How do I set up a chatbot on Facebook?

This is one of the doubts that has always intrigued me: how to create a Facebook chatbot and use Messenger to exploit artificial intelligence to my advantage? It seems like a question too articulated for a trivial blogger, doesn’t it?

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Always looking for ways to increase blog visits but with a limit: no knowledge to program a chatbot, zero experience to manage all sorts of code or language with orders, commands and other devilries.

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Surprise, to create a basic chatbot you don’t have to be a computer science genius. For advanced services, the story is different, but to give your blog an extra tool to distribute content and engage the audience, you can rely on my experience.

What is a Chatbot: Defining Bots

Before we figure out how to generate a bot on Facebook, it’s right to go deeper : what are we talking about? Of a program capable of simulate human conversation.

This is done thanks to a series of instructions that are given by a human. And that they are replicated on a large scale, for all the people who interact with the robot. In fact, the chatbot.

The latter is based on artificial intelligence, and offers companies the ability to automate conversations with users to make customer care services , sell products or services thanks to the arrival of payments in chat, record bookings and send specific content. You like this point, don’t you?

Today, the ability of chatbots to adapt to human interaction is advancing, but considering possible uses it is practically unexplored terrain. And yet you can make a difference. Any concrete examples? I want to start with the pros and cons.

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The advantages and disadvantages of chatbots

What are the benefits for those who decide to take advantage of chatbots? Firstly, you can handle demanding quantitative conversations effortlessly. And you can do it 24 hours a day , without ever leaving only the user who needs purchases or information.

The immense power of chatbots collides with the difficulty behind managing responses. True, you don’t have to be a programmer to create a chatbot , not too challenging. It is also true that the vastness of possible questions is complex to handle. But it’s not impossible if you decide to give yourself time.

Chatbot and online chat: concrete examples

Based on this information, you can easily get to the conclusion: chatbots work great in chats, with an eye on mobile. They are the decisive point to complete the famous Zero Moment of Truth in marketing.

The purchase decision takes place online, in real time and with two-way dynamics. I see something I like, go to FacebookA representation the Zero Moment of Truth. and send a message. The answer is immediate, concrete and useful. Do you like the idea?

There are chatbots for every type of chat, for Telegram and for WhatsApp. Not forgetting Slack. All this to send answers, images, GIFs and links. But one of the best to allow the blog to gain real benefits is Messenger.

Here are a few examples of chatbots. As you see, there are multiple choices that allow you to interact with the bot, texts that explain what you can and can’t doHere are three examples of chatbots. . And shortcuts to reach the content offered by a given reality. Now, in your opinion, isn’t it an interesting solution for content marketing people?

How a Facebook chatbot works

Try to give one look at the top chatbots . The mechanism is simple: send a message and receive a series of welcome messages. At this point you can choose: do you want the latest news? Great, you just have to follow the instructions.

The user’s side how the bot works is simple, you have to let it guide you. For you who create the chatbot, instead, the starting point is another: what do you want to get from your chat ?

What will this tool be used for? If you want to use the chatbot to improve the blog, you need to get people to reach the content . With two dynamics.

  • Push
  • Pull

On the one hand, push the content you published and that the user chose to follow when he signed up for updates . On the other hand, make people choose the content they want to read for themselves. How does it happen?

Best programs to create chatbots

To create a Facebook chatbot on Messenger you need a platform, an application capable of synthesizing your needs in a few steps . With the spread of this tool, various realities have been created that allow you to add commands and functions with a simple click, here are the names I prefer.


The promise you find on the home page is clear: to create a chatbot without knowing the code. And without having to program your robot to give sensible answers.


Perfect for anyone who chooses Facebook Messenger and Slack for their chatbot. It allows you to create customized bots for small and medium-sized businesses, which is more challenging.


You can generate chatbots for Messenger, but also for Telegram and Viber . A comprehensive platform that can be used to develop complex and comprehensive bots.

Mobile Monkey

A platform for creating chatbot that follows the line already indicated by others: create a Facebook bot without being a programmer. And in a few minutes you have your mobile chat .


