• Gifting is a human gesture aimed at appreciating a person, group of persons, or relationship shared by two or more people. Different gifts are given depending on the moment being celebrated. There are so many things you can give your partner for your anniversary without breaking the bank. This article will highlight marriage anniversary gift ideas that can make the

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    Who can wear white?

    While white is no longer systematically associated with summer, dressing everything in white remains one of the most beautiful ways to be elegant. Linen, cotton, light knit: we have the choice of materials. And as with black and other basic neutrals, the effect can be spectacular… or missed.

    The right tone There are warm whites and cold whites. The first …

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    What is a morphology in 8?

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    1. Recognize your silhouette and identify its strengths

    How do I know if you have a morphology 8? It’s easy, you are probably medium to very luscious, your hips and shoulders are on the same alignment and you have the waist strongly marked!

    Rejoice because you are the female morphology par excellence! You understand it, you have by nature …

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    What foods make the breast grow?

    All women dream of having a beautiful, shapely and generous chest. The best known solution is cosmetic surgery. You can increase the size of your cap surgically, via breast prostheses, but this is not given to everyone. The budget is not the only obstacle, because some women have a true phobia of scalpel. So how to do it? Is it …

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    What clothing to wear in autumn?

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    Here are some tips and look to know how to dress in autumn. Autumn is a particularly rich season in fashion. The great heat has disappeared, so you can again wear several layers of clothing, bring out his sweaters and thin jackets. And at the same time we do not have the constraint …

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    What is the symbol of red?

    Research by the Institute for Color Research (a division of Color Communications Inc.) conducted in collaboration with the University of Winnipeg has shown that consumers only need 90 seconds to make an opinion about a product as to its value, reliability, etc., and that color counts for the value, reliability, etc. 62 to 90% in this result.1

    Several theories and …

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    How to wear a dress with a vest?

    After this summer’s surging, the long dress is still relevant this fall. What a godsend because I love wearing this dress model, it goes easily. But how to choose and wear the long dress to 50 years while remaining stylish? How to recycle this summer’s? The long dress has become an indispensable part of our dressing room. And even if …

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    How to wear a white skirt in winter?

    Considered a bit cheesy and reserved only for certain professions, the long skirt comes from afar and makes a marked comeback to the front of the fashion scene this summer. It highlights all silhouettes by drawing attention to the waist and adapts perfectly to current trends. In short, this is the new must-have piece of the season. Not too convinced …

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    How to be chic and elegant in jeans?

    Today, you are told how to look chic and keep a certain elegance when wearing jeans. Surprise? Yes, jeans are not appreciated all the time and can be seen as “too casual”. Stop the misconceptions, we tell you everything about the new way to wear jeans while staying chic.

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    • Jeans, a timeless wearing 1000 ways
    • How to wear
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    How to be a fashionable teen?

    Today we live in a world where appearance counts enormously in social relations, especially in high school. Of course, it is not enough to have a good look to be popular and easily pack girls, even find a girlfriend, but it helps to boost self-confidence, the image we have of ourselves and also the one we refer to others.


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    What jacket with golden dress?

    Gold is a timeless classic in fashion. Years pass, but it still remains present in many collections. Do you think it is not possible to wear gold in everyday life and that it is a color reserved for special occasions? Not necessarily! To wear gold well, only one rule: do not overdo it, you must bet on simplicity. …

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    What dress to wear in winter?

    Winter arrives and brings its icy atmosphere. So you’re thinking about storing your little dresses, skirts and shorts? Thanks to the tights, you could continue to wear them without fear of the cold. However, you have to choose the model of tights to wear in winter to keep your gambettes warm!

    The tights, the undeniable accessory in winter

    Tights are …

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    What tights to wear with a black dress?

    The little black dress… each has its own in her dressing room. It is a timeless outfit that can be worn for any occasion. But here, it’s sometimes a puzzle to find out which color of tights to associate with a black dress . Here are some fashion tips that will help you perfect your look.

    Tights and black

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    Single life : dating site

    Being single isn’t always an easy thing. Most often, when we are in this situation, We try to get out of it to find great love. Certainly, such an ambition is not always easy to reach, but there are ways to get to this point thanks to a dating site for single.

    What is a dating site?

    A dating site …

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    Secrets of female beauty

    Beauty is a topic that concerns many people. This is quite natural, in a society where the image is increasingly important and above all the image of self, the one that you post on social networks, that one sends to friends and which, sometimes, can be visible to many people, including those with whom we work. It is therefore necessary …