• There are a lot of things that make Christmas exciting and beautiful decorations are one of them. When you walk on the streets, you are sure to find bright lights and decorations that give off the festive feel.

    If you want to invite the holiday spirit into your house, below are some ways you can spice up your interior decoration.…

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    What are the benefits of the Arbutus?

    Strawberry is a medicinal plant whose leaves and young shoots have diuretic and astringent virtues. Strawberry includes therapeutic properties as urinary antiseptics, it is the remedy for cystitis and urethritis. Its root is used to treat arteriosclerosis and blood circulation disorders. …

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    What Thickness of Above-Ground Pool Slab?

    You want to have a pool, but you don’t have the budget to offer it. Fortunately, there are several cost-effective solutions, including the installation of a concrete slab for above ground pool . Find out more about the concrete slab for an above ground pool.

    What is a concrete slab for swimming pool?

    Many people find it difficult to distinguish …

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    What color with walnut furniture?

    The interior decoration reflects the warm character of a home. The colors associated with wood, furniture and walnut determine the aesthetics of your interior. So you need to tune certain colors together. Here’s how to tune walnut furniture with colors.

    What color with walnut furniture?

    Several combinations are possible with walnut furniture. When it comes to a decor for a …

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    What color to warm the gray?

    . Grey is the choice of choice to avoid Fails in taste when it comes to decorating. Thanks to its many shades, it adapts practically to any style. However, this neutral color is used with caution, at the risk of creating a cold atmosphere at home. Choosing materials and color association are essential to bring out strengths

    In what rooms

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    What product to put in an Intex pool?

    When talking about maintenance of a pool, you need to know what exactly we’re talking about. The maintenance of a pool is necessary, even for swimming pools that have a self-cleaning system (filters, robots). Care must be taken to act on 2 fronts:

    • put in place preventive accessories to limit dirt, such as protective tarpaulins or effective filtration systems
    • regularly
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    Why does non-woven paper shrink?

    Would you like to offer your property for sale or rent, but the walls are sad? Wallpaper can allow you to carry out a quick and cheap renovation. And from a decorative point of view, it is very trendy.

    Making a Diagnosis

    First of all, take the time to examine the condition of the wall. If it has significant traces …

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    Why don’t my seeds grow?

    I always found that there was something magical to do its seedlings. We put a tiny seed in the ground and after being in the care of the young plant that comes out of it, we manage to get wonderful vegetables!

    But it happens that not everything goes as planned. Here are the most frequently asked questions you asked me …

  • Home/Outdoor Indoor and Garden/Water Catchment and Supply/Submersible Well Pump (español — english)

    How to choose a submerged pump for a well

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    The right submersible pump for the right need

    The criteria of choice differ depending on the characteristics of the need for pumping and/or lifting (depth, type of liquids, use of pumped water) . Indeed, each type …

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    How to regularize an undeclared pool?

    Updated on 26/09/2020

    What are the risks of not declaring a swimming pool? What are the risks and fines of a swimming pool built without authorization? What is the limitation period for an undeclared pool? By the way, is it mandatory to declare his pool to taxes ?

    You are thinking about installing a swimming pool in …

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    How to upgrade a land?

    Whether for a new construction to come, for a beautiful garden or for the setting up of a swimming pool, it is essential to smooth the floor to be able to do the work. It should be known that the work to be done for this is quite important, especially for large enough surfaces. Also, the use of a professional …

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    How to arrange 2 frames on a wall?

    Having a nice decoration at home is important, but don’t forget to personalize it with what you like. Have you ever thought about exhibiting your own photos? As travelers and photographers, it is a height that we have not yet skipped! It’s done today, we decided to beautify our stairway with a composition of frames from our last trips.

    Texts …

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    How to hide a wall without repaint it?

