Equinox Helpline: Presentation

Looking for a home help desk? Equinox Helpline is a service that helps any senior, elderly or disabled person to regain a sense of security and autonomy. With a subscription and installation of the device at home, everyone benefits from quality home support services, covering many disciplines.

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  • What is Equinox Helpline for Seniors?
  • The Equinox Helpline Central
    • Active Listening
  • Security at the Heart of Equinox Helpline
    • Ability to get away with the help desk
  • Various and varied services
    • Bluelinea Equinox: your subscription services
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home What is Equinox Helpline for the Elderly?

The Equinox Helpline was designed to allow any senior to continue enjoying their home for the longest possible time, in complete safety. Équinoxe is a high-performance home assistance service for seniors in a situation of loss of autonomy and not of great dependence.

The helpline services are entirely based on human, respect, trust, and a powerful alarm or alert system via a bracelet, medallion or beep. This beep can be activated on demand, in a situation of physical or psychological distress. In addition, they are services that combine performance, proximity, trust and quality .

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The Equinox helpline

The Basic Equinox helpline system includes the installation of the helpline device on the telephone line. A medallion or beep is received and must be worn day and night to ensure the maximum safety of the elderly alone at their home.

The medallion is directly connected to the Equinoxe telephone station , which offers reactive services. Care, attendance, follow-up with relief, administrative assistance, disability adaptation, etc.

Home assistance services are fully adapted to the senior with loss of autonomy and their needs.

Active Listening

Listening is, of course, part of the basic services offered by this home assistance service. Because loneliness is not easy to live, the call to the telephone platform also serves a listening and a real human relational .

A simple number and the senior is connected with a human person, able to take the listening time necessary for reinsurance and emotional security.

Security at the heart of Equinox Helpline

A whole range of services are offered by remote assistance, with the aim of providing as much as possible a sense of security among senior citizens who lose their autonomy or in demand for reinsurance.

Being able to reclaim your space without fear and being able to rely on home assistance is less weight every day. Whether for the senior or for a spouse or children and family, this is a less concern .

Ability to be absent thanks to the help desk

Because the absence of a caregiver can be synonymous of insecurity, the help desk takes over. Relatives, spouses or children, can safely be absent thanks to helpline services.

Because old age and loss of autonomy are not fatalities, solutions exist to better understand everyday life.

After phoning and activating the beep or the alarm system by medallion or bracelet, listeners respond from the Bluelinea telephone platform. Whether you are in Lyon, Lille, Paris, or any other big city, you can count on the help desk: a human device with professionals who care about the well-being of people in a situation of loss of autonomy.

Various and varied services

For the elderly or with a disability or loss of autonomy, the Equinox services are as follows


  • Services related to the France Telecom line
  • Additional bracelet or medallion
  • Fall Detector
  • Smoke detector
  • Shielded Key Case
  • Activity detector
  • Adaptation in case of disability

Bluelinea Equinox: Your Subscription Services

Equinoxe de Bluelinea is a set of services offered by the company Bluelinea. These services are accessible by subscription adapted to the specific needs of the senior. A simple call is enough to request a tailored offer and a personalized subscription to the home support services offered by Bluelinea.

After calling, a simple and clear procedure is initiated for the installation and activation of the chosen services at the home of the person in request for assistance. Your folder is supported in a way serious by people dedicated to your situation.

Health takes precedence above all : do not be caught up with the vagaries of loneliness and old age. Real listening and home assistance are available to manage your loss of autonomy at best. You also maintain a real social relationship , a plus appreciable in everyday life.

Choosing Home Support Services

Making the decision to turn to home support services is a step towards safety and wellness. At Bluelinea, everyday life should not be sustained but lived with the least insecurity and comfort as possible . Are you ready to go towards your wellness? Choose reliable and operational services with our customised subscription offerings.