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Staying, travelling or stopping in the United States requires certain formalities in order to obtain proper authorization. Visa, passport, ESTA… What authorization do we need in the USA to legally move on American soil? They tell you everything about ESTA.

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    : definition and origin

  • ESTA: your authorization to stay in the United States
  • ESTA USA: a mandatory electronic visa?
  • ESTA residence permit: conditions and formalities
    • Visa waiver and ESTA: 37 eligible countries
  • Apply for ESTA residence permit

ESTA: definition and origin

The VisaWaiver Program/Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) visa waiver programwas established in 2008 with signatory countries to save on approaches to travelers and simplify mobility. ESTA is reserved for any business or tourist stay of up to 90 days.

Immigration controls are also made easier at borders. It is worth noting that ESTA is much easier to obtain than a visa to the United States. This residence permit is successfully issued in 99.9% of cases .

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ESTA: your permission to stay in the United States

After some research and information about your future trip or stay in the United States, you came across ESTA. This form is an electronic travel authorization to the United States.

ESTA USA allows a visa waiver for certain categories of travellers. In the past, the steps involved going to the U.S. Consulate to make a request, with a lot of patience. To qualify for the visa waiver and ESTA USA, you must be a national of one of the countries eligible for the mobility facilitator scheme.

In other words, ESTA is a kind of simplified electronic visa. You can receive your ESTA USA after only 3 days.

ESTA USA: a mandatory electronic visa?

If you are leaving for a short stay or a trip of up to 90 days in the United States, ESTA will be mandatory to travel on American soil, even in a stopover or in transit.

For a tourist trip or business trip to the United States, ESTA has become the essential travel authorization for legal travel within the United States. ESTA will serve as a simplified electronic visa for nationals eligible for it.

Permission to stay ESTA: conditions and formalities

Very simple conditions and formalities must be fulfilled in order to be eligible for ESTA USA:

  • Have a valid passport;
  • The passport can be biometric or electronic;
  • Fill out the ESTA form online.

Visa waiver and ESTA: 37 eligible countries

Only nationals of ESTA eligible countries are allowed to apply for ESTA USA via the online form. If your nationality is not included in this list, travel restrictions apply and your application and application will be automatically rejected.

The ESTA eligible countries are as follows :

— France— Germany— Andorra— Australia— Austria— Belgium— Brunei— Chile— South Korea— Denmark— Spain— Estonia— Finland— Greece— Hungary— Iceland— Ireland— Italy— Japan— Latvia— Liechtenstein— Lithuania— Luxembourg— Malta— Monaco— New Zealand— Norway— Netherlands— Portugal— Czech Republic— United Kingdom— San Marin— Singapore— Slovakia— Slovenia— Switzerland— Taiwan

Apply for an ESTA residence permit

To apply for an ESTA residence permit and be able to leave serene in the United States, the formalities are simple:

  • An online form must be completed, with information about your identity, contact information, family status, health status and reasons for stay/trip;
  • Your passport data are requested (date of issue, expiration date, etc.)
  • ; Your application is reviewed and ESTA is granted within 24 hours to 72 hours of your electronic application with biometric passport
  • ;

If you need help or information about ESTA’s online application, you can call on an agency or official authorities responsible for issuing this residence permit in the United States.