Dress up the furniture in his kitchen

Want a little makeover for your kitchen furniture? Sometimes a little sanding or painting, depending on the material of your kitchen elements, can be enough to restore a second life to furniture or wooden worktops. We guide you to remakeover your kitchen decor.

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Wooden kitchen furniture: sanding and makeover

Do you have wooden kitchen furniture? It is ideal for engaging in manual activities. Redecorating your kitchen can be done by sanding your furniture. The old paint can be completely removed or just partially sanded. It all depends on the design you want to give your kitchen decor.

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Dreseking your kitchen by playing on theaged wood effect can be done thanks to the partial sanding of the paint of kitchen furniture. Same for the kitchen countertop . To restore it a good freshness, you can pickle it and repaint it with a darker or lighter oil according to your desires for your kitchen decor.

Painting of kitchen furniture

Repainting kitchen furniture is the next step to sanding. You can of course leave your furniture as is, sanded, without paint and with a nice effect of wood aged with paint residues. You will then need to protect your wooden furniture with a layer of protective varnish or with a suitable wood oil or wax.

If you want to go further and repaint your kitchen (furniture, high elements, island, etc.) then please yourself. Mature choose the color of the paint . It will set the tone for the mood of your kitchen. Your furniture, your worktop, the handles of furniture and high elements, the island… everything can be customised and repainted if necessary.

The furniture interior of your kitchen

When you decide to redesign your kitchen, you should not forget about the interior of the wooden furniture. Sanding, painting… Or, if you want to save money on paint, be sure to clean the interior of your kitchen furniture with soda acid, white vinegar or acetone.

You can quite choose to varnish, wax, paint, or glue vinyl coating , for example, or laminated paper with patterns. The makeover of a kitchen can be very fast: a stroke of paint on the slice of the shelves and sometimes you feel like you have a new kitchen.

The doors of your kitchen furniture are just as important as the handles and the body of the furniture. They also deserve to be redesigned. You have the choice of colors. Some colors will remind you of styles: industrial, contemporary or classic and traditional… Everything is possible, including to dress up your splash.

Dress up your kitchen decor without ruining

Painting a kitchen and furniture is a project to think about. You don’t put any color in a kitchen, depending on the atmosphere you want to recreate. Take a paint test to project yourself into your redesigned kitchen. White and light gray are passe-partout, black is pretty classy but may seem sad…

Opt for trendy colors : you will have new accessories with the design color of your choice. If you choose classic, in beige and taupe tones, know that you risk getting old. Some colors were trendy a few years ago but quickly go fashion.

In any case, think about everything before you buy your paint , oils, varnishes and equipment to relook your kitchen. It would be a shame to have to start all over a few months later!