Car polisher: polish and polish your car

Are you looking for a shiny polisher to take care of your car and restore shine to the paint? Polishing the body of a car must be done with a machine that performs in terms of speed and precision. Many brands of polishers exist: we will need you to choose a good polisher. You can also opt for a car cover, to keep your vehicle clean and not be forced to polish it as often.

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  • Polishing and polishing your car: the polisher, ideal machine Choosing your car gloss
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    • polisher The roto-orbital
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  • Retain the Criteria for choosing a polisher
  • What to do in case of scratch: the pneumatic sander?
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Polishing and polishing your car: the polisher, ideal machine

Is your car dull and lacking shine? Two solutions are available to you: you can repaint your car, which will be a budget. The price of a new paint on a car is quite expensive.

The second solution will be to find a polisher to polish and polish your vehicle’s paint and remove varnish chips, micro-scratches and this dull look. Polishing a car makes it possible to resume these defects and restore a kind of second life to your vehicle .

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The body of a car is damaged in the long run due to bad weather, passing time and external aggressions such as air pollution. Dust, chippings, mud and rain also attack the paint of a car by adding all kinds of brands to it, scratches, stains. With a polisher, you can both polish, polish, but also wax the paint of your car . Some machines have at the same time sander function with double speed.

Between rotary polisher, orbital polisher, sander polisher or disc polisher, how to get there and how to choose the best polish machine on the market?

Choosing your car polisher well

Find here the criteria for choosing the machine that will best suit your personal use. There are two large families of polishers: rotary and orbital .

The rotary polisher or disc gloss polisher

The so-called rotary polisher (or disc polisher) is the machine that professionals use in bodywork. The model used to imagine the polisher is a simple, revised and adapted angle grinder. Today very efficient and sophisticated, the polishers found in the trade (purchase on the internet, in delivery with Amazon, large DIY surfaces, specialty stores, etc.) have a soft start with an electronic cruise control or dimmer.

The rendering is qualitative, professional, and the polishing speed is optimal. Note that the speed of polishing will be an eliminatory criterion.

Attention : a circular rotary polisher can give excellent results but also catastrophic renderings if you know little about it! A rotary gloss polisher requires precautions not present in the use of an orbital gloss polisher. Heavier and powerful than orbital, rotary gloss can even damage your body and paint if you go too fast. Dexterity and knowledge of the machine and the craft are needed on these machines professional: support, movement, stability, constancy of gesture…

Among the recommended rotary polishers, many brands will like you : Meguiar’s, Makita, Dewalt, Ryobi, Menzerna, Metabo, Würth, Flex, TecTake, etc. Power will make the difference but be careful not to be too greedy: better to choose a basic but efficient polisher/grinder/sander than a machine too advanced, complex and expensive for your use. Many polishing pads are supplied as a kit or case, as a replacement.

If you have left to use an electric polisher for the first time, we recommend orbital gloss polishers by far.

Orbital gloss polisher

An orbital polisher is also equipped with a disc. It is called orbital because the movement of the disc will not be circular but will perform an orbital movement around two axes. The action joint of the axes on the polishing disc provides better ease of use and a good grip (lighter weight).

The movement made with an orbital polisher is soft, comfortable, simple and constant. The rendering is obviously as good and qualitative as with a rotating gloss, without the risk of damaging the paint and the bodywork. The work will be a little longer but steady and safer than with a rotary machine with disc .

The orbital (or eccentric) polisher rotates less quickly than a rotary disc polisher. Among the brands that make the best orbital polishers are Nordstrand, Würth, Rupes, TackLife, Urceri, Michelin, Meguiar’s.

The roto-orbital gloss polisher

The perfect combo is buy a roto-orbital polisher, which will allow beginners to learn themselves but also professionals to do a job of precision and perfection in polishing.

Retain the criteria for choosing a polisher

Among the criteria to consider when choosing a car polisher:

  • The power of the machine: power = performance
  • Wired or Wireless : It’s up to you to determine your need according to intended use
  • The speed of rotation and polishing : the higher the rotation speed, the faster the polishing work will be
  • Weight : a light machine will be easier to handle
  • Supplied accessories : accessories can be sold expensive. Included in the kit, the set becomes interesting
  • Polishing pads and sponges : each task corresponds to a specific type of pad or sponge, free of charge or included in the kit
  • Price in EUR: may be prohibitive on some machines.

Each product, tool or device must be chosen knowingly. The editorial advises you toassess your need in detail. No matter the price in eur of your machine, its usefulness will be personal or professional: make the right choice!

What to do in case of scratch: the pneumatic sander?

Cars are very exposed to shocks and scratches of all kinds (supermarket shopping cart, key, door,…). In addition to being unsightly, depending on gravity they can cause body corrosion. But before you take out your air sander and get started with some big painting work, we Let’s try to give you some tips to diagnose the severity of the problem . The first thing to know is that car paints consist of several layers, namely:

  • Primer
  • The filler layer
  • The color
  • The varnish (by the way you can have several layers of varnish).

To find out if it is the varnish that is touched, simply pass your nail over the paint. If it does not hang, it means that only the varnish is touched. If the color is touched, you will definitely have to use a touch-up pen and then go through the polishing option . Attention its use requires real know-how, because you can aggravate the situation.

To reduce the risk, you can use products that could be described as less abrasive. They will be by Against less effective and you will ask for more elbow oil.

  • Cigarette Ash : Simply rub the scratch with a damp cloth to remove small scratches.
  • Toothpaste : you already know its effectiveness on teeth, it’s the same on scratches.
  • Clay stone : You can easily find it in the trade and this can make scratches disappear.

But let’s go back to the air sander for a moment. It is really the ideal tool for erasing large scratches on a body. To train, you can see with a breakage if they can not give you an old door. Once the tool is mastered, you will still need to have some notions of painting. Your car scratch problems will then be a very distant memory.

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