Become a locksmith without a diploma

Do you want to become a locksmith quickly, without going through a diploma? What about the possibilities to gain access to this profession and become a locksmith without a compulsory curriculum or training? We take stock of the job of locksmith in our article as well as the possibilities of settling without a diploma while being accredited.

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  • Become a locksmith: a market to
    • take Asking the right questions before you start
  • You do not have a diploma and you want to become a locksmith
  • What training to become a certified locksmith?
    • A short locksmith training registered with the RNCP
  • What status to settle in the trade of locksmith?
    • Self-enterprise or micro enterprise
    • Creating a company
    • Creating your company
    • Simple steps to settle as a convenience store locksmith
  • Have all the keys to know the job of locksmith

Becoming a Locksmith: A Market to Take

First of all, it is necessary to know that locksmith is a market that attracts many professionals who want to convert again. There are many advantages: being self-employed as a self-contractor, offering essential services , managing your time as desired… The locksmith market is evolving fast and emergency troubleshooting remains one of the most popular services of individuals and businesses.

To replace an old lock or for any emergency troubleshooting, the convenience store locksmith is essential. His interventions are multiple and can have a variety of reasons. This explains in particular that the locksmith market and the locksmith profession are growing and attracting more and more. No large group governs this market , an advantage for anyone who wants to start their business and settle in as an independent locksmith.

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Ask yourself the right questions before you get started

But before starting as a locksmith, it is important to study the market and ask yourself the right questions:

  • Is it really possible to become a locksmith without graduating?
  • How to be a certified locksmith when you don’t want to do too long training?
  • Is it possible to start your business without going through training and diploma that sanction specific technical skills?

You do not have a diploma and you want to become a locksmith

Without qualification, becoming a locksmith as such is therefore both possible and limited. The trade is regulated , which formally prohibits you from opening a trade of locksmith with such a denomination. However, it is possible to bypass constraint, especially if you cannot afford training, or take the time to train next to your current job.

Commonly, self-contractors wishing to become multiservice convenience locksmiths still have options. To answer the question we are interested in, it is important to know what is legal and what is not. Anyone of the age of age in France can open his business as a handman. You will then be a handy person, and you will be able to offer a variety of services (multiservices, DIY) that do not necessarily require technical skills.

However, any activity related to the building and structural structure of the building is prohibited without being accredited and without having a diploma. It is therefore possible, in theory, to settle as that multi-service business, but in practice, you are far from the unique activity of a locksmith convenience store. This is quite legitimate, given thatthere is training to become a locksmith , and it is necessary to exercise on his own account as a professional and independent locksmith.

What training to become a certified locksmith?

A locksmith must complete a 3-year apprenticeship course before being able to settle as a self-contractor locksmith convenience store or metalworker locksmith. It passes through the CAP (certificate of professional fitness) metalworking locksmith or through a BEP (certificate of professional studies) which essentially concerns the realization of works in boilermaking.

These courses are the minimum trade union to enter the trade of locksmith while being accredited. The studies are for a minimum of 2 years. In case you do not wish or cannot afford this school course in locksmith, however, it is possible to take a locksmith training that will make you a certified professional.

A short locksmith training enrolled in the NCPR

The FMSD installation locksmith training is registered in the RNCP (National Directory of Professional Certifications). It is accelerated and lasts only 15 hours, which makes you see the intensive basics of the locksmith and gives you access to a state-recognized certification. The level of education obtained as a result of this type of short and intensive training is equivalent to the Bac .

So you are not lost if you are not a graduate and you know well that you want to head to the locksmith trade. The training includes everything you need know about locksmith, but also about roller shutters and shutters. By opening your business, you will then be able to offer this kind of troubleshooting services.

What status to settle in the profession of locksmith?

Once you have completed your training, it will be essential to think about the next. You will need to open and create your business/business in order to offer and live your services. Several statutes are to be studied for anyone who does not have a diploma and wishing to settle in the profession of locksmith convenience store:

  • Self-entrepreneur status;
  • Establishment of a business;
  • The creation of a company, etc.

Self-enterprise or micro enterprise

Self-contractor status has many advantages due to its ease of implementation. A revenue cap (turnover before charges) must be met according to the nature of your business, otherwise you would be forced to change status for your business. As a self-enterprise or micro-enterprise , be aware that you benefit from an ideal tax regime for your business. Today in France, the creation of a car company is the best way to start your business with ease, without heavy steps, and adapting the status to your business.

Create a business

You can set up a business to start your business as a convenience locksmith or metalworker. Whether individual or individual with limited liability , you will need to find out what the differences imply, particularly in terms of the tax system.

Creating your company

The SASU type company may be interesting for your business, especially if you intend to employ employees (employee protection). No matter what your qualification is, official 3 years training, diploma or simple certification, this one will be imperative to create your business as a locksmith convenience store or metalworker.

Simple steps to settle as a locksmith convenience store

Then, you only have to register your business in the Chamber of Crafts and Crafts in order to be recognized as craftsmanship. This step is also mandatory. The purchase of a ten-year insurance that will cover you is also mandatory. Locksmiths are part of the construction professionals, which ranks them into the category of persons obligatorily covered by a decade.

Creating a website to give good visibility to your business, even if you have gable on street, will be a real bonus for your profession of locksmith convenience store or metalworker.

Have all the keys to know the job of locksmith

The pun was simple, but before you get started, regardless of your qualification and training, it is important to understand the ins and outs of the profession of locksmith convenience store.

Becoming a locksmith involves missions such as:

  • Support for architectural projects, as a metalworker;
  • Making shutters, gates, stairs ramps;
  • Laying new locks;
  • Replacement of old locks;
  • Emergency troubleshooting with individuals and businesses;

As a newly installed locksmith in the area, you will have to build yourself a reputation . Remember that trust and word-of-mouth are important in this profession, more than for any other trade and training.

Be rigorous, reliable, honest and your professional business should take off without problems. A locksmith without a diploma and beginner as a Handyman can expect to earn 2,000 gross euros per month, which is equivalent to the salary of a certified certified employee locksmith. By settling into your self-business account, you can easily reach the gross EUR 3,000 monthly.