According to Emmanuel Chiva, war will soon be a matter of robots

Emmanuel Chiva is Director of the Defence Innovation Agency and recently spoke publicly about the work of the Red Team he formed. This Red Team is made up of science fiction writers and cartoonists. Its goal is to imagine the future of war and defense. A huge, very serious project that pushes Mr. Chiva to talk about the role of robots in the war of the future.

Robots will replace men in all difficult tasks

From the earliest infancy of robotics, this branch of basic science and engineering fascinated for one main reason: the promise to disappear all painful trades. Well of course, the change of society that this implies worries those who are at risk of losing their jobs. Nevertheless, let us not forget that in a world where wealth is properly shared, the disappearance of painful work thanks to robots is a godsend!

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Thus, the robotic arm is more and more efficient and allows to automate once extremely alienating tasks. Today, this improvement in robotics and the performance of all robots makes it possible to imagine a future robot soldier. If war does not fascinate everyone, the technical effort of such a robot would alter society as a whole.

The booming military robotics

Recently, the Department of Defence organized a series of online conferences and discussions on issues of technical improvements for the soldiers of tomorrow. Robotics already allows, as in factories, to accelerate and improve performance of human beings. The fact that the government is also working on the possibility of eliminating the human factor completely will undoubtedly have consequences for society as a whole.

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If a robot can replace a soldier, then he will be as agile and fast as a man. Above all, it will be able to adapt to many situations and to all the tasks they involve. The commercialization of such robots in industrial or commercial sectors could quite bring us into a new world of science fiction.

Red Team: The Surprising Role of Science Fiction Authors

The Red Team built by Emmanuel Chiva is neither a lubie nor a great originality. Certainly it is a first in France, but the Pentagon has been applying this technique for more than 70 years. Imagination is a rare wealth and it can literally change the world when it meets the technical and sufficient financial resources.

As far-fetched as the idea of entrusting the future of the French army to science fiction authors may seem, it ensures the government to develop original and innovative ideas. Two essential defence qualities.