How do I set up a chatbot on Facebook?

The same motto is not true for Facebook Messenger as for sport: participation alone is NOT everything. We show you seven solutions that will make it easy for your users to find your chatbot or newsletters on Facebook!

With our seven tips, we get you in shape for Facebook Messenger:

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  1. Decide! Existing fanpage or additional Facebook page for your bot
  2. Register your bot on ‘Discover’
  3. Set the call to action button ‘Send Messages’
  4. Use the Messenger URL and code
  5. Activate Ads on Facebook Messenger
  6. Install the Message Us plugin
  7. Enhance Your Messaging Service

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1.Existing fanpage or additional page for the bot: where to integrate the bot?

Depending on the main use of your fanpage (e.g. for marketing or service purposes), an additional bot page may be a good choice. Our comparison shows you which model might be the right one for you.

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A) Additional bot page

  • Advantages:
    • Support requests and bot function i.e. broadcast function do not mix
    • There is no filtering of customer requests in post comments, since there are no posts on a bot page
  • Disadvantages:
    • Bots are hard to find on Facebook and it’s almost impossible to find them directly through Facebook Messenger
    • Fans need to be acquired, bot pages are unverifiable, which means less trust, relevance, and higher advertising costs


Fanpages with a lot of support requests should only have chatbots respond on the main page. Campaigns and broadcasting through a separate (new) Facebook page.

B) Fanpage already exists

  • Advantages:
    • Facebook considers a bot’s instant responses as high responsiveness. Along with the interaction in Messenger of the Facebook page this has a positive effect on the reach of organic posts, keyword: relevance
    • Fans can be quickly sent to the bot via the call to action button
  • Disadvantages:
    • Mixing bots, chatbots, and broadcasting into a messaging system can be confusing for fans and operators

Suggestion ? Facebook pages that are primarily targeted at marketing and within reach should offer everything in one page.

2.Don’t wait for your users to discover your page: let yourself discover!

Explore ” allows you to search for and find bots, nearby locations and businesses. ‘Explor’ is structured by categories, the latest activities, and recommended experiences.

Please note that any application to be included in ‘Explore’ must be approved. Be sure to describe and categorize your bot correctly when you complete the form. You can change the form at any time in the page settings if you need to update the bot information.

Submit your application to post your chatbot on Facebook ‘Explore’ — it works like this:

    • Click on ‘Settings ‘ on your Facebook site
    • In the left column click on -> Messenger Platformer
    • Change the ‘Visibility in Explor’ button to ‘Active


Any application for publishing a bot in ‘Explore ‘ must be approved. Describe and categorize your bot as accurately as possible to increase the chance that your bot will be integrated into ‘Explor’. You can change the form at any time in the page settings.

3. Use the call to action button ‘Send message’

Make it easier for your fans to get in touch with you or your bot through the call to action button on your Facebook site.

It works like this:

  • Click on ‘ add button’ under the title image
  • Click on ‘change call to action’ and select ‘Send Message’

  • Later on ‘Save Changes’

4. Milestone: URL and Messenger Code

Do you have a website and promotional material such as flyers, posters, stickers, etc. that you use to promote your company? You should definitely make use of the messaging code and URL. Create, share, and integrate these wherever it makes sense. The scannable code or URL immediately opens Facebook Messenger and a conversation with you or your bot.

This is how you can find your Facebook Messenger code:

  • Open the site
  • Click on -> messages
  • Click on the -> tool symbol , download the Messenger code and share it

This will be your URL Messenger:

With the messaging URL, you can post a ‘Click to Messenger Ad’ on Facebook. Compared to an ordinary Link Ad, clicking Facebook Ad will not only open a messaging conversation, but also a welcome message that you have written in advance. You can learn more about Click to Messenger Ads here.

5. It’s not possible to be closer to the user: Facebook Messenger Ads

Since July 2017, companies can use Facebook Messenger to run ads and no longer have to limit themselves to ‘Click to Messenger Ads’ (see step 4). On the plus side, the targeting options are identical to those of Facebook Ads.

If you want to promote your messaging service, at the moment you can choose between two formats:

Messenger Ads:

  • appear on the Messenger home screen
  • no special requirements
  • Advantage: Your ad will be played back in the Facebook Messenger message overview. Reach new users directly on Messenger.

You can purchase Messenger Ads like this:

  • Open Ad Manager or Power Editor
  • Select ‘Traffic’ or ‘Conversion’ as the destination
  • Create an ad and publish on Messenger
  • Select ‘Carousel’ or ‘Link Post’ as the format
  • As a destination you can choose your website or Messenger directly. The latter has the advantage that your users can start a dialogue directly on Messenger.
  • Prices and offers are no different from popular ad formats
  • Facebook

Sponsored messages:

  • They appear as a direct message in the user’s inbox
  • They can only be sent to users who have already contacted the company
  • Advantage: Users who have already been in touch with your company will receive a direct message from you and will be encouraged to start a conversation
  • Prerequisite: Create a customized audience. How to do it, we’ll show it to you here.

Publish Sponsored Message Ads:

  • Select ‘Conversions ‘ for publishing Sponsored Message Ads
  • Select the appropriate page and within Edit Placement, select Sponsored Message
  • Facebook automatically disables all other options and tells you to select the target group
  • appropriate Specify a single image with text as the format
  • The sponsored message will be billed depending on the impressions. There is no other option available.

Learn more about Sponsored Messenger here.

6. To chat with a button: Message Us Plugin for Websites

For those who want to promote the messaging service on their website, this button in Facebook Look & Feel is almost mandatory. With a single click, the user can enter into a direct conversation with your service, regardless of whether the user is using a mobile or desktop device.

The code of the Embedding plugins can be found here.

7. This makes Amazon think: let your fans enhance your Messenger service

Do you have an additional page for your communication through Messenger and are you convinced of your service? Let your users evaluate it! The (good) ratings are proof of quality and can help bots counter the lack of page verification and its low reliability.

How to activate ratings for your chat:

  • at the top of the page click -> Settings
  • in the left column click on -> “Edit Page
  • scroll down and click on -> Add tab
  • next to ‘Reviews‘ click -> ‘Add tab “


Already with one or the other change of the settings mentioned, you can quickly and economically optimize the promotion of your Facebook Messenger channel. In addition to the tools and suggestions presented here, you have more opportunities to increase the engagement of your users. What tools are available for you outside the Facebook universe? You can find out this in our next blog post “Tips for acquiring more Facebook Messenger subscribers”.

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