Design wall decoration: wallpaper

In the world of interior decoration, wallpaper has largely evolved towards very design trends. More than ever, the wall decoration is done in various colours and patterns, and at all prices. Find out below all the advantages of redecorating your wall with wallpaper.

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  • Wallpaper: the wall decoration trend
  • Redecorating your wall with wallpaper
  • Living room wallpaper: your universe
    • Wallpaper: balance and design
  • Wallpaper at all costs!

Wallpaper: the wall decor trend

You understood correctly, the wallpaper has the side in interior decoration. For your wall decoration, no more old wallpaper made of thin and fragile paper. Room for design , with a multitude of possibilities and wallpapers for all rooms in the house.

Original and now very design, the wallpaper exists today for every taste. Plain, colorful, sober, striped, with or without patterns, non-woven, canvas, vinyl, washable or even adhesive … Everything is possible. Some wallpapers even imitate to perfection certain trompe l’oeil materials: wood, stone… Indulge yourself!

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Remake its wall decoration with wallpaper

We have to present you the wallpaper to ignore prejudice. Today, wallpaper has virtually nothing to do with the wallpapers of the 50s or 70s. A clear trend in design has emerged in the last thirty years in interior decoration. This trend has followed the evolution of design in terms of architecture.

Today, wallpaper is no longer a discreet decoration but a real Decoration element to highlight.

Redoing its wall decoration means remaking a room to your image, with theatmosphere you want to give it. Kitchen, living room, bedroom, office, toilet, etc. Creativity for your home decor: choose from a multitude of wallpaper designs.

Living room wallpaper: your universe

Want a vintage decor, retro, or rather design and very modern? The choice of living room wallpaper is essential. In this central living room in your home or apartment, the wallpaper will give a touch that will accompany you every day.

Dalmatian pattern, geometric with mess colors, simple and plain… The goal is not to get tired of your eyes. The secret of choosing wallpaper? You must already have in mind decorating ideas and accessories .

Wallpaper: balance and design

If the wallpaper is rich in patterns or colors, decorative accessories will have to “descend” this vivacity thanks to shades and more neutral. Conversely, if your wallpaper is rather sober, you can loose yourself on the decor : lighting fixtures, cushions, sofa, design objects, carpets, picture, frame, etc.

Keep in mind that a wallpaper changes less easily than a decorative object.

Design tip : combine styles and eras, for an original, contrasting and totally unique result.

Wallpaper at all costs!

Wallpaper has this considerable advantage in decoration and design: it can be available at all prices and for all budgets. No need to break the piggy bank to remake a design wall pan at home! Yes, today, we do not hesitate to break codes and wallpapering a single wall , for a guaranteed wall decoration effect.

Wall decoration is a world in its own right. If you play on this effect, dare color , patterns. In the bedroom, in the dining room or in the kitchen, create a real dedicated atmosphere. Relaxation, energy or neutrality.

Our wallpaper advice : also choose your wallpaper according to the light supply in the room. Brightness will emphasize the wallpaper, its patterns and even satexture.