Deco ideas with candles

Want a warm decoration for any occasion? Whether it’s to redecorate your home, for a wedding decoration, Christmas, to decorate a table or make a Zen corner, the candle is timeless. We give you several decorative ideas with pretty candles.

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  • Change mood with candles
  • Your relaxing atmosphere with candles Natural wax candle
  • or classic candle?
  • The candle in all its states!

Change mood with candles

Traditionally, the candle has been used only to illuminate, and this has been done for centuries. Today, the candle is found in many forms and with many scents . Candle making has even become an art: the candle is entirely part of the interior decoration.

The candle serves both to change atmosphere and create a warm and soft atmosphere . An interior with candles gives off a different and warmer energy. This is the pretty magical power of mastered fire! The candle can also be intended to fragrance an interior while beautifying it.

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The light that emerges from a candle is soothing. It is for this reason that candles are used to decorate a restaurant table, a wedding table , a relaxation room, massage or energy treatment room.

Your relaxing atmosphere with candles

We give you some ideas decoration with candles, depending on your use. If you practice meditation, as you know, candles are paramount to create an atmosphere conducive to concentration and relaxation .

Install for example a melo of candles on a kind of tray or mini altar, with some stones, glass supports. Choose colored glass to create a harmony of colors if desired, or smoky white glass for a soft, subdued atmosphere .

To decorate your interior, we offer you some nice decoration ideas:

  • In a living room , for an original decoration, hang containers from the ceiling and place suitable candles in them.
  • To decorate your bathroom with candles, to enjoy an ultra-relaxing moment. Make your own candle decoration by wrapping a large candle with cinnamon sticks, for example.
  • For Christmas evening , place tealight candles in scallops on the windowsills: Christmas atmosphere guaranteed!
  • For a wedding , install candles in the center of each table, to brighten up and make this place alive and this precious moment.
  • For a special kitchen decoration , do not hesitate to have fun: a whisk or a ladle can be very well used as a candle holder.
  • For any occasion, tealight holders and candle holders can serve you: they beautify your space and protect against any risk.
  • For a romantic dinner , the candle will be your best ally, with the red rose… With a glass or metal tealight holder, create a perfect atmosphere conducive to romance.
  • For an evening or a wedding proposal , install a candle there and there on your furniture, taking care to place a suitable glass holder, with a sufficient diameter.

Natural wax candle or classic candle?

That’s the big question when you have to choose candles. The choice remains yours! The natural wax candle is undoubtedly less harmful than the candle made on the basis of petroleum.

In any case, be aware that a candle consumes oxygen when burning. It is important to ventilate its interior well when using a candle or several.

The candle in all its states!

Today, candles are found in a multitude of forms. Industrial or artisanal, they are popular for people sensitive to mild and soothing atmospheres. For a therapy cabinet, living room, bathroom or kitchen, opt for the scented candle !