All about BTS NDRC Negotiation and Customer Relationship

Among the trainings in the customer relationship sector, there is the BTS NRDC. Do you need more information about the NDRC BTS to follow this path and train yourself in the negotiation and digitization of customer relations ? Find the answers you expect about this training in our current publication on the BTS NDRC or BTS Customer Relationship Negotiation and Digitization.

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  • What is the NDRC BTS?
  • Learning from A to Z to become a commercial
  • Alternating BTS NDRC training
  • What do we learn in BTS NDRC: the program?
  • Your skills to follow a BTS NDRC
  • Getting into a BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship
  • Registration and registration fees for the BTS NDRC
  • Many opportunities in trade with the BTS NDRC

What is the BTS NDRC FILE?

The BTS NDRC appeared in 2018 in the curriculum and replaces its old version, the BTS Negotiation and Customer Relationship (NRC).

The BTS NDRC is a senior technician patent that integrates right after obtaining the Bachelor’s degree. This course of study is 2 years and trains learners in this respect in customer relations. It is therefore the trade sector. Through this training, you become a commercial by learning the basics of negotiation and relationship with the customer.

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Every commercial knows, trade is a matter of human relationship . There is a lot of psychology in the business and the BTS NDRC is here to train you to become perfect commercial, able to work in internet sales, telesales and in-store sales.

Learning from A to Z to Become a Sales

A salesman will approach the customer relationship in all its aspects. From the very first contact to the sale and then the customer loyalty process, the sales representative learns how to manage the customer relationship.

Every student who owns an NDRC BTS is actually at the crossroads between a company’s project and the wish of a client, in a specific market. To become a commercial and obtain the NDRC BTS in two years, alternating training is taken . This allows students to learn the B-A-BA of commerce, negotiation and digitalization of customer relations.

Alternating BTS NDRC training

To do an alternance training, and what is more a training in commerce and customer relations, allows us to be as close as possible to professional reality. The future trade of commercial is learned above all in the field and in contact with customer.

Thus, the training BTS NDRC Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship alternating between theoretical courses and putting into practice what he learns. Students enrolled in NDRC BTS are quickly forced to spend time in business to test their knowledge live and face professional reality.

The schedule of a BTS learner Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship is quite busy. In general, weeks are divided between 2 to 3 days of theoretical course, and 2-3 days of practice, via business time.

What do we learn in NDRC BTS: the program?

The BTS Customer Relationship Negotiation and Digitization allows you to follow a well-lined program divided into three major disciplines:

  • Negotiation and sale
  • Customer networks;
  • Customer relationship and digitization;

Thus, the subjects taught in the NDRC BTS reflect these three pillars of teaching. In the course course, the student of BTS learns the various types of customer relationship as well as the various positions that exist in the commercial sector.

The animation of networks is discussed, in particular with the review of the possibilities: direct sales, partnerships, distribution.

The “Digitization” aspect has been new since 2018. Digitalization addresses everything that is remote customer relationship, e-commerce and customer management on the web.

The core core includes English lessons. You also have access to legal, managerial and economic culture courses necessary to understand the work of business and society. Through case studies, BTS students analyze, discover and seek solutions to specific problems together.

It should be noted that the business internship of the BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship must be 16 weeks.

Your skills to follow an NDRC BTS

Before registering on a BTS business type BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship, it is necessary to ask yourself the right questions:

  • Do you like trade?
  • Do you have the taste of the challenge?
  • Are you comfortable orally?
  • Do you have a taste for sales, marketing and customer relationship?
  • Do you like digital tools and digital tools?

If you think your profile matches the skills required to become a commercial after an NDRC BTS, then it is advisable to contact alumni. This allows you to discuss and see if your ambitions really stick with the professional reality that follows the training BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship.

Entering a BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship

In order to claim a place in BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship, it is advisable to have chosen a rather scientific path, either a Bac S or a Bac ES (Economics and Social Sciences).

A professional tray is quite enough. It is possible to take advantage of a few gateways, especially if you already have a BTS in accounting , for example, or in international trade.

Via a file, a cover letter and an interview, you are retained or not in BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship.

Good to know : with a professional experience worth, and even without the Bachelor’s degree, you can access the BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship (NDRC). A session of validation of the acquired experience will then be presented to you.

Registration and registration fee for the BTS NDRC

In order to be able to register in BTS Negotiation and Digitization of Customer Relationship, it will be important to be noticed during an interview, thanks to your motivations . The BTS training begins at the beginning of September and lasts 2 years.

Training can take place in various institutions, all private: ISEFAC, CIEFA, ENACO , etc. It will be important to make your choice based on your geographical preferences, for example.

As far as enrolment fees are concerned, they are often borne by the company hosting the student alternately.

Numerous opportunities in trade with the BTS NDRC

Yes, many Opportunities are possible with this type of BTS very general and at the same time quite sharp on its field of specialization. You will have the choice between several positions , depending on your personality, your network, your ambitions, etc.:

  • Commercial Supervisor;
  • Commercial assistant;
  • Network leader;
  • Sales Facilitator;
  • E-commerce Manager;
  • Sales Director;
  • Marketing Advisor;
  • Product Manager;
  • Web editor;
  • Communication manager, etc.

Thanks to the BTS Customer Relationship Negotiation and Digitization, it is a real professional training that you discover. After an alternation, students are fully operational to pursue a contract in their host company, or to find a job elsewhere.

IF you want to go further in learning knowledge, you can try a Bac 3 with a Bachelor’s degree, in university. Business schools are also ready to welcome you at this point, from your academic and academic background. It is up to you to know what your future commercial ambitions are, because once graduated, it is nice to have the choice of the position you will occupy.

You have the opportunity to make a full career ascommercial .