Choosing an electric heated floor

Want to have at home warmth and comfort in all circumstances? Today, for their heating, many households opt for the electric heated floor to benefit from optimal, soft and constant heat. We let you discover all the advantages of an electric heated floor as well as do tips for choosing it right.

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  • Electric heating floor: homogeneous heat
  • Savings with an electric heated floor Choosing your electric
  • floor heating system Choosing
  • the type of overlay
  • Choosing the coating for your electric heating floor
    • The price of your electric heating floor

Electric heated floor: homogeneous heat

The electric heated floor provides homogeneous warmth in homes. This is no longer the air that is heated, unlike a conventional electric heater in a radiator, but the floor, which comes to bring comfort to everyday life .

The chilly adults know, having cold feet is often the cause of malbeing or discomfort. On a daily basis, changing your heating system by opting for an electric heated floor harmonizes the heat in your home . In winter, to get daily well-being and truly appreciate your home, it is wise to think about choosing an electric heated floor.

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Savings with an electric heated floor

In the long term, the installation of an electric heated floor means savings. Indeed, heated underfloor heating is much more economical than traditional heating.

The heat released by your floor is constant, soft, harmonious and homogeneous. It’s not just the air that is heated, but the hard parts of your home. So, in the evening, when it gets cooler, the heat is released by the materials themselves and does not cool down instantly.

That said, electric heated floors are not the same. There are several systems of electric heating floors. Depending on your expectations, your budget, your desires , the type of heat released, and the pros and cons of these heated floors, you will be able to make your choice.

Choosing your electric floor heating system

Several criteria should be taken into account if you want to opt for an electric heated floor:

  • The power of the heated floor in watts per meter;
  • The surface of your electric heated floor;
  • The characteristics of your housing;
  • The nature and quality of the insulation of your home;
  • The desired power type: wire on frame or crown cable;

Namely : it is forbidden to equip yourself with an electric heating floor exceeding 18 watts per metre, in private dwellings.

The wired power system on frame is quite interesting for rooms with a small area , less than 15 m². Its linear power is between 6 W/m and 17 W/m. The crown cable system, in turn, ranges from 10 to 17 W/m.

Choose the type of overlay

Once you choose the power of the electric heated floor, it is necessary to think about the type of overlap you will use. The floor can not be directly laid on top of it. An insulating material will have to be laid, and you will have the choice between two systems:

  • Heating floor system dry. A thin layer (2 to 5 mm) absorbs heat and then the vehicle evenly. This type of insulation is easy to install and remains very economical
  • Heated floor screed . Additional work will be required for the screed. Everything will depend on your budget: you will need to pour a special concrete, and then wait for the complete drying of the screed before considering further work, including laying the coating.

Choosing the coating for your electric heated floor

As the name implies, with the electric heated floor, you head to floor or parquet. The floor and parquet are very simple to lay and remove. In the event of a breakdown, you will not have to do much work to do to access the underfloor heating system.

Thethickness of the parquet and Floor is to be chosen with meticulousness. An expensive plane too thick, the heat may simply not be spread evenly and expected.

However, if you no longer want to opt for a flooring, be aware that at this stage of your installation, you can choose to put tiles or even soft flooring like lino, vinyl or even carpet.

These coatings are very simple to lay , just like parquet and flooring. If you are unsure about the nature of the coating to choose, the type of overlay or even the power of your underfloor heating system, get advice.

The price of your electric heating floor

Making inquiries for electric floor heating from companies specializing in underfloor heating systems allows you to get a good idea of market price. Depending on the options chosen, the power of the system and the characteristics of your home, the price of your floor heating will not be the same.

It will be necessary to count the equipment, installation and of course the technical guarantees of your electric heated floor. Your investment will be profitable in the long term thanks to the heating savings made.