Home insurance: what area to declare ?

With the rise in land prices, the development of the lost penthouse is a relevant solution to optimize its living space and bring added value to its property. However, before undertaking the work, it is necessary to carry out certain administrative procedures. Failing to follow them exposes to legal and tax risks, but also to financial risks in the event of an undeclared loss of the attic. Here is a true/false idea.

Is the construction permit mandatory?

No. A preliminary declaration of the works is sufficient if the new living area is between 5 m² and 20 m² . Simply fill out the CERFA 13404 form. If the new living area exceeds 20 m² , on the other hand, an application for a building permit must be submitted. But there are exceptions. If the property is located in an urban area covered by a local urban plan (PLU), for example, the boundary between declaration and authorization increases from 20 m² to 40 m².

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Low ceiling height: is authorization required?

When the height of the attic does not reach 180 cm, this space is not considered, according to Carrez law , as a living space. The value of property taxes and local taxes will remain unchanged.

Should the town hall be warned if a roof window is added?

Yes. A declaration of works must be submitted to City Hall if the exterior view of the house undergoes changes such as the transformation of the frame or the addition of windows .

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Do I need to make a declaration with my insurance?

Yes. This new living area must be declared as such in the home insurance policy . In the event of a disaster (fire, water damage, etc.), the insurance will cover the costs. The impact on the price of premium insurance is generally low.

Area earned = additional taxes?

Yes. The creation of an additional living space requires a revision of the housing tax and property tax. Don’t forget to fill out Form H1. All you need to do is indicate that you have an additional part and clearly specify its area taking into account the rule of calculation of the distribution Carrez. The tax adjustment will be made on a proportional basis .

Can formalities be completed quickly?

Yes. A specialist in the design of the attic, VELUX has developed an online device to easily understand the administrative procedures required for the project. 5 questions are sufficient to determine the administrative actions to be taken. The platform also offers to download the forms to fill in with a few clicks. If necessary, VELUX offers Tips for finding a certified professional.