How do I choose my wifi speaker ?

Choosing your wifi speaker is done according to the use you intend to make it, as well as according to your tastes. The wifi speaker is a device that exists in different forms and with various features. Such a speaker is used to listen to music, no matter where you decide to relax and enjoy. Here are some criteria that allow you to succeed in the right choice of your wifi speaker.

Sound diffusion and autonomy

If you wish to operate your wifi speaker, you must bet on its autonomy. Indeed, the duration of operation of such equipment can vary from one model to another. When you take a tour in the sales market of these equipment, you notice that some Wifi speakers can have 4 hours of autonomy. At the same time, others offer up to 20 hours of autonomy. Autonomy is therefore a very important criterion that you will have to consider when buying your speaker.

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When it comes to music streaming, it should be noted that a wifi speaker can stream a sound covering every 360 degree or a sound that covers only one direction. A speaker that plays music 360 degrees gives you the height of the sound you perceive, regardless of where you are in relation to the equipment. On the other hand, the directives wifi speakers broadcast sound on one side only. Therefore, if you are not on this side, you will not hear the sound well.

The power and connectors of the wifi speaker

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If you are a fan of good music and you like to climb the volume, this factor should be essential when choosing your device. Indeed, when we talk about the power of the wifi speaker, it is about the sound volume that this speaker can reach. So it is a power that is displayed in watts.

To do this, if you want to sound a desk or a room, you will need to have a wifi speaker with a power of at least 12 watts. Thus, a large room will require a very high power. You will find the speaker with a power adapted to your needs on

As for connectors, they vary from one model to another. A wifi speaker can have a number of connectors. For example, you can opt for a speaker with a Jack plug. Similarly, there are speakers that have input for USB flash drive or memory card. These are speakers that will play music already stored. In the same way, some speakers have USB sockets that allow them to charge small devices.

The design of the equipment

If you want a nomadic or residential enclosure, the designs will not be the same. In general, nomadic speakers have a circular design. This design makes it easier to broadcast sound so that it can be perceived correctly wherever the speaker is.

As for residential speakers, the latter have a much more aesthetic design. This design allows them to bounce the sound on the walls. These are therefore types of wifi speakers that do not necessarily have a circular shape.

By the way, color is an important thing not to overlook. For example, if you like the blue color, it is best to claim a speaker with this color. Like this, in addition to having fun with your speaker, you can enjoy a good decor.