Ceiling noise insulation: reduce noise

The sound insulation of a ceiling is essential to protect against the noise of the neighborhood. Do you feel like you’re living in the same room as your neighbors? Insulating your ceiling with sound insulation can be a solution.

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Insulate the ceiling of its housing from noise

In terms of everyday well-being, noise is one of the nuisances that can quickly become embarrassing for everyone. In a dwelling , the walls, ceiling and floor are conductive of noise if no sound or sound insulation has been provided.

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At On a daily basis, the ceiling can even give you the impression that your neighbors are making noise on purpose, while it will only be “normal” and acceptable noises.

Regardless of the nature of your dwelling, small or large apartment, neighbourhood relations can quickly suffer from poor sound or sound insulation of the ceiling.

Make your ceiling insulate with sound insulation

Knowing that the floor of your neighbors is also your ceiling, and that your own floor is the ceiling of your neighbors from below (if you are upstairs), the best, if you have to wait before doing sound insulation work of the ceiling, is to settle things amicably.

Indeed, the time to put things in place and organize the sound insulation of the ceiling of your apartment, it is always advisable to try dialogue with your neighbors , who may understand the inconvenience caused by everyday noises.

Noises of footsteps, conversations, heels on the floor, falling toys, crying and cries of children, television or radio that spins all day, music, everyday life… We all went by there. The most innocuous noises and troublesome noises can turn your life into a nightmare without quality ceiling sound insulation.

Ceiling sound insulation: your quality of life

Doing sound and sound insulation work on a ceiling is an investment worth it . You improve your living comfort and can really rest on weekends if you stay quietly at home with family.

Nothing worse than providing a rest time and being disturbed by the smallest noise of neighborhood, even done without any bad intent.

Solutions for sound insulation of the ceiling

Sound and sound insulation can be done in different ways:

  • Tips for noise reduction and insulation: felt from chair feet, slippers, laying a carpet or a soft coating (PVC, lino, carpet with rubber underlay)… The purpose: to cushion noise and shock;
  • If your neighbors accept these operations, air noise will not change (screams, TV, music, etc.)
  • ; If your neighbors refuse your proposals, it will undoubtedly have to call on a ceiling sound insulation professional;

If the tips offered to your neighbors are insufficient, a ceiling sound insulation professional will be able to make a quote and offer you the best anti-noise solution.

An insulated suspended ceiling system. This operation must be carried out by a qualified professional in the field of ceiling sound and sound insulation. The insulated suspended ceiling consists of a metal frame, soft insulation, and facing plates.

This system is attached to the ceiling with anti-vibration hangers but also be completely disconnected from the ceiling.

Sound and acoustic insulation of housing

If all these sound and sound insulation operations prove to be insufficient for your quality of life, before leaving your apartment, you can consider redoing the sound insulation of the walls. Indeed, bricks and plaster are very poor insulation and promote the spread of noise.