4 good reasons to invest in new real estate

If you want to invest in real estate, opting for new land or building operations can generate enough revenue to grow your business. This article will help you discover the benefits of this type of investment. So you can easily convince those who are reluctant to invest in new real estate.

1- A reassuring investment

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Whatever product you want to buy, choosing the new one gives some assurance. In doing so, you are immune from the problems that the factor usually creates opportunity. For real estate, it is even more tricky, because getting a land or a house whose reasons are not mastered can be unpleasant. In some countries, the second-hand real estate transactions sector remains a real scam . Don’t let yourself be fooled by opting for the new one. There are also companies specializing in the sale of new real estate like Isatis to better secure your investment .

2- Profit of an up-to-date property

Investing in new real estate will allow you to enjoy a property that meets the criteria of modern life. Old constructions do not respect the same realities as new ones. Instead of embarking on renovation again with huge expenses , opt for the new one. Make such a choice in order to be up-to-date in terms of thermal insulation, construction novelties, and low energy consumption .

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addition, choosing the new one in real estate is to be in line with the current legal system for this sector. This will save you from unforeseen and administrative hassle In .

3- A Tax Advantage

Contrary to what one might think, new real estate has the best tax benefits . First, the first part concerns the costs intended for the notary for the acquisition of the property. Indeed, when it comes to a new property, the costs are between 2 and 3% compared to those of a old real estate that amount up to 8%.

You can also benefit from a property tax exemption 2 years after you have purchased the property. Thanks to the new character of your property you can be eligible for the VAT rate. This is an opportunity to benefit from the 5.5% reduction in the cost of your construction quote.

4- Legal guarantees

Theinsurance that resides in construction is an additional and paramount advantage linked to the purchase of new real estate. Professional building builders are subject to a law that obliges them to provide a contract to prevent possible incidents. This automaticallycompensates you. There is also a 10-year guarantee against a poor quality service from your manufacturer. It is only applicable to new real estate.

Investing in new real estate means being intelligent, because it is more advantageous. This is the right way to enjoy its investment economically, legallyand securely .