Ensure a car for a day

Temporary auto insurance is indicated in the case of a need for limited time coverage and insurance on a vehicle — car, motorcycle, etc. Warranties for this type of contract are limited and follow specific conditions. Are you a driver and you want to take out a temporary auto insurance contract for your vehicle? The ins and outs of this contract are explained to you to the guarantees provided by law.

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Temporary auto insurance and its advantages

To meet the needs of vehicle drivers wishing to use a car for a single day, temporary auto insurance is a good solution, with its various advantages. Temporary auto insurance allows you to take out a contract for a limited period of validity .

In general, temporary auto insurance can tolerate a subscription ranging from 1 day to 90 days . Perfect for drivers who want to use their vehicle for a single day. No need to take out a classic and annual car insurance contract (validity: 1 full year) if you use your vehicle very occasionally.

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To insure your car or motorcycle for the day, temporary auto insurance will help you. You are therefore not obliged to pay the high price of an annual contract , but only the corresponding price to your needs. The price of your one-day temporary auto insurance will include basic coverage. However, some temporary auto insurance coverage will be limited. We’ll explain all the terms and conditions of the contract.

Conditions for purchasing temporary auto insurance

In order to take out a temporary auto insurance contract, as a driver you will need to demonstrate a minimum of experience. The driver who applies for temporary auto insurance must be at least 21 yearsof age. You must also have a driver’s license for at least 2 years .

Travel abroad from 3 days of temporary self contract

With temporary car insurance, you can travel in France and a foreign country. That said, the temporary auto insurance contract will have to be 3 days minimum to ride with your vehicle outside the borders of France. For drivers who take out a one-day temporary auto insurance contract with an insurer, it will therefore be impossible to travel in a foreign country.

How to purchase a temporary auto insurance

There may be a number of reasons for having to take out temporary auto insurance for the day:

  • A little-used vehicle
  • A contract terminated and waiting for a new car insurance contract
  • A day trip
  • Importing a vehicle

The procedure for purchasing temporary auto insurance by the day will be to provide a copy of your greycard, driver’s licenseand information statement for you.

Finding the Right Temporary Auto Insurance

In order to choose the price and the term auto insurance formula that best suits your needs, it is important to request quotes from insurance. These requests can be made online with the various insurers. They will call you back by offering a suitable quote and contracts including the basic warranty for you and your car (civil liability, third party insurance, etc.)

The coverage of your term auto insurance contract will depend on the insurer chosen. For the day, be aware that proportionally, the price of your term car insurance contract will be higher than that of a regular annual contract. Temporary car insurance contracts, however, have basic guarantees :

  • Assistance and troubleshooting warranty
  • Driver’s Body Warranty
  • Damage warranty, etc.
  • Proposal for protection or coverage complementary

Your driver profile will have an impact on the price and offer of the insurance contract: an à la carte quote is offered for your term car insurance.

Find a temporary car insurance to ride abroad

You are planning your future vacation abroad. You have already found your accommodation and are planning to rent a car to be completely autonomous. This would allow you to visit any place without being dependent on public transport and thus go further in the discovery of this country. However, to ride safely, you will need temporary auto insurance. Be careful, however, it is not always possible to find insurance depending on the foreign country you are going to. So think to check if your destination is eligible for temporary auto insurance. If all the countries of the European Union are covered, this is not the case for Morocco and Algeria for example. There may also be differences in the management of civil liability and the defence and remedy guarantee. To insure your vehicle for between 1 and 90 days as part of a trip abroad, it is best to contact the insurance by phone. Indeed, if you take out insurance in just a few clicks on the internet and the country is not covered, you will not be able to cancel it.