Brands of elevators for home

Would you like to have a private elevator installed in a building or in your home to complete the use of a staircase? There are many brands that offer private elevators. Depending on your need, the elevators offer the custom-made installation of your elevator.

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  • an elevator: the right choice The
  • private elevator: complementary to the staircase
  • Choosing your private elevator
  • Common brands of private elevators
  • Hydraulic or electric lift

Installing an elevator: the right choice

Opting for the installation of an elevator in your home is an excellent option. A private lift allows people with reduced mobility, for example, to make travelling easier. For a moving, the presence of a private elevator is going to be a plus. In the choice of accommodation, the presence of an elevator will always be appreciated as anadvantage .

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When you have the choice between elevators and stairs, few still prefer to take the stairs, especially if there are many floors to climb. To complete the use of a staircase of a collective building or a detached house, the elevators are excellent sales and rental points .

The private elevator: complementary to the staircase

An elevator can easily be a complement to well-being in everyday life at home. In addition to your private staircase, the elevator offers safety and a practical and less tiring side.

For your home or private home, choose an elevator in addition to the use of a staircase makes it possible to be serene in the face of any eventuality. Your mobility in the home is assured , regardless of your age. Your guests can use the elevator or staircase.

Choosing your private elevator

Elevators are now available in many models and brands of all kinds. The selection criteria that will differentiate elevators will be based on:

  • The system of the private elevator (hydraulic, electric)
  • The volume and surface of the elevator;
  • The load capacity of the chosen elevator;
  • The aesthetics of the elevator.

These criteria are not chosen at random. The configuration of the venue intended to accommodate the elevator comes into account and can make you change your mind quickly. Absence of a bearing wall, condominium on elevator model, volume required…

Before embarking on the choice of one or more private elevators for your collective building, let’s discover together the brands of elevators for home.

Common brands of private elevators

The major brands that offer elevators for home or private elevator are the following:

  • Lifts Vimec
  • Domoflex elevators
  • Elevators Stiltz
  • Aritco Lifts
  • Stannah Elevators
  • Schindler Lifts
  • Otis Elevators
  • Elevators Sele
  • Thyssenkrupp Lifts
  • Lifts Sodimas
  • Mitsubishi Electric Elevators
  • Elevators Etna France
  • Lifts Savaria
  • Elevators Brembo Ascensori
  • Lifts Mobilift France
  • Liftex Elevators
  • Lifts Kleemann
  • Kalea elevators Lifts
  • Grupnor Elevators
  • Lifts Haacon

The prices of elevators for private homes (private elevator) will of course vary depending on the options chosen, the finish, the number of floors to be served , the installation and the constraints of the place, etc.

Elevator brands today offer finishes that range from the closed cabin elevator to the glass cabin , for greater visual comfort.

Elevators can offer a maintenance service at the price that also varies. All these options play on the price of your private elevator.

Hydraulic or electric lift

The private elevator for private home can be chosen in electric or hydraulic models . The price will vary depending on this essential choice. Prerequisites do will not be the same and the operation of the elevator will be different as well as its installation.

In electric or hydraulic, elevator brands offer great freedom of installation. With technical advances avoiding cramped, elevators have become discreet and practical in private.

Good to know : no matter which system is chosen, hydraulic or electric, it is now possible to find an elevator that does not require significantenergy consumption , with attractive and easy maintenance prices.