How do I get a visa to Saudi Arabia ?

This article was written with direct contributions from Pakistani citizen Sahil Khan who has been working and living in Saudi Arabia since 2015. His wife and daughter obtained the Saudi family visit visa and visited him several times in Saudi Arabia.

There are many types of Saudi visas. A family visit visa or a Mofa family visit visa may be issued to an immediate family member of legal residents or citizens of KSA. This is specially designed so that family members can visit KSA and stay or spend time with their family.

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There are two types of Mofa family visit visa.

Number of entries Duration Valid
Unique 30 days 3 months
Multiple 90 days 1 year

Who can get a MOFA family visa for Saudi Arabia?

A family visit visa is issued only to members of the immediate family. So, if you are a legal Saudi resident or Saudi citizen, only the following people are eligible for a visa family visit.

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  1. Parents
  2. Children
  3. Bon-father and stepmother
  4. Husband or wife
  5. Brothers or sisters of foreign wives married in Saudi Arabia

This means that the following family members cannot obtain a Mofa family visit visa.

  1. Cousins
  2. Uncle/Aunt
  3. Nieces/Nephews
  4. Grands parents

If you ask me, grandparents should be considered immediate family members, but I digress. Maybe one day it’s gonna change.

This article is written from the point of view of a legal resident of Saudi Arabia. The process is the same if you are a citizen. The only difference will be that you fill in everything in Arabic and you will not need an Iqama.

How to Apply Mofa Visit Visa Visit?

A Saudi family visit visa application is a process that involves separate processes for the family member living in Saudi Arabia and the applicant who is outside Saudi Arabia.

To obtain the family visit visa, an Iqama holder must initiate the process in Saudi Arabia. The dependents of the Iqama holder cannot themselves apply for a visit visa using their own Iqamas.

Various websites often open in Arabic. Try to see change the language to English by clicking on the option in the upper left corner.

1. Apply for a family visit visa at MOFA online

The resident holder of Iqama must apply for a family visit visa on behalf of the visitor. For this, Iqama should be valid for at least 4 months.

To apply for a Saudi family visit visa, the very first step would be to start the process on the official visa services platform.

On the Visa Services Platform

Choose Individuals, then select your category. Note that if you select citizen, you will need to fill in the entire application in Arabic.

Select Resident, then click “Family Visit Visa Application for Residents”.

You will be redirected to the application page. Click on “I accept”.

Enter theresidence number of the Iqama holder (Iqama number ). You can apply for multiple visitors by adding different visitors in the same app

You must fill in personal data and visa details such as

  • Visa Type : Single or Multiple Entry Border Number
  • ( handwritten number on the stamped pages of the passport)
  • Sponsor details: address, city, email and mobile
  • Visitor info: DOB, Passport number, Nationality, Religion
  • Relation with Visitor

Make sure to write your email and mobile phone number correctly using 00966 & mobile phone number.

2. Get approval from Sponsor/The Chamber of Commerce

Once the Saudi legal resident or IQAMA holder printed the MOFA online visit visa application form, he can carry it to the sponsor to sign and stamp the document.

The Saudi Chamber of Commerce may also certify the MOFA application form if required by private company workers.

3. Send the completed form or visa number to the visitor

Once signed and stamped by the sponsor, it usually takes a week or less for status to be reflected in the MOFA portal. You can check the status of the MOFA visa application using the application number and your identification number.

If the visa application has been granted, you can send the scanned copy of the completed, signed and stamped application form to your family member applying for theFamily Visit Visa outside of Saudi Arabia.

4. Registration and payment for Family Visit Visa at the Enjazat Website

Now it’s time for a family member to create an account on the Enjazat website.

Once you have created it, you will receive an email to activate it. Be sure to check the Spam folder.

On the Enjazat website, you need to search for the application using the application number and passport number.

You can pay using a Vis/Master credit card.

5. Submits documents to the Saudi embassy or visa agency

Depending on where you are, you may be able to obtain the visa with your passport by mail or in person. Usually, a family visit visa can take up to 3 days or more depending on each individual case.

