Garden furniture in pallets: easy!

Recovery and upcycling are very trendy in recent years, with a real interest in furniture made with pallets. A garden is particularly suitable for furniture made from wooden pallet. To embellish your garden terrace , nothing like embarking on the manufacture of a garden lounge or sofa in pallet! Discover all the reasons to make your garden furniture yourself in pallet.

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  • Garden furniture in pallet: a very design wooden sofa The design
  • of your garden furniture in pallet wood
  • garden sofas in pallets: an original homemade manufacture!
    • The number of pallets for your garden furniture design
  • Why make your garden furniture into pallets yourself

Garden furniture in pallet: a very design wooden sofa

A garden furniture can quickly cost expensive, especially if the wood used must withstand the weather of a garden and from the outside. Teak wood or from forests and the FSC label can quickly rise in price. Why not just use the materials that are at our disposal? Upcycling involves retrieving an object and transforming it into another object or multiple objects.

The wooden pallet lends itself very well to this task. Collect enough pallets to make a real homemade garden furniture and with love ! A pallet garden furniture on terrace will typically consist of:

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  • A pallet wood table;
  • Multiple pallet wood seats;
  • A sofa in a palette;
  • A pallet bench with or without backrest;
  • Cushions, for comfort;
  • Colours, to brighten up the garden…

The design of your living room wooden pallet garden

That’s it, you had the deco click of the century, it’s gone for your garden furniture in pallets. First choose which wooden pallet furniture elements you want to have on your terrace. The design and total dimensions of your living room or sofa or garden bench will of course depend on the number of people you want to accommodate.

Cozy atmosphere or rather madness of magnitudes? Your garden furniture in wooden pallet should be neither too large nor too small .

Garden sofas in pallets: an original homemade manufacture!

Once you have chosen the wooden pallet furniture you need (pallet bench, seat with backrest, bench /sofa, pallet table, etc.), you need to evaluate the number of pallets you will need. Recover or buy used pallets, The pallets are easily located.

The number of pallets for your design garden furniture

To give you an order of ideas:

  • A pallet coffee table can be composed of 2 square pallets superimposed and mounted on wheels (convenient for the floor)
  • A wooden pallet seat with backrest can consist of two small wooden pallets
  • A flat seat with large colorful cushions: a unique palette, to stack if needed
  • A pallet bench can consist of 2 pallets if it has a backrest, a single elongated pallet if the bench is without a backrest
  • Finally, the corner of your garden furniture in pallets (intersection of the seats) can consist of 3 square pallets and stacked on top of each other.

Your pallet salon can therefore consist, for 2 armchairs with backrest, 1 large table (double), 1 bench without backrest, garden furniture angle and 4 seats without backrest , from 10 to 20 pallets of different sizes, depending on the desired height. Easy to find!

Why make your garden furniture in pallets yourself

Why then embark on the manufacture of a wooden pallet garden furniture?

  • It’s economical
  • It’s a great activity.
  • It’s comfortable
  • It’s rewarding to make yourself
  • It’s beautiful!

So, convinced? Find here all the steps for your garden furniture in pallets! One tip: give the perfect spot to the garden cushion and color for your living room in an ideal palette!