Housing tax: challenge and make a claim

Did you notice an error in your housing tax? How to challenge and make a claim, and are there deadlines for challenging a tax error? You will be told how to do if you notice a housing tax error, whether it concerns the amount or the person to whom the tax is being addressed.

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  • Dispute housing tax
    • due to error Incorrect amount and amounts owed for housing
    • tax Settle housing tax instead of tenant

Dispute housing tax following an error

When an individual notices an error in his or her housing tax, he or she can make a claim until December 31 :

  • of the year following the year in which the tax housing has been established;
  • the year of the new notice of taxation, corrective to the previous notice;
  • the year in which the taxpayer became aware of the wrongly imposed taxes.

One of the most common mistakes is to receive a housing tax when the housing is no longer occupied. The deadline is of course January 1 of each year : if you occupy a dwelling on January 1 of the taxation year, then you are liable for the housing tax of the dwelling in question.

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If you left the dwelling before January 1 of the tax year, you do not have to pay the housing tax on the dwelling.

It is then possible to turn to a simple solution: the request for relief or rectification from your tax center. To make this request, you will need to provide proof of non-habitation:

  • A Letter of Termination of Lease
  • A Moving Invoice
  • A notice of termination EDF GDF
  • An attestation on honor from your neighbors, etc.

Incorrect amount and amounts owed for housing tax

If tax services have made a mistake or omission , the tax centre that manages your file is entitled to apply to the taxpayer for a supplement, up to December 31 of the year following the year for which the housing tax was established.

Good to know : if the oversight or error comes from the individual taxpayer, no limitation period exists.

Pay a housing tax instead of the tenant

Sometimes it’s at landlord to pay a housing tax that has not been paid by a tenant after his departure from the dwelling. In order to protect himself from such cases, the landlord must ask his tenant for proof of payment of the housing tax 1 month before he leaves the dwelling, apartment or house.

If the tenant refuses, or does not respond, the Public Treasury must be informed by the landlord within the month preceding the departure of the tenant from the dwelling. All steps must be taken to ensure that the right person pays his share of tax properly.

In any case, be aware that there is always a remedy when an error is noticed on the housing tax. Sometimes the calculation may be incorrect because based on information that is not current for the tenant (job application situation, by example). In this case, if you have any doubt about the amount of your housing tax, do not hesitate to apply for the rebate .