Engasier: operation and principle

Do you have a garden and would like to have a perfectly sown and homogeneous grass on the ground? The engazoner is a machine that allows you to fulfill your challenge of the perfect turf. We explain here the principle and operation of the engazoner, this machine that will save you unnecessary work thanks to its roller and seed drill.

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  • How does a crawler work?
    • A handy machine tool for sowing turf
    • How to use a grass-maker
  • Do-yourself sowing turf
    • Immaculate result
    • Get a perfect turf
  • Price of a crawler

How does a engaziner work?

The engazoner is the practical and useful machine for your garden. It saves you from wasting time and using many tools. The engazoner brings together in one Machine all the tools you need to set up a perfect turf in your garden.

The engazonner is traditionally used by landscape designers and terracers. Apraised by individuals for its practical side, the engazoner is a machine tool that can have a variable width: 60 cm, 70 cm or 75 cm. It usually has a gasoline thermal engine and can run up to 5 km/h.

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A handy machine tool for sowing turf

Handy and self-propelled, the engazonner has an integrated seed drill and a roller that allows you to pass on the ground. The crawler prepares soil and soil for sowing turf. In an hour, you can easily sow your turf on an area of more than 2,500 m².

The engazonner makes for you the tillage of the soil and the earth:

  • A engazoner prepares the soil before sowing turf;
  • It sows the seeds with the help of its integrated seed drill;
  • She then smooths the soil and the earth with her roller.

How to properly use a engazoner

The engazoner is used on flat terrain. If the earth is wasteland, you will first need to do a brush cutting work with your tools in order to roughly prepare the soil and soil. Avoid using a grazer if you notice too large variations in heights or overlays. The land must also be free of a maximum of large stones, at the risk of damaging your crawler.

Make sowing the turf yourself

If you like to do crafts in the garden, you will appreciate the practical side of the engazoner.

Grass sowing with sowing machine is done in March/April or in September/October. Indeed, it is important that the weather is conducive to sowing . A little sunshine, a little rain, and a good temperature, not too high.

An impeccable result

For lovers of beautiful lawns and well-maintained gardens, the engazonner is a professional solution that is more and more aimed at every individual. Easy to use, the engazoner saves you time , save yourself in terms of garden work. You get a much cleaner result than if the sowing of turf was done without an automatic seed drill, by hand.

For an impeccable turf and result, opt for the engazoner! You can either buy one or rent one, if you are unsure of your purchase. The crawler is ideal for soil and land areas greater than 1,500 m² . There may be no need to use a engazoner below.

Get a perfect turf

Garden maintenance professionals advise the use of the engazonner but can also help you. For a more than impeccable result, call on a professional of garden landscaping .

With its seed drill and roller, the engazonner is made machine tool 3 in one, a bonus to save time andaesthetics .

Price of a engazoner

The price of a engazoner will vary depending on the model and width chosen. Ask a landscape designer and ask for a quote, or directly in your DIY store dedicated to the garden and its maintenance.