ENT: Definition of the trade

An ENT is a health professional, specialist in all hearing diseases in humans. ENT means doctor oto/rhino/laryngologist, or otolaryngologist. He takes care of the entire ENT sphere , from the ears to the larynx to the nose. But how to become an ENT specialist and what does this job involve?

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  • missions of the ENT doctor Specialist
    • Treating various and varied ENT pathologies
  • What skills are required to become ENT?
    • Design the patient as a whole
  • The studies necessary to become ENT
  • Opportunities and salary of an ENT

The missions of the ENT specialist

As a specialist doctor, the ENT or otolaryngologist focuses his work on the area of the ears, nose and throat in humans. From Many diseases can affect this area. The doctor brings his expertise, advice and receives in consultation on prescription from a general practitioner.

The ENT also performs surgical operations related to its specialty and prescribes drugs and treatments that it deems effective. In order to exercise as ENT, long studies in medicine are expected, as well as very specific skills.

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The ENT is different from the speech therapist and they are not to be confused. The ENT may, however, redirect to a speech therapist to address ENT problems that have damaged the patient’s ability to speak.

You can find a specialist near you in this directory of ENT doctors.

Treating various and varied ENT pathologies

Various pathologies related to what one The name of the ENT sphere can affect the face, neck, pharynx, larynx, ears (internally). Curing these pathologies is the primary goal of the ENT doctor’s mission.

These pathologies can affect people at any age and lead to serious hearing disorders, swallowing, auditory, olfactory or taste perception. Vocal cords are also the preferred area of ENT, which is connected with singers, for example.

Snoring, allergies, loss of smell… the analyzes carried out by the ENT doctor aim to find the cause of these pathologies and then find the appropriate solutions depending on the patient.

What skills are required to become ENT?

First of all, the ENT doctor, like all doctors, are turned to the human. They take the oath of Hippocrates and must their mission by caring for people without relentlessness. The ENT doctor has the gift of empathy and listening , understanding. He must have the necessary curiosity to look at all costs for the cause of the physical problem which is none other than a symptom of something else.

According to his open-mindedness, the ENT doctor can make the po, nts and parallels between the various practices of medicine around the world. Conceiving the human being as a whole consisting of a mind and a body (holistic approach ) makes it increasingly possible to make the connection between the psychic and the physical.

The ENT doctor is in contact with his colleagues and sisters and redirects to other specialists if he feels that his skills are limited or that other doctors could help their patient. A great openness is necessary as well that a capacity for questioning is necessary in any doctor.

Design the patient in its entirety

If the ENT can prescribe basic tests, it may also refer to other specialists, including alternative medicines, if it deems it appropriate. Since allopathy is not the only way to treat the body, every doctor is now required to assess a pathology taking into account the particular case and not the general case that admits only one approach and only one treatment.

The ability to do research and to step back and do the lie is therefore a plus in the profession of the ENT doctor. Whether his patient is a child or an adult, he owes him the same respect and attention. Some ENT are specialists in infants and children of low age and may be required to work in specialized hospitals. The Deafness problems are a common topic that the ENT addresses.

The necessary studies to become ENT

The ENT must pursue a 6-year general course in general medicine before being able to specialize. It is rigorous and serious. These 6 years taught him to adopt the famous medical posture , a posture and an attitude that few improvised therapists possess.

During its course, the ENT addresses specializations such as tumors, hearing disorders, sinus, nose and many others. At the end of the course, the ENT can practise either as a liberal or in a hospital. Finding a job as an ENT can be difficult if the supply is greater than demand. On the other hand, an ENT can be found quickly in more remote geographical locations.

In total, you will need 11 years of study to become ENT. You count PACES and years of study in general, then ENT specialization. You will be trained in university (medical college), in the city of your choice depending on the curriculum possibilities. Medical studies are often expensive and involve renowned rigor. Competitions are very selective and require future doctors unparalleled seriousness.

Opportunities and salary of an ENT

An ENT doctor, with his specialization, can open his or her own practice or be attached to a hospital, depending on his or her life choices and the possibilities available to him.

He can earn between 4000 and 2000 gross euros per month, depending on his patient and fame. This job thus makes it possible to earn a living well. Opportunities are reduced but specialized. The ENT can become a hearing aid professional, work in humanitarian, be affiliated with Médecins sans Frontières or the French Red Cross. The ENT’s skills are sought, allowing it to diversify over the course of his career and, if necessary, to change jobs or specialties.

In the world, especially in developing countries, the skills of ENT doctors are highly sought after. An ENT in France can entirely go on a humanitarian mission episodically or be fully connected to humanitarian missions in foreign countries in need.

Rural areas are in demand for ENT. It is essential to listen to this request and to consult the job offers even to review your life choices.