Dropshipping: how does it work ?

Thanks to Drop Shipping , you now have the opportunity to start your activity on the internet at a lower cost. Indeed, this type of trade grows a little more every year, with a turnover estimated at only 80 billion euros in France. It must be said that behind this amazing growth lies innovative techniques and methods, which will allow you to sell quite quickly and much more efficiently. Today, we offer Drop Shipping, a kind of online commerce that is increasingly in vogue in the world.

What is Drop Shipping?

Drop Shippingis one of the multiple forms of online commerce in the world. The nuance is that here the seller does not have inventory, and then the deliveryis handled by the supplier himself. And all this, without knowing the buyer .

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In other words, for example, you want to sell a product that you do not have. You will search for this product on the internet and come across the page of a supplier who has it and gives you all the necessary information about the product. Then you will make this product available on your website in addition to all the informative details. So you’ll be able to sell to a buyer who needs it . Once the latter has placed an order, you send directly the orderto thesupplierwhowill deliver it directly .

Some nuances for the success of Drop Shipping on each side

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Maybe this is the time for you to create an e-commerce. But before, you should know that on the merchant‘s side, we send him an order A, which will create another order from supplier C.The order will therefore be delivered to Buyer A, with a delivery note from the supplierwhich will be identical to the delivery note that the merchant will have provided to the customer.

In the case of supplier C, the latter will receive an order from customer Bwhich, following delivery, will generate a delivery note for Customer A .

Benefits of Drop Shipping

When you clearly understand the Drop Shipping phenomenon, you can see that two main advantages can be drawn from it clearly. The first advantage is ease of deployment. The second, for its part, is that of the low costs of online commerce . On the other hand, if these are very interesting aspects that motivate the launch of its online activity , you should know that Drop Shipping can also be a solution par excellence to help you settle other constraints .

Thus, when the goods are quite heavy or bulky, Drop Shipping avoids you as an intermediary merchantbetween supplier and customer from paying shipping or handlingcosts. Then, you have the option to limit the fees which are related to transport and delivery .