Hot air balloon flights: 4 important things to know absolutely !

Have you always dreamed of a walk in the air to explore your area from a good height? Be aware that it is possible to realize your dream by opting for a hot air balloon flight. Hot air balloons have recently been accessible to everyone. For various occasions, you can afford yourself an unforgettable flight. Nevertheless, you need to understand some details before you get started. You’re told more here.

No dizziness in a hot air balloon

This is a question that we often ask ourselves. Can we get dizzy aboard a hot air balloon? Certainly, you can be impressed by altitude or feel fear of emptiness , but this one is only very short duration. It dissipates very quickly. Dizziness is a sensation that does not exist in a hot air balloon. Indeed, it requires that your feet be in contact with the ground, which is not the case in a carrycot.

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That being the case, you can easily book a unique experience for your hot air balloon baptism without fear of being dizzy.

Operation of a hot air balloon

The balloon consists mainly of two parts: the balloon and the carrycot . The balloon consists of a fabric that ensures its protection against UV rays. It is usually covered in different colors to facilitate its localization. As for the carrycot, it is equipped with rattan or wicker for optimal flexibility. This is the part of the aircraft where the pilot and passengers are located.

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The carrycot and the ball are connected by burners which are attached with rods. The Operation of the device is very simple. First, the balloon is inflated with a large fan and the burners are switched on to straighten the balloon . Then you need to get into the carrycot and prepare for take-off.

Quid of take-off, the flight of the aircraft is very pleasant and without thrills. You will hardly notice that it gets in motion. It should be noted that once in the air, the device is carried by the wind .

Balloon Navigation

As mentioned above, the hot air balloon is carried by the wind. It is not equipped with handlebars or rudder. Its flight is therefore strongly defined by climatic constraints. However, it is recommended to study the weather conditions before embarking on a balloon ride. These include:

  • wind speed,
  • of the visibility (no fog),
  • and the risk of precipitation.

So you don’t have to schedule your output at any time. For a better experience, you can call on a professional hot air balloon pilot .

A hot air balloon flight: for whom?

In general, the minimum age required to climb a carrycot is 6 years . However, it may be more reasonable to let your child reach grade 10 to take him with you to a hot air balloon. The latter can then better enjoy this magnificent view.

Furthermore, there is no maximum age for this flight. It should also be added that it is not cold in the aircraft despite altitude. Finally, you can equip yourself with a camera to capture thisexperiment.