Business presentation: example and best practices

You are asked to make a business presentation, whether it’s your company or a company you worked with? Conference, intervention, promotion of services or products of a company, internship report, mail, video or memory…

To capture the attention of your readership, potential clients or a jury, you must know how to go to the essentials. We give you tips and best practices to make a quality presentation.

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Article plan The

  • presentation of a company: a style exercise
    • How to make the presentation of your company in general?
      • Essential information
      • Well presenting your company and organizing your ideas
      • An impactful approach?
      • What exactly points to tackle?
    • How to present your company by email?
    • Presentation of a company: the internship report or the thesis
      • Present a company in an internship report
      • Present a company in a memory
  • Where to buy an ink pad?

Presentation of a company: an exercise in style

Making a presentation on your own business can have double-edged edges. Well done, your presentation will be impacting. Wrong, he’ll flop. Follow the guide to learn how to properly present a company, in various contexts.

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How to make the presentation of your company in general?

It’s D-Day, you’re going to have to present your company, your products and your project to an audience. To present it in general, without heaviness and without forgetting the big points , it is important to build a quality plan that will allow you to follow your frame with clarity. The project must be clear, everyone must be able to understand it. Your activity with your employees in France and around the world may depend on it.

Essential information

Your company, its activity, products, solutions, customers, services, impact in the world, the genesis of the project in France (or elsewhere!) , what works, your assets, your turnover, marketing strategy, your employees in Europe and elsewhere… Here are all essential elements, but in bulk. But how to organize your company presentation to get out of the crowd and be impactant with his project?

Present your company well and organize your ideas

The items given above must appear. But to avoid “clutter”, it will be important to start from the general to go to the specific one. In addition, for your presentation to be complete (regardless of the audience, from France or Europe), you will need to answer the following questions

: Who? What? Where? When? How? How much? Why?

you understood, to make a good oral impression, it’s like a written one: the audience must be captivated. And your audience is not just one, since in general, you do not intervene “for nothing”. You are targeting an audience for specific reasons, so you will also needto adapt your speech As to the target audience. Your prospects will be all the more sensitive to your approach.

An impactful approach?

The form you give to your speech, depending on the target audience, will be more or less speaking. You can quite choose a “impactful” approach, storytelling type. You then embark your audience in a real scenario , punctuated with humor, seriousness and twists. Like a movie! Bring your concept to life and imagine that you are told this story. Put yourself in the place of your audience: you adapt what does not work.

Feel free to use selected anecdotes . Do not spread out too long and remember: the shortest jokes are the best!

What exactly points to tackle?

On what points to be addressed, the choice is yours. There is no frozen rule: what you say must resemble your feeling.

Our advice will essentially guide you on the form, and the pace to give to keep your audience with you. Many will fall asleep, but rest assured: a certain percentage of these people must exist, to highlight the other reactions of the audience…! And pay attention to “thinking prospect” (or customers) throughout your presentation. Do not talk only about turnover, some will get tired.

Finally, finish always through an opening on tomorrow and on the service you offer: this is the key to a well-curled presentation! For more tracks here are some essential points in video:

How to present your company by email?

If you need to present your business by email, remember thata non-negligible percentage of emails are discarded before they have been opened. Once opened, the mail should be eye-catching. Nothing prevents you from presenting your company in video, in addition to a short text. The more alive the content, the more impact it will have .

A video in an email also has the merit of being able to be shared afterwards, in a very simple and intuitive way via the platform that hosts the video. If your video is well structured, it will have the merit of being able to serve later on other occasions: projecting a video to prospects is always interesting, particularly in the context of opening beyond the borders of France (Europe, the world).

In general, to be precise and not to forget essential information (whether in the video or in your email) you will have to comply with the rule of the criteria of correct writing. Your audience and readership should be able to have the answers to their questions instantly .

Presentation of a company: the internship report or the thesis

To present a company in an internship report, this will be a lot formal. You will be expected to be clear, concise, even academic, depending on your place of study.

Present a company in an internship report

Your internship report must include all the information cited above , but applied in writing. The activity of the box is detailed here as well as your own activities and your role during your internship.

It is important to respect the confidentiality clauses : as a precaution, do not mention the work that was in progress at the time of your internship.

An internship report will potentially open doors for you at the professional level, so be critical intelligently. Do not censor yourself, but do not over-highlight certain opinions . Very few leaders appreciate being criticized, that is a fact.

Present a company in a brief

A thesis may be longer than an internship report, but sometimes it is the opposite. If it is longer, then you will be able to expand with infographics and any kind of multimedia content that will give body to your memory.

In a brief, as with the internship report, do not lose sight of that you will be read by the person who was your supervisor, or by your collaborators.

Finally, presenting your business and services is entirely part of a marketing strategy . The more focused marketing and the more attention you can capture, the greater your impact will be. Up to you to play!

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