3 effective methods to promote hair regrowth

Ask any man who has baldness, and he will tell you how to lose his hair through whole tufts is a traumatic experience. Unfortunately, the figures are relentless. 70% of men will face hair loss during their lifetime. Women are not spared since a third of them will end up with sparse hair, especially after menopause. Fortunately, these phenomena are no longer considered a fatality today. There are several solutions that allow to have a denser, strong and voluminous regrowth. We have selected for you the 3 most effective methods that have proven themselves.

Hair transplant

Hair transplant, or hair implant, is a practice that never dates not yesterday. Although the first were recorded in Japan in the 1930s, it was popularized by a New York dermatologist, a Norman Orentreich, who popularized them in the early 1950s. On paper, the operation looks quite simple. It is enough to take the capillary micro-grafts from the crown (neck and sides), where the hair is least affected by the deleterious effects of dihydrotestosterone (known as DHT, the main hormone responsible for baldness), and transplant them to the level of the cleaved areas.

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This technique has constantly evolved and perfected over the years. If initially the first grafts often resembled doll hair, sometimes with strands growing in every direction, this is no longer the case today. The finesse and precision of the interventions, thanks in particular to the use of robots that come to assist the practitioner during transplantation, allow to have more convincing results with regrowth that go in the direction of natural hair growth.

However, there are two major obstacles that prevent this method from being used on a large scale. First, the exorbitant cost of hair transplants that remain unpriced for the vast majority of exchanges. It takes an average of 3000 euros for small grafts, a price that can quickly rise to stratospheric levels if the area to be covered is large, or if you opt for the latest cutting-edge techniques. The other major brake is the large calvities that cannot be completely covered due to lack of available hair. Indeed, the hair taken from the crown does not grow back, which limits the room for action for well-advanced calvities.

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Laser Therapy

Anti-baldness laser therapy is inspired by photosynthesis Vegetable. In the same way that plants need sunlight to grow, hair also needs a specific light energy to stimulate their regrowth. We are not talking about any light here, but a low-energy laser light (LLLT) provided by dedicated devices. Various studies https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s10103-017-2385-5 have thus shown a significant improvement in the density and volume of hair regrowth after several sessions of LLLT laser therapy.

While it is considered less expensive than hair transplant, laser therapy is still quite expensive in the long term, knowing that specialized salons charge an average of 50 euros for the session based on the LED laser. Fortunately, today there are helmets that allow to have the same treatment at home for an equivalent end result.

The other The constraint of laser therapy is that it does not act on the skulls completely uncovered, since these are very extensive and often irreversible calvities. It is therefore appropriate to use laser technology at the first significant hair falls, and do not wait until it is already too late to act.

Natural methods

When it comes to caring for your body, there is nothing better than natural solutions. Still, they must be efficient and sold at affordable prices. Fortunately, today there are some hair loss products on the market that are both natural, efficient and affordable. This is the challenge faced by the famous brand Foligain — https://www.shytobuy.fr/foligain.html — which has become in just a few years the reference in this area. Its full range makes it possible to treat alopecia under all angles, both from the inside and from the outside. Foligain offers: a special roller to open the pores of the scalp so that the active ingredients of anti-fall topical can act deeply, shampoos and conditioners to wash your mane while stimulating better regrowth, as well as lotions for men and women that are intended to densify your hair capital. Along with this, Foligain also offers supplements to strengthen the hair from the inside. The supplements in question provide hair follicles with all the nutrients they need to promote stronger and healthy regrowth.

This panel of solutions allows us to have a comprehensive approach to a completely natural end result. Foligain’s secret is mainly based on Trioxidil, a patented triple-action active ingredient that quickly shaded Minoxidil and Finasteride tablets that had hitherto the monopoly of baldness care. Moreover, and based on positive feedback from customers using Foligain, the brand seems to have good days ahead of time.