Note that Saudi Arabia has a list of authorized agencies around the world to apply for a visa. Don’t be fooled by a neighborhood agency and lose your hard-earned money. If you can’t find a licensed agency, write to the Saudi Consulate in your country and ask them about it.

Applicant’s Saudi Family Visit Visa Requirements

  • Copy of passport of sponsor holder Iqama
  • Valid international passport (minimum validity of 7 months remaining) for the applicant
  • Copy of the Iqama or residence permit for the developer
  • 4 photos of passport size
  • Apostilled copy of applicant’s national identity card

If you ask for step-parents

  • Marriage certificate apostilled for the godfather
  • Apostilled copy of the son’s birth certificate
  • Family book If necessary

This is an example of Saudi visa for visiting the family.

How much does a Saudi family visit visa cost?

The cost of single-entry and multi-entry KSA family visit visas is 300SR.

How to Verify Your Visa Family Visit Status Online?

Visit the MOFA SA website:

Scroll down and enter the application number and identification number to find out about the status of your visa application.

On the next page, you will see if it is approved. If it is being processed or rejected, you will see a red line in Arabic. Once the visa has been approved, you will be able to see the following information on a new page.

You will see the duration of the visa, application details and visa number.

Can you extend the family visit visa to Saudi Arabia?

Yes, it is possible to extend the family visit visa for KSA.

A single entry family visa can be extended 5 times, for a total stay of 180 days in Saudi Arabia. A multi-entry visa can be extended for 90 days. Note that you can get only 180 days at a time. After that, you need to leave the KSA and return again.

For this, you need to apply through the Absher portal. But there are chances that the extension via the portal will not work or you will get error messages.

In this case, you need to go to one of the Jawazat in Dammam or Jeddah or the one closest to you, with the required documents such as

  • A copy of the bio page of your passport and Iqama
  • A copy of the bio page of your spouse or husband’s passport and your visa
  • An impression of Saudi family visa extension application in Absher
  • Printing error messages in Absher

You’d need a copy of the Jawazat appointment. No need to have an appointment on the same day. You just need an appointment to enter the building.

Do you need health insurance for KSA Family Visit Visa Visa?

Whether it’s a single entry or multi-entry Saudi family visit visa, you need insurance. You can’t get this insurance wherever you want.

The Ministry of the Interior authorizes a very limited number of insurance companies to sell health insurance for afamily visit visa .

  • BUPA Arabia
  • Al Rajhi Insurance
  • Arab Shield
  • AXA Cooperative cooperative ally
  • Saudi Arabia United Cooperative
  • Tawuniya


The cost of insurance varies depending on the gender, age and medical history of the visitor applicant. Currently, prices are between 30 SR and 100 SR.

What does family insurance cover?

Family insurance covers the treatment of emergency cases. You can use it in case of emergency, traffic accidents, repatriation after death, dialysis, pregnancy problems, etc.

For hospitalization, room, medical care and care nursing and life support, the limi policy is set at 600 RS per day.

It does not cover drugs and medicines, and childbirth without complications.

How to apply for visa insurance with Saudi family?

Compare the policies of different insurance companies, and when you are ready with one, then enter the visa details and other relevant personal data of the applicant and pay the fee.

If you want to extend coverage for amulti-entry family visit visa later, you can log in to the same insurance company portal and expand it.

How to verify the validity of the visa policy for family visits?

Visit the ACCHI website to verify the validity of yourFamily Visit Visa Policy .

  1. Choose Inquire about visitor insurance
  2. then click Service Link
  3. Enter the Visitor Passport Number and Captcha Code

KSA Family Visit the reasons for refusing

visa A Saudi family visit visa may be refused for a variety of reasons such as

  1. The applicant’s profession has no right. Make sure that the title of your position is on the list of professions eligible for a visa. If you are not, only your sponsor can change it.
  2. Writeatheists like your religion when filling the app.
  3. Making mistakes withapplicationdetails