How do I set up a chatbot?

Can Facebook Messenger be a marketing tool for businesses? figure out how to set up a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Yes! And not just for customer management. Let’s go in stages. In the meantime, let’s

Why a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

to have an automatic conversation with people who click on your Facebook MessengerFacebook now allows you to install Messenger chatbots on the company page. Chatbots allow you to start a dialogue.

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A series of menus or keywords can guide customers to the next steps, saving time and eliminating requests that don’t lead to sales or conversions you find. It’s an easy way for people to interact with your business. Here are some examples of practical use:

  1. buy i
  2. get directionstickets
  3. view a menu
  4. schedule an appointment
  5. have news

The chatbot uses the keywords that users type in chat and guess what they’re looking for. For example, if you own a restaurant with vegetarian options in the menu, you can program the word “vegetarian” in the bot. Cool, isn’t it? So when users type that word, the return message will include vegetarian options from the menu or indicate the menu section that presents these dishes.

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How the chatbot works on one page

Many pages use a trivial combination of a menu-based bot and an artificial intelligence component. When you click on the ‘Message’ button on their page, a Facebook Messenger window opens, then click on the button “Get Started,” always through Messenger.

The page responds with several options to choose from. For example, I asked for the latest news:

Or the same research can be done by simply typing ‘news’ and you get a quick response message (“Just a second, I’m looking…”). The result is always as follows:

How do I create a Chatbot

#1 Your chatbot

set up Here we used Chatfuel that allows you to create a chatbot without having programming skills. To create a chatbot with Chatfuel, first a Chatfuel accountlogging in to your Facebook account. After , click on the ‘ ‘ sign to start a new chatbots.

Then, choose a template to modify or create an empty chatbotclick on the red ‘Create a Chatbot’ button from scratch. Finally give your chatbot a name in the text box and to create it.

#2 associate it with a page

On the next page, click ‘Connect to Facebook’.

Choose an existing Facebook business page or create a new page where the bot resides.

Now click ‘Build’ in the sidebar menu to start building your chatbot.

keep this text card, add another (like an image) or start overThe default welcome message is on a text card; it’s the first thing users will see when they enter your Messenger. You can with one of the other options available, such as a gallery or plug-in.

You can add text and buttons for users to complete a subsequent action (like calling, site visits, etc…)

The default answer is the block shown initially in the Main Menu button when you start. Chatfuel allows you to change the message that will be the first response after the user asks for something.

You can edit the text here or create a custom block to add instead of the default response.

You can add more than one button under this tab , so if the most common customer requests are hours, location, phone number, or directions, it’s possible to create additional blocks with that information.

For example, if you’re a company based on online services, you might want to include blocks in the buttons that provide more information about a particular segment of your business .

If you want to create a new block, click on ‘ Add block’ .

Once you’re happy with the bot, click ‘Try this Chatbot’ to save your work .

Then click ‘View on ‘to try it out .

#3 guide customers on your Chatbot

Once you’ve created your first automated chatbot, after you’ve tested it and knowing it’s working properly, change the call to action button on your Facebook page to “Send message” to drive traffic to your chatbot.

You can also direct paid advertising to this call to action through the URL of your Messenger .

Finally, consider installing plug-ins (Message Us or Send to Messenger) on your website so that people can send messages to you on Facebook.

Ready to create your first Facebook Messenger chatbot?

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