    During the first accompanying interviews in interior design, my clients often tell me “I don’t want to paint the walls!” Indeed there may be several reasons for this:

    • They are not being owners. It is undoubtedly difficult to make the decoration of the walls with paint and put everything back blank at the time of departure. Not to mention the
  • Are you embarked on renovating your home and decorating your living space? Today, we are interested in hallway decoration. Decorating and arranging a corridor is not a small matter, depending on whether the corridor is narrow, dark or rather wide and airy. Solutions exist for a modern and pleasant decoration every day!

    Deco of a narrow hallway: color solutions

    Eh …

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    How to decorate a bathroom?

    your bathroom require a little makeover? We present you some decoration ideas that will give back peps to this piece that we often forget. Whether you have a shower or a bathtub, it is possible to give style and beautiful decoration Does to a bathroom, regardless of its size.

    Plan of the article

    • Small bathroom: how to decorate this space?
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    Paint tile and floor: which one to choose ?

    Renovation and decoration are subjects that require a certain motivation. Are you on bathroom, kitchen and tiled floor renovation? You may have thought of opting for tile and floor painting, to avoid redoing everything? Price, quality, suitability… Here is how to choose a tile and floor paint.

    Paint its tile or floor: what you need to know

    Do you want …

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    Insulation floor house: well insulate

    Want to make arrangements in your home? Transforming your home requires adjusting insulation, including floor insulation, in order to make it livable rooms and preserve the thermal efficiency of the habitat. Before embarking on any layout, we guide you and explain how to properly insulate your floor with thermal insulation.

    Plan of the article

    • Why insulate the floor in his
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    Ceiling noise insulation: reduce noise

    The sound insulation of a ceiling is essential to protect against the noise of the neighborhood. Do you feel like you’re living in the same room as your neighbors? Insulating your ceiling with sound insulation can be a solution.

    Article plan

    • Insulating the ceiling from its housing from noise
      • Insulate your ceiling with sound insulation
    • Sound insulation Ceiling: your quality
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    Make a Zen Bathroom

    Want to change decor or remake a bathroom? The Zen bathroom is at the top of the trend. In our fast and hurried lives, it is urgent to promote a Zen atmosphere in our interior. We explain all the advantages of the Zen bathroom.

    Article plan

    • Zen: fullness in your interior
    • Caring for yourself with a zen bathroom
      • Choosing wooden
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    Garden furniture in pallets: easy!

    Recovery and upcycling are very trendy in recent years, with a real interest in furniture made with pallets. A garden is particularly suitable for furniture made from wooden pallet. To embellish your garden terrace , nothing like embarking on the manufacture of a garden lounge or sofa in pallet! Discover all the reasons to make your garden furniture yourself in …

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    Design wall decoration: wallpaper

    In the world of interior decoration, wallpaper has largely evolved towards very design trends. More than ever, the wall decoration is done in various colours and patterns, and at all prices. Find out below all the advantages of redecorating your wall with wallpaper.

    Article map

    • Wallpaper: the wall decoration trend
    • Redecorating your wall with wallpaper
    • Living room wallpaper: your universe
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    Deco ideas with candles

    Want a warm decoration for any occasion? Whether it’s to redecorate your home, for a wedding decoration, Christmas, to decorate a table or make a Zen corner, the candle is timeless. We give you several decorative ideas with pretty candles.

    Item map

    • Change mood with candles
    • Your relaxing atmosphere with candles Natural wax candle
    • or classic candle?
    • The candle in
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    The subway tile

    In terms of wall cladding and interior decoration, metro tiles are in the trend. Ideal in a kitchen but also in a bathroom, in white or even black, it reminds the Parisian style and the famous metro, with its tiles so recognizable appearance. You are told more about the subway tiles below.

    Article map

    • Subway tiles: a little story
    • Choosing
  • Do you have a kitchen design project in house or apartment? Wondering what is the difference between the different plates found on the market? We explain what you need to know before choosing your new kitchen.

    Article plan The

    • induction hob: the specifics
      • How does it work, an induction hob?
    • Ceramic hob: better than induction?
      • Distinctive features of ceramic hobs
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    List: indoor plants that do not need light

    Do you have a relatively dark interior or would you like to put plants in a room that receives less light? Not all plants need a large amount of light to grow indoors. We guide you on the list of plants to prefer in a little bright interior.

