Clogged dishwasher: how to unclog it ?

Bad surprise: the dishwasher bathes in stagnant and cloudy water. The electronic system reported an error and the washing program suddenly stopped along the way? Your dishwasher may be clogged. Don’t panic, before emptying, here are some solutions to get you out of this trouble. For your safety, turn off the device before handling.

Unclog a dishwasher thanks to the instructions for use

many solutions for uncorking a dishwasher. Before considering emptying, few users think about referring to the instructions for using the dishwasher. If the machine indicates a code or error message, this code is necessarily reported and decrypted in the instructions for your dishwasher. This is why it is always wise to keep the instructions for using There are machines in your home.

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In the face of certain problems, pre-established diagnostics are presented in your leaflet. As a first step, this leaflet will be used to identify the real cause of the breakdown of your dishwasher.

You get a “clogged dishwasher” error code? 9 times out of 10, you can be sure this is the dish washer drain hose. You can start by checking it at the rooms that are directly accessible to you, behind your dishwasher.

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Clogged dishwasher: go for emptying and cleaning

The second solution is, once the breakdown is clearly identified, to drain and clean the elements of your dishwasher . If the problem does not arise from the external drain hose, the problem is located further upstream.

Remove stagnant water from the bottom of the tank by hand with a small scoop. You then have access to the filter. Gently unscrew it as well as the plate or grid that holds it. Careful cleaning with hot water and dishwashing liquid (greasy deposits) awaits you. Certain elements of a dishwasher are rarely cleaned but contribute to the daily functioning of the dishwasher (e.g. sprinkling arm, filter, pump, etc.).

On the parts, check the clogged holes and gaps and use an old toothbrush or toothpick to unplug them.

It is wise to start a short and very hot program (70 °C). It may seem useless, but it may be simply the solution you needed to unclog your dishwasher.

Radical solution: boiled water

To unclog a dishwasher, sometimes you have to go frankly. The technique of boiling water may seem radical but it works. Boiling water will help melt fatty and stubborn residues.

Remove the removable parts from your dishwasher beforehand, then pour boiling water into the filter itself. The most refractory dirt and various deposits are expected to fall apart and melt.

Soda crystals for uncorking a dishwasher

Before the solution of the drain, in the event that a kettle full of boiling water would not have been enough, then you have the solution of soda crystals.

Soda crystals have the well-known property of dissolving residues and disappearing them. Pour soda crystals into hot water. With the dough obtained, and after dismantling the removable parts of your dishwasher, brush the greasy deposits you see as well as the filter area of your dishwasher.

Drain water from a clogged dishwasher

The next solution is to drain your dishwasher of all its water. Nobody likes this operation! At the back of the dishwasher is the drain hose. Push your machine and leave a suitable space for operate. Take a basin and empty the waste water contained in the hose once uncoupled from the dishwasher.

Get a ferret : This cleaning tool may save you if you own one. Otherwise, make a makeshift one with an old hanger, for example.

Use a dishwasher uncapping kit

Your dishwasher is still not open despite all your precautions? You then have the option of getting a special dish washer unclosure kit. You will find long flexible hoses, a relatively powerful suction pump and useful instructions.

These kits are not found everywhere but are your last resort before calling on a professional to finally unclog your dishwasher.

Call a professional to unclog your lava tableware

You tried everything but nothing moves. You only have to call on a professional who will find an answer to your problem. Professionals in the repair and uncapping of dishwashers are accustomed to these problems and will know, depending on the model and condition of your dishwasher, determine which solution is best for the future.

Our tips : a dishwasher maintains regular service! Don’t wait until you get there to maintain your dishwasher. Here are some tips :

  • Remove residue before storing
  • Attention to labels
  • Regularly clean the filter to products (1 time per week)
  • Wash inside and bottom of the tank (1 time per month)
  • Use a suitable washing and rinse aid
  • Program Intensive white vinegar.

Good luck!