Flowering succulents

Launching into a small indoor garden is one of the most rewarding activities available. Do you like succulents, also called succulents? If you’re looking to find out which succulents are going to bloom, you have come to the right place. Among the succulents, cacti and other potted succulents, we give you a few tracks.

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Article Plan

  • Succulents and Potted Succulents
  • What are flowering succulents?
  • What maintenance for my flowering succulents?

Succulents and succulents

What exactly are succulents and succulents? These pretty little (or big!) Potted plants are often happy indoors , protected from bad weather. Succulents are part of the family of succulents. They survive in the natural state in rather arid, hostile and dry environments.

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These plants do not need frequent watering because they are their water reserves in their leaves. Sometimes water is also found in stems and roots and allows the plant to survive droughts.

Did you know that? Cacti (cactaceae family) are also part of the family of succulents? Succulents therefore concern not only “sweet” succulents but also their more thorny girlfriends…

Some succulents or succulents leave in bloom at certain times of the year. If you are lucky and beautiful conditions that allow it, flowering can occur several times a year.

What are flowering succulents?

There are more than 12,000 species of succulents ! We give you here Some ideas of flowering succulents and succulents to go to the florist or in the gardens of friends, to enjoy their funny leaves and pretty flowers:

  • The mother-in-law cushion : this plant is recognizable between 1,000. This ventru cactus makes beautiful bright yellow flowers. Low maintenance, repotting in spring every two years. This plant can go into open ground on rock garden (warm southern regions).
  • Lewisia : this fatty plant blooms in spring. Its rustic foliage passes through winter without problems. White, yellow, red, orange, pink flowers… Happy on a balcony or garden terrace.
  • Aloe : very popular, this fatty plant gives aloe vera, known for its properties in cosmetics and in diet. And if, aloe can give a red flower, yellow or orange! Choose well-drained soil in open ground.
  • Christmas cactus : This plant blooms in winter at the coldest time of year. It makes beautiful, complex and fine flowers at the same time, with great choices of colours.
  • Pebble plant : This fatty plant is also called lithops. With its funny look that really resembles a pebble, the lithops make yellow or white flowers in September. Happy plant in pot and indoors.
  • Aeonium : you have already crossed this fatty plant on a balcony or terrace. The aeonium makes rosettes with its leaves. Like crassula, it looks like a cabbage and can range from green to purple. This plant gives pink, red, white, yellow flowers…

Succulents have many: witch’s claw, Cooper’s purslane, rat, epiphyllum … the choice is vast.

What maintenance for my flowering succulents?

Care for succulents is ultra-simple: not too much water! Occasional potting, a dry place and… a lot of love! If you have little space, test succulents in a planter on a balcony. Be patient for flowering, or provoke it if desired. To make certain flowering succulents, the plant must be subjected to a lack of water .