maximum, and feeds the interactions that start from people who seek information from you.

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And above all, use links tracked when you send your messages: this way you can understand if your interactions work and if people click on hyperlinks.

How to Create a Chatbot Without Programming

This is your problem: you want to work in this direction but you don’t know how to do it. You’re concerned that a programmer’s knowledge is needed to make such an application work. And that’s right, at least in part. If you want to create a professional chatbot, perhaps to manage the communications of an ecommerce, you must have the skills of a professional at your side.

On the other hand, this is not necessarily the road. There are dozens of applications to program a chatbot in a simple and intuitive way, so you get over a lot of problems. What are the best apps for creating a chatbot with Facebook Messenger and other solutions? Here is a list that you need to evaluate carefully.

Manychat, simple and immediate

start the list of programs to create chatbots with reality, in my opinion, simpler and more immediate. I’m talking about Manychat, application that offers the tools to realize and program an automated mechanism I for interacting with people. Do you want to start from scratch? From my perspective, this is the most intuitive and immediate approach for those who take their first steps.

Botify, professional solution

Yeah, in this case, you don’t have to be a programmer to create a chatbot. But one step is clear: Botify is one of the professional platforms, you can work to create a chat to integrate on small sites and large portals. Among the most interesting functions I can mention the one that allows you to create the flow of interactions with a comfortable drag and drop .

Chatfuel, bot for Messenger

The reality I prefer, I use Chatfuel for my personal projects and I feel all too well. To create a Messenger chatbot this, from my point of view, is the winning combination.

You can work on publishing content and the interaction of the public. That can be involved with an official plugin that shows, on the blog or on the website, the chat ready to be used.

What are the recommendations for using Chatfuel? First, I suggest you mark the permalink that gives you the opportunity to reach the interactions with a click, so you can share it on social networks and insert the URL in a link or button. And then I suggest you constantly feed the keywords that feed automatic responses. Those that, in practice, characterize the interaction between humans and the bot.

Sequel, Facebook and Telegram

Do you want to create a chatbot but prefer not to limit yourself to the Facebook platform? Perfect, here’s what you need: with Sequel you can work on Telegram and Viber . This reality provides you with the necessary structure to create an operational automation, immediate and clean. Password: simplicity thanks to the templates already defined that are most of the dirty (and feared) work.

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Chatbot Guide: Your Opinion

‘s clear that a good chatbot guide can make a difference when you decide to intercept readers, users, and potential customers of your ecommerce. Do you want some advice? It Start working seriously to create a dedicated channel, and make sure people can be comfortable with these automations.

Remember that you are always behind artificial intelligence. You don’t have to be a programmer to create an effective chatbot , or in any case useful for doing a first experiment for your business. If you want more information you can use the comments in this article to leave your doubts.