Becoming a factor: the profession and training

Being a postman is a profession of proximity. With constant contact with the population, it has a little more extensive role than the simple distribution of mail. Discover with us the profession of factor as well as the training necessary to access employment.

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  • missions of the factor: a service profession
    • Bringing you the mail
    • New technologies at the service of the factor Factor
  • : a varied role and occupation
    • Traffic traffic, census…
  • With what training to become a factor?
    • Prerequisites and training to be a factor
    • What skills to become a factor?
  • Salary and opportunities for a factor

The missions of the factor: a service profession

We all know, the postman passes by our door every day. He drop-down the mail there, a package or a recommended one. If the opportunity arises, the postman may stop briefly to discuss with the locals. This valuable player in our daily lives has a profession that has diversified widely in recent years.

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Bring you the mail

Any factor has the overall mission to retrieve the mail and then distribute it on its area or area. Thus, 6 days a week , the postman brings you your missives and your parcels, usually in the morning if his tour is morning.

The factor must sort out its distribution for the sector of which it has the load and task to optimize as best is working time. The tour of the postman can be done on foot, by bike or by car depending on the nature of the geographic area attributed to the factors.

New technologies at the service of Factor

Today, with evolutions, the factors are equipped witha tool called Facteo . This technology, which resembles a small smartphone, allows the factor to simplify all administrative procedures when delivering mail to the homes of the inhabitants of the municipality or city.

The postman’s mission is also to pick up the mail dropped by the locals themselves in their mailboxes, in order to transmit it and send it to their destination. In the case of a mail forwarding, it is also the factor that, if an automation has not been implemented, it is also the factor to forward the recipient’s mail to their new mailing address.

Factor: a varied role and occupation

the postman is no longer simply responsible for distributing the mail. With changes in positions and tasks entrusted to factors, today the profession has changed well compared to the profession of factor as we imagine it in the middle of the twentieth century.

With multiple missions and a resolutely multitasking role, the Post Office’s factors and services have been able to adapt to needs and demand. Sometimes the factor can even deliver medication, ensure the good health of the elderly by offering them a presence, a useful company .

Traffic code, census…

With the increasing proposal for ancillary services , factors can even move the traffic code to individuals in a licensed public examination centre. If you need to be troubleshooted, the postman can also connect you with skilled craftsmen offering the requested services.

Finally, the postman may as well during his tour be instructed to notify the municipality in case of malfunctions on the roads. He can also offer his help on everything that is help in computer science, especially for all La Poste’s procedures, to be carried out online. In some municipalities, factors have a leading role and can even be requisitioned in order to conduct the population census process in France.

At the heart of all its missions, the postman also highlights the services and products offered by La Poste.

With what training to become a factor?

The profession of factor is essential for the proper functioning of services to the inhabitants. The Post frequently recruits factors and factors to meet the needs of the moment.

Prerequisites and training to be a factor

If you have both the B licence, the College Patentor a CAP , then you can easily apply for the job of postman with La Poste. In terms of training, some CAPs provide easier access to postal services trades.

  • The CAP (Certificate of Professional Fitness) sorting and routing distribution.
  • CAP object distribution and customer service (DOSC).

CAP DOSC is delivered directly by the services of La Poste in all the high schools with which it is a partner.

To access the job and to find work in postal services as a postman, you can also apply for a future job with your Local Mission. The prerequisite : be under 25 years of age. Beyond 25 years, it is the Employment Pole that will eventually be able to refer you.

What skills to become a factor?

Have you ever met a factor that is not kind? To become a postman, yes, it must already love human contact and be ready to help. Since the missions of the factor are multiple, one must be able to be adaptable in the profession and in his employment.

A postman is courteous, available and professional to the locals. The factor is the confidentiality of mail and residents. A relationship of trust must therefore exist between the factor and the inhabitants. If you are looking for work as a factor, it is essential that we can be trusted.

Versatile and helpful, the postman has days during which he is not bored. His tour starts early and you have to be able to hold all the time of the tour. Being sporty, enduring, but also organized and tenacious are qualities that will serve you if you are looking for a job in the postal services sector.

Salary and opportunities for a factor

A factor that begins in the trade is paid to the SMIC, that is, the minimum wage. However, any factor salary can evolve by following an index grid, particularly with the acquisition of experience and ancillary skills.

Thus, at the end of a career, a factor can claim a salary of 2100 euros gross monthly, not counting potential premiums . An additional revenue can come from the sale of La Poste calendars, an important operation that is expected of everyone every year.

A factor can also take responsibility as a supervisor, or even move towards the careers of the lavente.