    Article plan

    • A houseplant without the need for a lot of light?
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    Deactivated concrete: from laying to use

    What is deactivated concrete, how is it laid and what uses can be made of it, with what advantages? Deactivated concrete is a conventional concrete base that can have all kinds of applications and aesthetics. Follow the guide to understand what deactivated concrete is, its strengths, its areas of application and why it is called so.

    Article Plan

    • What is
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    Brands of elevators for home

    Would you like to have a private elevator installed in a building or in your home to complete the use of a staircase? There are many brands that offer private elevators. Depending on your need, the elevators offer the custom-made installation of your elevator.

    Article map Installation of

    • an elevator: the right choice The
    • private elevator: complementary to the staircase
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    House: choose its type of heating

    As energy prices increase year after year, more and more consumers are looking for consistent heating solutions for their homes. Gas, wood, oil/oil, electric… Which heating system and what energy to choose to have a good heat in your home, and at a good price? The point in our article.

    Article plan

    • Choosing heating and energy in consistency
      • Insulation and
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    Install a spa or jacuzzi on the terrace

    Want to customize your terrace with a spa or jacuzzi? Why not dare? It is a accepted idea to believe that a spa or jacuzzi is only reserved for certain budgets. A terrace lends itself entirely to the installation of a spa: you enjoy the water and all the benefits of the spa, just like at the hotel! I propose …

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    Choosing an electric heated floor

    Want to have at home warmth and comfort in all circumstances? Today, for their heating, many households opt for the electric heated floor to benefit from optimal, soft and constant heat. We let you discover all the advantages of an electric heated floor as well as do tips for choosing it right.

    Article map

    • Electric heating floor: homogeneous heat
    • Savings
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    How to lay a worktop?

    Are you in full kitchen renovation or are you building an equipped kitchen? For your new worktop, do you need installation and installation tips? You are handed and explained how to simply lay a worktop.

    Article plan

    • The work plan, between aesthetics and usefulness
    • What tools for laying my worktop?
    • Laying your worktop: steps
    • Measuring and cutting the worktop
      • Internal
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    Advantages of fiber concrete

    Fibrated concrete is one of many decorative concrete that can be used in construction or renovation. Discover in our article all the advantages of fibrated concrete and its uses.

    Article plan

    • Definition of fiber concrete Fibrated
      • concrete: an effective composite material
    • What is fibrated concrete made of?
      • Fibers: mineral, organic…
      • An area of application to choose
    • The recognized advantages of
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    Macif Home Insurance: our opinion in detail

    We are discussing with you today the issue of Macif home insurance. Is a Macif home insurance contract better than another? We give you our opinion on Macif home insurance and the guarantees offered in a classic contract.

    Article map

    • La Macif: our general opinion
    • Guarantees of a Macif home insurance
      • contract A home insurance contract adapted to the needs
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    How to decorate an adult room?

    Do you have deco cravings for your bedroom? Not sure exactly where to start deco side and arrangement? Between the bed, colors and furniture… The bedroom is an essential part of the house. Follow our few ideas and redecorate your room very simply.

    Plan of the article

    • Why redo the decor of the bedroom?
    • Making style choices for your bedroom
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    Sofas Resources and Information

    On this page, Canapé gives you all the information you need to fully understand sofas. We offer you a look and advice on choosing your future sofa.

    Plan of the article

    • Composition of a sofa
    • Sofa fabric or leather?
    • Beautify your interior with a sofa
    • Sofas: the functionality at the rendezvous

    Composition of a sofa

    Beyond comfort, models, design and …

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    How to fix a curtain rod?

    In an apartment or in a house, it is often necessary to fix curtain rods to alleviate the light or keep your interior from eyes. But for rent, fixing a curtain rod is not necessarily simple. You are given alternative solutions for fixing your curtain rod.

