Breathalyzer online: reliability?

When you get out of a dinner a little watered with alcohol or even a professional lunch on weekdays, it’s hard to know where you are on the alcohol level. Nothing like a breathalyzer to find out. The online breathalyzer test has developed: what is it worth and can be trusted in this virtual device? Our opinion on the online breathalyzer test.

Virtual breathalyzer: safety or risk-taking?

Sometimes you feel “limit” to get behind the wheel. To have accurate and reliable information on our condition and on our blood alcohol levels, without breathalyzer with you, how to do it? The level of alcohol in the blood is often not representative of the feeling of the person who drank.

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This will indeed depend on many parameters:

  • Habits of the person who consumed alcohol;
  • Taking a meal at the same time as alcohol;
  • The sex of the person who has consumed alcohol;
  • The weight and height of the person to be tested on the breathalyzer, etc.

If the virtual breathalyzer does exist, is it reliable compared to a real breathalyzer in kit and under plastic? The operation of an online breathalyzer and a real breathalyzer is not at all the same. To find out whether online breathalyzer is safety or risk-taking, we will first look at how online breathalyzer tests work.

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How an online breathalyzer

With a breathalyzer, the person who has to get behind the wheel after a glass or more will blow into the device (the balloon) to give a sample of his breath. Breathalyzer will detect the presence of alcohol via the level of alcohol in the breath (blood alcohol). This is not representative of the level of alcohol in the blood, elsewhere.

An online breathalyzer is not a device and has nothing electronic. You are not in contact with the breathalyzer test and it is an online blood alcohol tester or simulator. Its operation is simple: online breathalyzer collects a set of data about you :

  • Your sex;
  • Your weight;
  • The amount of alcohol consumed;
  • The nature of alcohols consumed;
  • Time of the first glass;
  • The time of the last glass;
  • Whether or not to take a meal;

These data will virtually calculate your blood alcohol concentration and tell you, in short, whether or not after a drink or more, you are able to legally get behind the wheel of your car without taking risks for yourself and others.

Online Breathalyzer Tests are a Recommended step : it’s better than nothing. That said, it is always better to refer, if you have a breathalyzer at your disposal, to a test with your breath. Online breathalyzer tests are totally legal, which encourages you to think that the result given is to be followed and taken seriously . Various online breathalyzer tests exist and generally provide you with the same info. Choose the online breathalyzer that’s right for you.

These simulators are a first step in the test. If you really have a doubt, do the non-virtual blood alcohol test. In any case, get behind the wheel safely !