Deco modern hallway: deco ideas painting and wallpaper

Are you embarked on renovating your home and decorating your living space? Today, we are interested in hallway decoration. Decorating and arranging a corridor is not a small matter, depending on whether the corridor is narrow, dark or rather wide and airy. Solutions exist for a modern and pleasant decoration every day!

Deco of a narrow hallway: color solutions

Eh no, it’s not because your Corridor is narrow that it should be forgotten and forget to think about the decor. On the contrary, it is advisable to make a nose foot to the structural, to counterbalance it with a modern and fresh decoration that can even contribute to giving a better feeling of space.

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Regardless of its construction time, a corridor can prove to be very narrow despite its most obvious functionality: moving from one space to another, losing as little space as possible. So there is no fatality; what are the decor ideas to take to improve the space of a corridor ?

Decorating its narrow hallway: ideas

Your hallway is narrow and you absolutely need to break the feeling of suffocation in this small, long and narrow space? To “enlarge” a space visually, nothing like embarking on a beautiful painting renovation. You will need give preference to light paintings , if your hallway is dark.

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What clear paintings?

The beginner’s mistake in deco is to want to break the codes of decoration by going towards the “too modern”. Dark paintings are classy and highly appreciated from unusual and contemporary places. That said, a narrow hallway will benefit much more from your decoration if you choose to repaint the wall with light paintings.

A beige, warm white or cream will be ideal to bring your hallway back to life. Do not overload the walls of the corridor afterwards: this could break this new capital brightness.

Color or not?

Color is difficult, in narrow corridor renovation. But why? Light tends to be absorbed by bright or dark colors, while light colors will rather reflect them. Dilemma: you really want to put colors in your narrow hallway? Put it in small keys . Your decor will remain airy and your hallway will be all the more pleasant. A small frame, photos or a hanging mini-plant already give life to this transition “room”.

Tip : if it is rather the floor that bothers you (dark wooden parquet, etc.), you can quite choose to install a light carpet, in white, unbleached, or beige.

Test it! You will instantly feel like a bigger space . Also give preference to small furniture, discreet, small entrance console type with a pocket pocket.

Decorating its narrow hallway: the trick wallpaper

Don’t want to paint? That’s the tapestry you need! Some wallpapers look so much like paintings that we don’t see the difference. Simple and quick to install, a wallpaper has a lifespan interesting.

Know that many patterns make today very modern. The idea will be to give the impression of a larger space. A clear tapestry, with modern or contemporary motifs, can give back peps to the decoration of a narrow or even stuffy corridor.

Did you know that? Geometric patterns are modern and simple. They can even look like origami offering beautiful prospects while remaining sober and bright. Give preference to light tones for your wallpaper.

Developing a wider corridor: optimized space

Your hallway is wide and you would be tempted by the decoration with colorful elements? Indulge yourself! If the brightness lends itself to it, you can almost go there with your eyes closed.

Deco of wide corridor: dare colors?

The basic rule to adhere to will be not to overload the space . The Interior decoration specialists agree, it is better to put less and emphasize a few very colorful places. Whether with a brush or with wallpaper, there are many possibilities to rebuild walls and restore brightness to a hallway.

Arrange your home and hallway wall accordingly: contrasting and complementary colors are interesting in a wide corridor . A well-placed photo will add a perfect and personalized touch.

Is the wooden floor too dark? You can optimize the decoration by adding a carpet, or repaint it after sanding it. Brightness emphasize changes in appearance and style, unlike narrow corridors.

In summary, for your decoration, do not forget to think about your home or apartment as a whole . A corridor is a place of passage that deserves to be highlighted in style, just as much as another room.

A wall frieze to bring greatness

When a room is too small, you can give the illusion that it is finally a little bigger thanks to solutions dedicated to decoration. This area is always very appreciable if you use all available techniques wisely. So we gave some tricks within this article and why not a wall frieze? Indeed, it is possible to glue it like wallpaper and you will have a very delightful decor.

  • The colors should match your wall, if it is dull, opt for a colorful and therefore bright frieze.
  • If it is already very white or even sanitized, choose a darker wall frieze in order to warm the room.
  • When you want to enjoy a very interesting optical effect, use the frieze in the center of the wall or slightly below of the ceiling.

Feel free to get inspired by the decorations you can find on the Internet, this should give you ideas to guide transformations more easily at home. However, do not abuse the wall frieze so as not to have the opposite effect of that expected to beautify your home and have an impression of grandeur.