Car lock: rod, bar… what to choose?

When you buy a new car, you inevitably ask yourself the question of theft. And you know, there is nothing worse than this feeling of insecurity in the face of a vehicle you care about. Yet on the market there are many anti-theft security systems for car, steering wheel and pedal. Discover with us which good car anti-theft system or device to choose for the safety of your car but also to deter a thief.

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  • Why take a car lock?
  • What is the best car lock system?
    • The anti-theft rod for your car
    • The lock bar for your car Anti-theft
  • : what price in eur?

Why take a car lock?

Every year, nearly 250,000 car thefts are recorded in France. Faced with such a situation, it is important to protect and aim for security. It is often said, “Prevention is better than cure.” Between the anti-theft rod or the anti-theft bar or the hoof, a bit extreme product, are the anti-theft solutions worth?

Taking a lock for your vehicle is an investment, when you know the consequences that a car theft can have on our daily lives. To avoid such concerns, we take a tour of the best anti-theft systems that exist today.

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What is the best car lock system?

The most common car lock system remains the anti-theft rod. But does the anti-theft rod make the weight in the face of another system ? There are even anti-theft systems that attach to the handbrake or gear lever. Some car lock are independently adaptable to both steering wheel and pedal . We detail the features of these car lock systems to help you make your choice.

Anti-theft cane for car

The anti-theft rod is a highly popular system for consumers. With proven success, the steel anti-theft rod has special features dedicated to the anti-theft safety of the vehicle:

  • An anti-theft rod usually enclosure a pedal and steering wheel
  • The anti-theft rod can also block the steering wheel transverse, such as the
  • Anti-theft rod can be fitted with a code lock or a key lock
  • All anti-theft rods are adjustable to be standard and adjustable to any vehicle with steering wheel and pedal
  • Steering and pedal lock rod is adjustable in length
  • The steering wheel lock rod is adjustable in length and allows maximum steering wheel thickness
  • The anti-theft rod is often brightly coloured (yellow), a deterrent because visible
  • A warranty is offered according to the chosen anti-theft rod
  • Some anti-theft rods are suitable for car, truck and motorhome.
  • The blocking device is sometimes guaranteed for life

An anti-theft rod usually attaches between one of the pedals of the car (clutch, brake or throttle) and the steering wheel. By tightening pedal and steering wheel mechanically, driving the vehicle becomes impossible, even if the start has been carried out.

The deterrent colour of the anti-theft rod forces the thief to go into another less protected vehicle.

The anti-theft bar for your car

A steel lock bar is more ergonomic than a steering wheel and pedal lock rod. Simpler to install and remove, it proves to be very effective as a safety device and lock the steering wheel. The anti-theft bar also has its features:

  • An anti-theft bar attaches very simply to the steering wheel and avoids the contortionist on the vehicle
  • This anti-theft system is adjustable on any steering wheel and adjustable
  • It is available with single lock and key, or with a code combination
  • This anti-theft device can be single or double , for formidable and deterrent efficiency for thieves
  • The anti-theft bar is available in visible colour (yellow), very deterrent, such as the anti-theft rod
  • Some anti-theft bars are available with led to be visible at night
  • Models of car lock bars are specially adapted to the steering wheel
  • wide

Car lock: what price in eur?

The price of a car lock will vary, depending on the chosen anti-theft system, the warranty and the number of bars. How to find a car lock with a good value for money? The choice of your car lock will be based on the confidence you place in the anti-theft device .

The secondary criterion of choice will be the practicality of the anti-theft system. Whether you choose a cane or other anti-theft device, the system will need to be suitable for you in the long run and be convenient for you. The most important risk when choosing a system that is not suitable is simply not to use your anti-theft device, with the potential consequences for your vehicle .

Today, beyond the simple alarm, it is possible to find car lock (canes or bars, with code lock or key) from 20 EUR. Prices can quickly rise up to 100 EUR for a complex protection model or devices withwarranty.