ACRE: Definition and Conditions

ACRE (support for the start-up or takeover of a business) was previously known as ACCRE: assistance to unemployed entrepreneurs and resumers. The ACRE allows you to start a professional activity as an entrepreneur and tobe financially supported . Discover the specificities of ACRE and how to benefit from it under certain conditions.

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  • ACRE: its specificities
    • Detail of the ACRE exemptions
    • The case of micro enterprise
  • How to benefit from ACRE?
    • Who can benefit from ACRE?
  • The conditions to benefit from ACRE
  • Conditions to be a beneficiary of the ACRE
  • Cumulating aid thanks to the ACRE
  • Business creation and solidarity

ACRE: its specifics

The ACRE of origin was created in 1977 to provide specific aid to the unemployed. Job seekers were thus directed towards the creation or takeover of a business. At the time, the unemployed was effectively reintegrating into the working life, while at the same time being in control of his destiny, through the establishment of a company’s economy .

The benefits of the current ACRE lies on several levels. The most significant aid is an exemption from social security contributions . This exemption applies to all CEA beneficiaries for an entire year from the date of establishment of the enterprise.

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Details of the ACRE exemptions

Note : this exemption does not apply to the CSG or the CRDS (Generalized Social Contribution and Contribution to the Repayment of the social debt). The social contributions taken into account for the calculation of social exemptions are:

  • Maternity;
  • Health insurance;
  • Disability;
  • Death;
  • Family benefits;
  • Old-age insurance

In order to benefit from the exemption from social security contributions, it is imperative that the company’s income from activities be less than EUR 40,534. The threshold to benefit from a 100% exemption is 30,393 euros in income from activities. A degressive exemption will apply to you if you are with your business between these two levels.

The case of micro enterprise

A micro enterprise has a status that allows it to benefit from this financial assistance for a total of 3 years from the date of creation of the enterprise.

How to benefit from ACRE?

If ACRE was previously aimed at the unemployed, since January 1, 2019, the aid has changed well. To benefit from the ACRE, certain criteria must be met. The steps are very simple to benefit from the ACRE, since they are non-existent.

The granting of the ACRE is automatic if the person meets all the eligibility criteria to qualify for it.

Who can benefit from ACRE?

Any person starting up or taking over a business can benefit from the ACRE if they meet the criteria. The unemployed are no longer exclusively affected by the aid.

A self-contractor can thus benefit from the ACRE, even if they fall under the micro-enterprise scheme. Unless the ACRE does not wish to benefit from the ACRE, the allocation of the ACRE is automatic.

The award of the ACRE is done over 3 years for any business creator if the prerequisites are met and it is indeed a new self-enterprise. For example, if you already had a business and you change your business type, your business will not be considered a new business. Nor is the transaction equated to a takeover of a business.

Exception : if the company in question has not been exempted from social security contributions for 3 full years, it is entitled to the ACRE.

Conditions to benefit from the ACRE

Just as for social contributions, taxes and taxes are grouped together. The ACRE will then act on the company’s turnover, whether it is reported quarterly or in a manner monthly.

  • Purchase-resale of goods : the company’s turnover must not exceed 139,738 euros;
  • Services : the company’s turnover must not exceed EUR 81,048;
  • Professional profession : the turnover of the company must not exceed EUR 61 400;

If your business has a turnover above defined thresholds, you will not be able to benefit from the ACRE, or it will end. If you receive ACRE for 3 years, a 75% allowance applies in the first year of your business, and then decrease by 25% in the following year and year 3.

The conditions to be a beneficiary of the ACRE

Many people are concerned with the ACRE, but absolutely must complete certain conditions. The activities concerned are as follows:

  • Industrial and commercial activities;
  • Artisanal activities;
  • Agricultural activities;
  • Liberal profession.

The undertaking claiming aid must be anindividual undertaking or assimilated to a company. You can also practise a self-employed profession.

Three other cases allow to benefit from the Aid for Creating or Takeover of a Business:

  • You own more than half of the company’s capital;
  • You own 1/3 of the company’s capital and no one owns more than 50% of the company’s capital.
  • Many people can apply for ACRE if they own more than 50% of the capital and one of them is the executive officer of the company.

Cumulating aid thanks at ACRE

Aid for Business Creation or Takeover (ACRE) opens significant rights to other types of aid that can be real crutches when you set up a business.

Among these aids:

  • NACRE (New support for the creation or takeover of a business): this support lasts 3 years and is combined with ACRE. You benefit from effective support on the financial structuring of your company.
  • ARCE (Aid for the takeover or creation of a business): By making this request, you can in particular collect 45% of the AER (Aid for Return to Employment) in the form of capital for the project to start a business.
  • The SSA (Specific Solidarity Allowance): You can provide for your personal needs without fear with this help, waiting for your business to start.
  • The CAPE contract : the contract to support the business project makes it possible to start its business well. You are part of a cooperative of entrepreneurs and you benefit from management services such as billing or financial tracking.

Business creation and solidarity

Aid to ACRE is available if you benefit from the ACRE. When you set up a business, the entrepreneur may feel deprived, isolated, alone or sometimes drowned in fuzzy administrative procedures.

Do not hesitate to call on your Employment Division to learn more about the support available to entrepreneurs or business owners following the granting of the ACRE .

The cooperative of companies allows to meet others actors in the same sector. Exchanges of advice and sharing of experience are to be taken in this context. Official government websites provide you with all the information about the creation of a business.