    Article plan

    • How to fix a curtain rod with drilling
    • How to lay a
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    Apple crate: make a coffee table

    Are you a fan of deco and recycling? Wooden apple boxes are ideal for the upcycling trend. The apple box lends itself particularly well to the manufacture of trendy furniture of all kinds, including the wooden coffee table, which is essential in an apartment.

    Article map

    • Wooden crates: practical and aesthetic
      • What to do with your wooden crates Make your
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    Dress up the furniture in his kitchen

    Want a little makeover for your kitchen furniture? Sometimes a little sanding or painting, depending on the material of your kitchen elements, can be enough to restore a second life to furniture or wooden worktops. We guide you to remakeover your kitchen decor.

    Article plan

    • Wooden kitchen furniture: sand and makeover
    • Painting kitchen furniture The interior of your kitchen
    • furniture
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    What is the best inflatable SPA?

    Want to install an inflatable spa at home and enjoy some moments of relaxation and softness? We give you some tips for choosing your inflatable spa, as well as our list of the best inflatable spas of the moment. Follow the guide!

    Article plan

    • Choosing your inflatable spa right: what criteria?
    • What is the best brand of inflatable spa?
    • Your
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    What is a lintel? Role and use

    Lintel is a fundamental element in construction and architecture. It is found in part constituting a wall that has an opening (window, bay). Made of wood, stone or any other building material, what exactly is the lintel for and what is its use in architecture? You are told everything about the lintel, this essential element in the construction sector.

    Article …

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    Flowering succulents

    Launching into a small indoor garden is one of the most rewarding activities available. Do you like succulents, also called succulents? If you’re looking to find out which succulents are going to bloom, you have come to the right place. Among the succulents, cacti and other potted succulents, we give you a few tracks.

    Article Plan

    • Succulents and Potted Succulents
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    How to make decorative concrete?

    Decorative concrete is a great way to showcase your home, garden, floors or terrace with materials that can be easily customised. Decorative concrete is easily available in marbled concrete, waxed concrete, smoothed concrete, printed or forged concrete… We tell you how to make your decorative concrete yourself and let your creative ideas go free.

    Article plan

    • Steps for making decorative
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    Top tricks to renovate your home

    Doing renovation work can be a rather complex task at first glance. To overcome this, you must adhere to certain simple rules in order to limit the risk of disagreement. Discover in this article some timeless renovation tips that will allow you to save money and especially save time without neglecting the quality of the work.

    Hire cheaper craftsmen

    If …

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    The strategic places to install your alarm

    In a context where the number of burglaries and burglaries continues to increase on the national territory, setting up an alarm in your home or apartment is no longer a luxury. However, in order for this type of security device to be perfectly effective, they should be installed in strategic locations. Discover in this article the best locations for your …

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    Clogged dishwasher: how to unclog it ?

    Bad surprise: the dishwasher bathes in stagnant and cloudy water. The electronic system reported an error and the washing program suddenly stopped along the way? Your dishwasher may be clogged. Don’t panic, before emptying, here are some solutions to get you out of this trouble. For your safety, turn off the device before handling.

    Unclog a dishwasher thanks to the

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    How to successfully decorate his pelvis ?

    The basin is one of the buildings necessary for the garden. It enhances the garden and helps bring it to life. But to benefit from the benefits of this exceptional ecosystem, it is necessary to decorate it well. Here are the main elements to take into account in order to successfully decorate his basin .

    Aquatic animals

    The basin provides …

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    How to get to the end of bedbugs ?

    Bedbugs are small creatures from the family Cimicidae. They are often found in our beds, in places at low temperatures as indicated by the name assigned to them. Also, they can be found in closets, ventilation lines, in the furniture near our beds, in picture frames and many other damp places.

    Bedbugs with magnifying glass

    Insect-vampires, bedbugs are afraid of …

  • When it comes to thermal insulation in habitats, we usually think of materials that are known to all. Quite popular materials such as cellulose wadding or phenolic foam. Yet it is natural insulators that are proving better and better their excellent performance, as well as their ecological benefits . Among these natural insulators is in prominent place straw. What are …