Become a locksmith, turnkey training

Locksmith is a job that brings back, did you know? This work is now part of the ranking of the craft activities of the building, oddly enough. You are told about the many aspects of locksmith work as well as locksmith training and its outlets.

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lock Be Locksmith: All Missions

A locksmith may have multiple missions and tasks to perform in his trade, depending on the locksmith specialties he has. He can act as a convenience locksmith and work as close as possible to security , or as a metalworker, in the approach of iron and metal carpentry, among others. Locksmith and metal craftsman missions are not at all the same as those of locksmith convenience store.

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Locksmith convenience store

When we think of the locksmith, it is not uncommon to imagine a person who comes for express troubleshooting . However, locksmith’s trade and training include many other missions and specificities than simple locksmith troubleshooting.

Locksmith troubleshooter takes care of the security and security of all types of openings . Windows, doors, garage doors, etc.

The main mission of the locksmiths convenience store, as craftsman of building trades, is to replace locks and install them. For this, he adapts to any type of carpentry and knows well the materials he faces.

When you decide to become a locksmith convenience store, we commit to working on a variety of activities, ranging from key shaping to understanding security and security issues. In this sense, the locksmiths convenience store can also advise their customers on the best lock systems to choose for their home, for their garage or any other structure requiring protection with special lock.

The metalworker locksmith

Unlike the troubleshooting locksmith, the metal locksmith focuses on metal shaping. It can make types of light works such as stairs, metal frames , ramps, etc. It makes metal carpentry from A to Z.

A metalworker’s locksmith works mainly in the workshop and in the field, at clients, using all his mechanical metalworking tools . Chainsaw, drill, metal punching machine… The metalworking locksmith is an expert craftsman who masters his metal working tools.

Locksmith clientele

All locksmiths are brought to meet their clients sooner or later. They listen to their needs, advise them and try to find the best suitable locksmith solutions to meet their demands. Locksmiths, in this frame, are directly linked to a metalwork and a locksmith in order to carry out all the projects they are ordered.

Locksmith fieldwork

As part of his missions, the locksmith supervises a project and takes care of leading it to ben. On site, he performs measurements and can work directly from complex execution plans , out of engineering design offices. An architect can also work closely with him on a building construction project or on a construction site.

In this way, the locksmith takes care of both the manufacture of all the ordered metalworking works, if he is a metalworker, respecting the specifications, the needs of his clientele and the wishes of the architect in charge of the project.

Locksmiths: pros and cons of the craft

Locksmith work is not part of the easy crafts. It involves excellent tools mastery, understanding of requests and a Constant adaptability . The locksmith is sometimes required to advise his clients against their wishes, if he considers that security issues are to be taken into account.

The benefits of being locksmith

The locksmith sector is booming. By being a locksmith on your account, you can hope to make a living very well , with income that exceeds your expectations. Indeed, “we all need a good locksmith.” If there is a job that is hardly replaceable by a machine or by our own limited skills, it is that of a troubleshooting locksmith or a metal locksmith.

Moreover, the profession of locksmith is quite accessible in training if you are skilled with your hands and quite manual.

The disadvantages of the locksmith’s craft

By choosing this profession, you know that your becoming a professional is assured. However, it is necessary to understand the issues involved in the trade. A locksmith on his own can absolutely not rely on regular working hours. It can be called urgently , with the need for prompt intervention.

The expertise of the locksmith is greatly appreciated, but he has to make a lot of trips . These trips must also allow the locksmith time to work on workshop shaping, two activities that sometimes come into conflict due to lack of time. The need to move the locksmith for his interventions obviously takes precedence over all the more personal works of metalwork, which can pose a problem in the organization.

How to become a locksmith: studies and training

To be a locksmith, you must first have basic skills, but also to conduct training and studies to validate the profession and raise skills.

Skills expected to be locksmith

If you have made the choice to become a locksmith, you should know that you absolutely have to be very manual and enough handyman or touch everything in your soul. You like to work with metal, with all the constraints it entails. You will be led to work on the making and elaboration of metal structures: this can be a passion, preferably.

You must be patient and have a sense of challenge, especially in the face of fairly ambitious metalworker works. It is important tohave a sense of detail , in order to produce a perfect work for you and those of the customer.

By the way, you must love working with your tools, as well as the relationship with people. As the locksmith is often in contact with customers, especially in troubleshooting of locksmith, it must be able to have an excellent relationship, trust and reliability .

The locksmith must also inspire confidence. We don’t entrust the security work of your home to anyone. Pamper your clientele, be respectful and courteous, but above all square, reliable, efficient and rigorous .

Locksmith Studies and Training

The profession of locksmith is duly regulated. To become a locksmith, you must follow a course of study that will train in the profession of locksmith and its various specializations.

Locksmith training is very accessible. To become a locksmith, you go into professional locksmith training in order to get a CAP of metalworker locksmith. You can also choose a BEP type training with specialization in the realization of works boilerwork and metal structures. This is the specialization of the metalworker locksmith.

After college, you spend two years in locksmith training. Thereafter, changes are possible to a position of responsibility. If you wish to go further, we advise you to take at least additional training such as the BP locksmith metallier , or the professional baccalaureate (Bac Pro). This training at Bac Pro allows you to become a metal locksmith (boilerwork and metal structures for the building).

In training, you work metal, aluminum, glass but also synthetic materials to be informed of all the possibilities of ordering.

Once you have validated your training in Bac Pro, you have 2 possibilities:

  • The possibility to go even further, with a BTS training in metal construction (training level Bac 2)
  • The possibility to direct you to the BTS CRCI; training (design and production in industrial boilermaking).

With this latest training, you gain the status of a locksmith craftsman.

Another Baccalaureate training is possible, accessible to any high school student: the STI2D Technology Bac (science and technology of industry and sustainable development).

The salary of a locksmith

In business, the salary of a locksmith who has accumulated several training courses can be around 1500 euros gross monthly, or somewhat above a SMIC. The average salary of the locksmith is rather 2300 euros gross per month.

Good to know: by putting yourself in a microenterprise , that is, being on your account, you can hope to have a turnover of up to 3000 euros gross per month, which is quite advantageous.

The most important cash receipts are done via lock replacement and lock installation.

Find a Locking Convenience Store Job

The job of locksmith is for you, you are sure. Before you start studying to make it your job, you learn about the opportunities and you are right. Know that becoming a pro in lock troubleshooting is easier if you are close to a big city.

  • It makes sense that you will potentially have more customers .
  • The other advantage is that you may make fewer trips and potentially do moreinterventions over a day.
  • Finally, if you don’t want to be on your account, you will be able tofind a company more easily to hire yourself, as might be the case withProDepann on Nice. You will also be able to diversify your interventions. Indeed, Prodepann intervenes not only on blocked locks or key losses. Their area of expertise also includes roller shutters, automatic doors, armored doors for troubleshooting and also installation. Even at the door level, they know how to intervene on old or modern locks. If you are looking for a job, you can even afford to contact them, they may have a job to offer you. Their email address is present on their website.