All about team building

What is team building? It’s not just a fashionable term. In the world of work, team building is essential for team to company cohesion. If you have heard about it and have doubts about the meaning of this rather new term, you will find all the answers to your questions in our team building article.

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  • Team building: definition
    • Breaking the ice and creating a link
  • Team building, a tool for professional cohesion
  • Planning a team building in a seminar
    • Some examples of team building activities
    • Back from seminar

Team building: definition

Team building is above all an expression straight from the United States. It literally means “team building”. The team building concerns the a multi-person structure, whether it is a company, a large group , an association, a club, etc.

Team building is in a way a panel of activities offered to these groups of people in order to promote good understanding and team cohesion. These activities take place outside the context and the professional setting and allows you to break the routine while creating links other than professional.

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Breaking the ice and creating a link

People participating in a team building — employees in general — allow themselves to get to know each other better on a level other than the purely professional plan.

A team building can take several forms, but there are some constants. On the program:

  • Fun activities;
  • Sports activities;
  • Cultural activities.

These activities are made of collective way and bring together all people together, a rare thing in business. If many employees are working on a common project, chances are they are happy to share this kind of event together. The team building allows you to blow, to take a step back, to know each other better and enjoy each other.

Team building, a tool for professional cohesion

When a company has a nose in the handlebars and is working hard on a project, the next question often comes up. How to make the team be welded? The goal is to motivate the troops , to gather several members around the common sense of mission and to strengthen team cohesion, what really happens during a team building?

Team building is a great tool to help break the ice, create links , solidarity and mutual help, while improving communication between team members. The atmosphere at work can be greatly favoured and can only benefit from this kind of event.

To do this, the team building and all its activities are usually organized in groups, in order to foster a sense of team and strengthen it even more. In a team, people get to know each other, in their strengths and weaknesses. In fact, by learning to break the ice , a team is not only more enjoyable but more efficient.

Plan a team building in seminar

A team building can be organised at a seminar, for example, to create an opportunity to break this famous ice cream. In large companies with manynew recruits arrivals , a seminar including a team building is a great way to promote group cohesion and integration.

In a weekend or over a few days, you promote the performance of your teams by creating good memories and a highly positive spirit . Employees get closer, give each other 100% and play the game, all in an excellent atmosphere.

Some examples of team building activities

There are many activities to do in team building. Choose activities based on the team’s common sensitivities, even if you do a survey. Of course, the surprise effect can also work very well and create suspense at the heart of the team.

  • Paintball;
  • Laser game;
  • Treasure hunt;
  • Escape game;
  • Cooking workshop;
  • Archery, petanque, skill games, etc.
  • Screenplay Writing and Contest short film;
  • Sports activities on the body of water…

A team building is in a way an incentive that helps to create a good mood by brewing. Why deprive yourself of it? The employees of the company find their account there, leave full of good energies .

In a good spirit and for all ages, team building is a great way to bring a plus to your team management. You discover yourself talents and the team will be grateful to you as a manager. Because work takes on new forms in the 21st century, it’s time to surf the wave of new management methods by daring team building for your teams.

Back from Seminar

In return for seminar and team building, do not hesitate to propose a debriefing, in order to better target the tastes and expectations of employees. Also offer to keep some memories of your seminar and team building weekend, especially with Polaroid cameras. Guaranteed short, medium and long term result for your teams! Many services exist for your company seminar with team building: it’s up to you to play!