APL first job: know everything

If you are under 25 years of age, you can claim housing assistance (APL). These social aid is intended not only for students, but also for young people in general, including earners in a first job. We guide you on LPAs and other housing aids, if you have just gotten your first job or an alternation.

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  • CAF, housing aid: which allowances?
    • Mobili-Jeune help for children under 25
    • The APL: student or employee, inquire!

CAF, housing aid: which allowances?

When you are under the age of 25, there are all kinds of aid in France, which should not prevent you from leaving the family cocoon. If you are training in alternating , a pro contract or an apprenticeship contract (private sector), know that you have right to Mobili-Jeune help for your accommodation.

Mobili-Jeune aid for children under 25

Action Housing takes care of your file and gives you housing assistance. With Mobili-Jeune, you can have part of your rent supported by Action Logement , in order to facilitate the emancipation and training of young people. Mobili-Jeune assistance is valid until your 30 years old (or the day before your 31 years old).

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The calculation of the amount of assistance is based on your income. The aid can thus range from 10 euros to 100 euros per month. This aid is paid every 6 months and can be combined with other housing aids (APS, ALS and Loca-Pass). You can claim it under certain conditions:

  • The accommodation must be occupied during the training period;
  • You must have signed a lease agreement or an occupation agreement if you are going to a home or social residence;
  • Submit your application 3 months before the start of your course, and up to 6 months after.

The APL: student or employee, inquire!

The APL is well known to students and young employees but also alternates. If you are under 25 years of age, you can benefit from the APL of the CAF (personalized assistance for accommodation). One of the conditions is not to be rented in a property owned by someone in your family. An agreement must have been signed in order for the accommodation to be eligible APL Caf.

The criteria for calculating the amount of this aid are:

  • Your resources;
  • The amount of your rent;
  • Your home;
  • Your professional situation;
  • The location of your dwelling.

In way In general, LPAs are paid to the owner except in an exception. The landlord then deducts the LPA amount from the rent.

If the housing is not approved APL , ask about SLA (Social Housing Allowances) and ALF (Family Housing Allowances).

In short, when you want to accept a first job , an alternation, a professionalization contract or when you go to school away from the family home and are forced to work at the same time, know that housing assistance is possible.

Find out at the Youth Information Centres in your municipality, a social centre or the local mission. In France, the mobility of young people is encouraged and greatly facilitated in order to access a first job or to market opportunities.