Breaking a load-bearing wall: the risks of knocking it down

When you buy a house or apartment, you can quickly have the plan to open the space by doing expansion work. The walls of a house are its basis, and, you know, breaking a bearing wall carries some risks to know. Return to all precautions to take before knocking down the bearing wall of a house.

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  • Carrier wall: its essential function
  • Bearing wall: all the strength of a dwelling
  • The solutions to knock down a load-bearing wall

Carrier wall: its essential function

As the name suggests, the bearing wall is part of the walls of a house that carry the frame. Without these walls, there is a serious risk of collapse to take into account : simple law of physics.

It is very tempting to see a space to want to make an opening by or an opening there, door, window, large living room or American kitchen… The number one criterion for the work that requires breaking a bearing wall is the need for light and space. Brightness is indeed a criterion of well-being today. Space, too, plays an important role in everyday life and the balance of a place.

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But is it still possible to safely break a load-bearing wall? What are the risks of knocking down walls that carry the entire house? The structure of a building is made in such a way that a bearing wall withstands all the loads of the house. Not only the frame, but also the gables and the structure of the floors. It is the stability of the house and the entire building that is at stake.

Tip : you recognize a bearing wall to its thickness and the sound it makes when you knock on it.

Bearing wall: all the strength of a dwelling

A bearing wall is by definition the reverse of a partition. It is not aesthetic (but can be) but above all functional . By knocking down a load-bearing wall, we rebate the cards of the solidity and stability of the house. As for a card castle, if you remove one of the cards from the “ground floor”, everything will mechanically collapse.

Any building professional is aware of this simple principle of physics. Any work estimate for expansion or opening request therefore requires thorough studies to determine the risk . Then, solutions exist, such as the IPN: it is not impossible to break a bearing wall during home renovation.

Shoot down a bearing wall itself carries very serious risks. This is why it is often advised, unless you are yourself an expert in the field, to hire a building professional . This is an investment not to regret, and of course, the price will be the lasting stability of your home .

Indeed, if in appearance the whole structure of a house or building seems to hold and be stable, little is needed for the whole to be destabilized. Eventually, cracks and collapse may occur, sometimes with years of lag with the original enlargement or opening work.

Solutions for knocking down a load-bearing wall

An opening or expansion project is never compromised by the presence of a bearing wall. Every building professional knows, concrete alternatives are there to offer you practicality and aesthetics in your home. Solutions for replacing a bearing wall:

  • The IPN , this kind of steel lintel or joist that will support the structure as a replacement.
  • Shoring and security work will be put in place to address the shortfall prior to the implementation of the IPN
  • The installation of a suitable IPN beam is ideal for this type of technical construction

Asking various quotes from professionals to knock down your load-bearing wall allows you to get a good idea of the prices offered for this kind of extremely delicate work.

In condominium, for example, you can not decide to break alone a bearing wall of your apartment without permission, or without ordering serious studies and technical upstream, on the project to renovate the building and the structural . Depending on the configuration of your home, a professional or a building company carries out a study of your plans and provides you with solutions as well as an adapted quote on the demolition of the load-bearing walls and masonry to be planned . An architect or a design office can also youhelp.