Electrical renovation: standards

Are you doing an electrical renovation on a dwelling? In France, the standards in terms of electrical installation are strict and apply to any housing, new or in construction. We give you the details of the standards to be met to properly carry out your electrical renovation.

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  • Renovating your electrical network: what you need to know
    • The NFC 15-100
  • The Passage of the Consuel and the standards
  • Renovating an old electrical installation yourself: risks
  • Complete electrical renovation: what to take in
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  • When to apply for a Professional Consuel?

Renovation of your electrical network: what you need to know

Regarding the standards applicable to the electricity grid of your home under renovation, there are many things to know. If the accommodation has more than 15 years, you must necessarily refer to the electrical diagnosis carried out with purchase. It lists all the elements that do not comply with the requirements in force and require an electrical renovation.

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The NFC 15-100

Your electrical renovation work must comply with NFC 15-100. This standard sets the rules for domestic electrical installation in any residential premises. This standard is constantly evolving .

Depending on the condition and nature of the existing power grid, electrical renovation work can be very complex and even dangerous.

In the case of a recessed distribution , for example, it will be necessary to make openings in partitions, skirting boards or even cornices. This can be a significant cost and price on your bill. This said, aids are possible if you have the electrical renovation work carried out by an authorized professional:

  • VAT reduced to 10%
  • The tax credit and/ or the eco-loan (PTZ), if you choose in addition to your electrical renovation to turn to renewable energies that create electricity.

Good to know : for the renovation of an electrical installation, it takes a minimum of€100 per square meter .

The Passage of the Consual and the Standards

Once your electrical renovation has been completed and your installation is ready, the passage of a person mandated by the Consuel (National Committee for the Safety of Electricity Users) is mandatory. The Consuel then issues a certificate of conformity at the end of your electrical renovation works. If your electrical installation and work do not comply with the standard, the Consuel is of course entitled not to issue this certificate.

The certificate of conformity must be requested by the person who carried out the electrical renovation work on the existing installation. This request is paid. In addition, a period of 20 days will be respected between sending the form and the start of the electrical installation in your home.

Renovating an old electrical installation yourself: risks

Renovating its electrical installation is no small matter: renovation works cannot be improvised. For this reason, it is more than advisable to call on professionals in electrical renovation . Craftsmen are aware of the latest installation standards electric power and know exactly what is the procedure to be followed, in compliance with the current standards.

Moreover, the danger posed by an electrical installation when you do not know (and even when you know it) is indeed real. Insurance does not work the same way in the event that you decide to carry out the electrical renovation of your home yourself.

Complete electrical renovation: what to take into account

A “bottom to top” electrical renovation can be similar to a complete installation. If almost everything is to be changed because non-compliant, then it will be necessary to:

  • Predict the reinstallation of an electrical panel
  • Review internal and external connections, including grounding
  • Review the installation of new compliant switches
  • Predicting the laying of new compliant plu

Your electrician is up-to-date with the latest standards and additions on electrical installation prerequisites. The price of electrical installations under renovation vary according to your request: make quotes from an electrical renovation professional .

When to apply for a Professional Consuel?

As the name suggests, the Professional Consuel is aimed at people who own a business and who carry out major electrical works. In this case, the required form will be green in color. For an individual, this is not the same form, because the facilities are not identical, since the needs are different. To get back to Consuel Pro, you can apply here: https://www.afacontrole.fr/consuel-pro/. Be aware that if you have voltaic panels or wind turbine installed in the field of your company, this will again be another Consuel form. This certificate of conformity will be blue.

In any event, you are obliged to provide it, if you make a new electrical installation or start renovation work, which required a power off. Without it, you will not be able to get the electrical connection. This means that you will only be able to ask your Consuel once the work has been completed. If these do not comply with the standards in force, you will be obliged to rectify the thing, to request a second passage of experts inConsuel.