Flights in stores, the scourge of merchants

Insecurity is a major concern in most countries and theft is one of the most recurrent offences. For merchants, shop flights are a real nightmare and most of them do not escape it. It is therefore necessary for store owners to know how to react and secure their business in the face of a theft.

What does store theft mean?

The term “ store-flight ” is quite vague. It gives only an indication of where the offense was committed. In fact, the flight can be categorized according to the manner in which it is carried out. When items are stolen from one of the shelves of your store, it is called shoplifting .

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For example, you can use anti-theft gantry to secure your business and prevent the thief from running away. In the event that he gets caught and uses violence or threats, this is called robbery.

If when you go to your store, you notice evidence of burglary on the store, then you have been the victim of a burglary. The most serious case is armed robbery . This means that the malfrat used weapons (firearms or blank).

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How to react in case of theft?

If you find yourself in a shoplifting or burglary case, then the best thing to do is to alert the competent authorities once the report has been made.

If, on the other hand, you are in a flight situation qualified or armed robbery, it is crucial to ensure that thieves are not annoyed. You must cooperate and show no signs of resistance so as not to push your aggressor (s) to use more restrictive or even lethal means. Think first of all about your safety and your life. Once the danger is eliminated, hurry to warn the police.

How to protect yourself or prevent theft?

There are different ways to guard against in-store theft. This minimizes risks or dissuade attempts.

Anti-theft gantry

Particularly effective against shoplifting, anti-theft gantries emit an alarm to signal that a product that has not been scanned at the checkout is attempting to get out of the store. If your business has multiple outputs, then it is strongly advisable to install one at each of them. It’s a simple and very reliable way.

Surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras have an undeniable deterrent. They make any “customer” who enters your store understand that they are constantly being monitored and that all his actions are recorded. Retrieving it in case of a gap is therefore easy for law enforcement agencies.

One alarm button

Also called “ panic button ”, the alarm button is designed to send an SOS to prevent law enforcement forces with a simple press. This alarm is silent, with the aim of not arousing any suspicion. It is therefore recommended to install it in a discreet and easy to reach place.

It should be remembered that if the safety of your store is important, it does not take precedence over your life. So you need to think about preventing theft, but in case of break-in or burglary, appeal to the authorities.