Canada in 2 weeks: our tips

Canada is a country located in North America. It is often mentioned among the best destinations to spend pleasant moments . For the upcoming holidays, take advantage of two weeks of stay in this environment to discover a multitude of historic and enriching monuments . You can also take part in entertaining activities to make your holiday more enjoyable when it comes to distraction . To make it easier for you, here is the program to follow.

Week 1: Toronto Tour

Before you travel to Canada, important steps are required to travel within standards. To do this, we advise you to click to obtain your visa in record time . Once your visa is available, take a flight to Toronto or many finds await you.

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For your accommodation, opt for the luxurious hotels in the city center. This will allow you to take a short walk from your first day. You’d better head your walk in the heart of the Distillery District to nourish your eyes with many wonders . It is a neighborhood in its own right, because it has industrial buildings with ancient architectures. There are also art galleries, craft jewelryshops andvarious types of entertainment including theatres,fashion shows , etc.

Then, during the following days, you can do a little more sightseeing by first visiting the CN Tower with its dizzying floors , its Glazed elevator that allows the visitor to explore the entire tower for hundreds of meters. The CN Tower has the world’s largest freestanding structure, an original glass floor , all available in a 181-storey building.

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After the CN Tower, it would be more enjoyable to take a tour of the hockey Hall of Fame to discover ancient items that have marked the history of Toronto hockey. You will take advantage of this to awaken your talent as a hockey player by playing with other visitors. The tour of Toronto can also extend to its islands, the Eaton Centre and Casa de Loma to fully enjoy your first week in Canada.

Week 2: Visit Calgary

We offer you to change air for your second week in Canada. With this in mind, for even more magical moments, Calgary is the ideal destination. This is a large city in Canada full of grasslands, RockyMountainsand national parks whose tours will allow you to disconnect from the routine.

As a result, your tour would start well with the Calgary Tower , which represents an iconic location of the city. It is a tower that stretches for 190 meters , which will allow you to admire the area from the top.

In Calgary, you also have the chance to take a tour of the Glenbow MuseumonSt. Patrick’s Island to touch historic objectsand breathe the healthy edge of the park’s edge. Then, you’ll be annoy for not visiting the great Calgary Zoo. It offers at first glance a magical landscape where more than 1000 animal species of the world come to stroll. Giraffes, hippos, gorillas and a variety of other types of animals will give you a breathtaking moment of entertainment. It will also be an opportunity to discover animals that have long remained to youknown.