One of the most popular names among chatbot creation programs to add to your website. Interesting is the drang and drop system to create the contents to be sent.

Among these names I chose a different solution for My Social Web: Chatfuel . The advantage of this reality is simple and lies in immediacy. It takes really two minutes to create a Facebook chatbot for your blog. Want to find out more?

Guide: How to Create a Facebook Chatbot

To create the chatbot with Chatfuel, all you have to do is go to the home page, connect the bot to a particular web page, and start programming your content . The first step you need to set is welcome to give people.

The essential step: to become familiar with the tools to create content. You can create text blocks, or you can send images and quick reply The tools for creating content. . That is, buttons that match a given word.

Quick replies are very important because they allow people to write certain words without typing them . And with the Artificial Intelligence section (after we see it) you can have a keyword match a series of content.

Very important for those who run a blog. If you want to create a successful Facebook chatbotChatfuel’s quick answers. , remember to activate the plugin to import the blog’s rss feed. In this way, you can add the module that allows the reader to read your content.

But not as text and link: the rss feed imports image, title, and hyperlink with different commands. Among them the possibility of obtaining new content and to subscribe. As always, this technology offers great solutions.

An important detail: I have disabled the function that allows you to read the content in the chatbot. A little bit not to undermine the blog visits. But above all because the proposed version is very bad, difficult to readhow to create a Facebook chatbot: there is the rss feed. . So the click goes on the domain.

Push content with the chatbot

Okay, you arranged the welcome message. But how to create a Facebook chatbot to push content? As I said before, there are two solutions to consider: push and pull. Push and pull , two different roles. Let’s see them better.

Push content

In the broadcast section of the Chatfuel bot you can do something very simple: send push messages, that is, pushed by you personally . Here you can do What you prefer, let the public know a new article or industry news.

There are many customizations in these cases. For example, you can decide which content to create, a simple text or an image. or you can enter the famous quick replySend your content with the chatbot. . In short, if you also give us the possibility to schedule the submission and insert a planned action after the first interaction, you have a powerful tool.

Who will receive the contents of the chatbot? People who started a conversation and who haven’t deleted or silenced . For this you must carefully evaluate the pace of the submissions. The risk is to eliminate any interaction.

Pull Contents

Here are the users who are protagonists of the interaction. In what way? By writing a keyword in the chat, a keyword that can recall a content . The user writes, to example, “SEO” and I respond with a guide dedicated to the topic. Or with the category that summarizes all the posts. But how does it happen?

One of the sections of the chatbot organizes automatic responses, those that allow you to capitalize on traffic without committing yourself. How is this system organized? Simple, you have to give a group of wordsOrganize chatbot responses. a message.

How to Promote the Blog Chatbot

To create a Facebook chatbot on Messenger, just follow the points I have listed, but then? If you want to use your bot to the fullest, to push content , you need to make sure people are aware of your tool. And use it.

To do what? Receive and search for items. But if you don’t advertise the chatbot, you can’t get that advantage. So, at this point the question is, how do you promote your chatbot ? There are different solutions, here’s what am I evaluating for my projects.

Use the permalink

The bot I created with Chatfuel has a link, an address from which people can start the conversation. Simple idea: share it on social networks and maybe create sponsored people to better spread the content. Do you want a concrete example? Here’s my bot, try it whenever you want:

Chat on the blog

There are a number of WordPress plugins that allow you to integrate chatbots with your blog, so you can show an icon on the pages that people can click on. What’s going on at this point? A chat opens automatically where people can leave messages and get answers. You can find the plugin here but it’s not the only solution.

Chatfuel gives you the ability to create a custom code to integrate on the blog to send messages. With a good code customization you can easily integrate this button into all the resources of your portal.

And then, clearly, you can write a blog post or insert a widget in the sidebar to promote your permalink, the chatbot URL. By the way, here you can find my bot: try to ask something, I’m running it like this.

Ready for your first chatbot?

A great guide to creating a Facebook chatbot, isn’t it? I tried to orient the cut of this article to favor those who have a blog and want to use the chatbot to push the content. But you can do so much with these tools, do you agree?