Car station: how to choose your car radio?

The car radio is now integrated natively on any new car or new vehicle. It can be either basic and offer essential features or innovative, with Bluetooth, USB options, etc. Depending on your need and your practical or even aesthetic preferences, your choice of car or radio station will not be the same and will affect the price. Some tips for choosing your car stereo.

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  • Choosing a car radio: driving comfort above all
  • Listening to your criteria: your needs
  • The various features of a
    • car radio with Bluetooth and/or USB connectivity: the most
    • Take a call via your car radio
    • The car radio with Built-in display: innovative
    • Audio power and power The
  • price ranges for your future car radio
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Choosing a car radio: driving comfort above all

When you’re behind the wheel, nothing more annoying than a capricious or unergonomic car radio. Hundreds of car radio models exist . How to choose and how to know if the product has a good quality/price ratio?

Driving comfort is paramount: any source of disturbance can create danger while driving. That is why it is important to choose a car radio in accordance with your habits and preferences. However, it is difficult to find the best car radio on the market, because this choice will be based on both objective and subjective criteria! Follow the guide to find out the essential criteria to know before choosing a car radio .

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Listening to your criteria: your needs

Identifying what you really need can take a long time:

  • What features you expect from a car radio
  • What aesthetic points you want to see
  • What types of connectivity you will use
  • Which model speaks to you most in terms of use

Make a list of pros and cons , your desires and models that interest you. By elimination (price, aesthetics…) you will manage to choose the product that suits you best. Stay tuned to these criteria and your requirements, but above all, stick to them: you will be satisfied with your purchase.

The various features of a car radio

This is the most important! In a basic and essential way, a car radio allows you to listen to music or radio. It can play audio files and have radio station recording functions. That said, if your habits are more evolved and that you’re not content with just a CD playback or a choice of radio stations, you can choose a more advanced car radio.

For example, if you’re keen on new technologies, Bluetooth connectivity and USB connectivity or a built-in display can dramatically improve your driving user experience. If, on the other hand, you only need essential features, you can afford to choose a mid-range car radio model, to have a reliable product, of a specific brand more recognized.

Car radio with Bluetooth and/ or USB connectivity: the most

Bluetooth technology allows you to access files of all types and make transfers. You can listen to downloaded music, audiobooks or podcasts, by connecting your smartphone to your car stereo via Bluetooth.

You like to have all your music favorite on USB stick? Some car radio units have built-in USB sockets, which allows you to have easy access to your favorite bands, without going through a wave transfer and without the need for an Internet connection via 3G or 4G (streaming music platform).

Take a call via your car stereo

This is a feature that is increasingly popular and avoids manipulations when you’re behind the wheel. This feature will be enabled by Bluetooth technology, cited above. You will then hear your interlocutor in the speakers connected to the car radio. Convenient when you are on a business trip, less convenient when the phone automatically picks up on a personal call while you are with colleagues…!

The car radio with integrated display: innovative

In the digital age, car radio manufacturers released multimedia products with display Built-in . You can watch videos and even access an intuitive and advanced management interface (touch technology). Some on-board GPS makes car radio at the same time, optional and have a true Android touch system.

Each car radio has its pros and cons. As a rule, the more innovative and evolved the features you choose, the higher the price of your car radio. Have you defined your budget? Nothing prevents you from reviewing your priorities at any time: there is no need to “crack” for a high-end model in stock and then notice that the induced technology is far too complex or time-consuming for you.

Audio power and power supply

When we talk about sound, it’s to enjoy it. Your car has technical data that will allow you to connect 4 separate speakers. Your car radio must absolutely be adapted to the Total power of your car. Example: the vehicle’s speakers can output up to 60 watts: your car stereo will need to align with this value. A too powerful car radio can damage your speakers.

As for the power supply of your car radio, it must also be adapted. Ask about your car’s own power supply harness. However, the majority of cars have a relatively standard ISO 1487 power harness.

Other features can also guide you on your choice, such as car stereo

1-DIN, 2-DIN (number of slots), with DAB or DAB (Digital Audio Broadcasting, or digital radio), etc.

Price ranges for your future car radio

The classic car radio brands are Pioneer and JVC, Alpine, Kenwood, Sony and Clarion, for the best known. The price ranges for a car radio range from 40 euros to 800 euros or more, depending on the features.

  • JVC car radio kd-x262: USB 1-DIN: 39,99€
  • Pioneer auto radio CD USB tuner RDS DEH-S120UB: 69€.
  • JVC car radio Bluetooth kd-x560bt: Bluetooth, Iphone, Radio: 135€
  • Car radio Alpine CDE-W296BT: Apple iPod, USB, CD, mp3, Radio, Bluetooth, mp4, smartphone, free shipping: 199€
  • Car radio GPS Pioneer: Multimedia CarPlay, Android Auto, touch screen, voice control, mp3, CD, USB, RDS tuner, DAB: 549€
  • Car radio Alpine ILX F903D: touch screen, digital multimedia station, Android Auto and Apple Carplay, iPhone, DAB : 799€

Some products are available for free shipping depending on the dealers. Check the stock after you have selected several models: good listening !

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