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    5 Benefits of Gastric Balloons

    Being overweight is a hard situation to deal with. However, there is only a thin line between being overweight and experiencing obesity. With obesity, you are at risk of developing other health conditions like cancer. 

    A gastric or intragastric balloon can help you to reduce weight. Even more so if it is like the Spatz balloon, the only adjustable gastric

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    Location of Humerus, Radius and Cubitus

    Wondering where the humerus, radius and cubitus are? These bones are strategically placed in the body and arm and should not be confused. You are simply told where these bones are located and how to retain their location.

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    • Bones of the arm and elbow: knowing your anatomy
    • What are the bones of the arm and elbow used for?
  • An obstetrician gynecologist is a health professional whose subject of study is women. This medical practitioner specializes in gynecology, that is, the study of women. It accompanies all women during their lifetime, on issues related to the genital tract, to any medical issues related to women. We talk to you in detail about the missions of the obstetrician gynecologist.

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    Mycosis tongue: effective treatment

    Did you notice any white traces on your tongue? Perhaps this is a mycosis of the mouth, also called a white tongue. Various reasons may be the cause of oral fungus. You are provided with leads for an effective treatment of this somewhat troublesome concern on a daily basis.

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    • mouth: between fragile balance and risk of mycosis
  • When spring comes, plants are delightful, buds hatch with the return of the sun… But the weeds come back by invading the garden, the aisles or the terrace. Looking for a natural solution to get rid of weeds without using a harmful soda product? You are told how to make your weed killer with water and white vinegar.

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    How to thin thighs quickly?

    Dissatisfied with your body, you no longer fit into your favorite jeans? How to lose thighs quickly while staying in shape? No panic, there is no fatality! There are various methods to finally get rid of excess fat on the adductor muscles and the inner muscles of the thighs, but also to muscle the inner thighs at the same time. …

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    What herbal tea to lower cholesterol?

    Evidence suggests that cinnamon would help control blood sugar levels. But be careful, further studies are needed to corroborate this statement.

    Cinnamon has so often been used in the preparation of recipes not very good for health that it is almost combined with junk food. Rather, some argue that it can help regulate blood sugar, fight inflammation, reduce cholesterol levels, …

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    What is automatic thinking?

    Automatic thoughts, as their name implies, are mechanisms of which we are not aware of. Yet they very strongly influence our way of being, our emotions, but also our actions.

    In these conditions, learning to recognize them helps to avoid their pitfalls.

    Thus, it becomes possible to take a different look, to analyze events rather than react in “autopilot”.

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    Where to buy a yoga mat?

    It is far from obvious to choose your yoga mat. The features of a yoga mat are many. There are all dimensions, materials, thicknesses, etc. Buying a carpet can also be a small investment. Do you have a regular practice and are looking for the perfect mat to accompany you in your yoga sessions? Do you …

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    How to choose your magnetism trainer ?

    Do you want to do a training in magnetism? Here are some tips that will allow you to choose your instructor in energy techniques.

    Know the course and duration of the training of your trainer

    In order for your teacher to accompany you in the reality of practice and not by the ego, it is important that you have a …

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    CBD oil: the points to know

    Used for millennia by our ancestors, cbd oil is experiencing a dramatic rebirth in the world market. Miraculous oil, extracted from the hemp plant, is appreciated for its many virtues. It is usually consumed orally. Occupying an important place in the medical field, here are some things to know about CBD oil.

    What is cbd oil?

    CBD or cannabidiol is …

  • Today, dietary supplements are part of our care routine. People who want to strengthen their immune system as winter approaches, take care of their bones and joints, strengthen their vitality, or simply help their skin stay young and firm, use dietary supplements to fill their nutrient deficiencies. Unfortunately, many are still unaware of the benefits of marine collagen, a natural …

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    3 effective methods to promote hair regrowth

    Ask any man who has baldness, and he will tell you how to lose his hair through whole tufts is a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, the figures are relentless. 70% of men will face hair loss during their lifetime. Women are not spared since a third of them will end up with sparse hair, especially after menopause. Fortunately, these phenomena are …

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    What value to use e-liquid without nicotine ?

    Think nicotine free electronic cigarettes are harmless? Think again.A new study shows that aromas in e-cigs can harm cells to fight human infection.

    Electronic cigarettes work by heating a flavored liquid to make a mist that users inhale, or “vape”. These flavored liquids, called e-liquids, usually contain nicotine. But not always. Manufacturers add nicotine to vapers who want a buzz …

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    How to organize the patio of his house ?

    How to arrange in the garden ! Here are 18 ideas to get inspired by…

    How to arrange in the garden.

    The space in the house is very important… those with a garden are very lucky. In addition to being nice, the garden is also a very valuable space that can be used to put so many things in order …